5 Top-Rated Point of Sale Software for Small Business

By: Preksha Buttan on May 29, 2024

Having a website enables customers to order your products conveniently, encouraging repeat business. To improve customer experience, you need to maintain sufficient inventory levels and offer multiple payment options and transaction tracking capabilities.

Investing in point of sale (POS) software can simplify various administrative and management tasks, giving you more control over your business operations and allowing you to serve customers with increased efficiency.

Amongst the several POS software available in the market, it can be challenging to find the one that works the best for your business. To help you with your decision, this article highlights, in alphabetical order, the five top-rated point of sale software for small businesses based on user reviews. For each product, we include overall user ratings along with the highest-rated attribute, product benefits, review excerpts from industry professionals, and product pricing. Read more.

We selected products for this article based on their average ratings between January 2022 - January 2024, which may differ from their current overall average ratings.

1. BestRx

BestRx is a pharmacy management software with a point of sale solution called BestPOS. BestPOS supports multiple payment options, including debit and credit cards, gift cards, and food stamps. This software has an integrated inventory tracking functionality that helps businesses monitor the quantity of drugs at their pharmacies. Besides, it supports electronic signature capture and allows users to store signatures for prescriptions and payment authorizations.

Commonly discussed topics by BestRx reviewers

Based on our analysis of BestRx reviews on Software Advice, the most commonly discussed topics are:

  • Efficient customer service: 86.4% of users appreciate the customer service provided by the BestRx team and their promptness in addressing queries and resolving issues. 

  • Quick software updates: 80% of users appreciate the responsiveness of the software team and their willingness to incorporate requested improvements in upcoming updates, demonstrating their commitment to continuous enhancement and user satisfaction.

  • Faster prescription processing: 66.7% of users have appreciated the QR code receipts supported by the tool. They explain that these receipts allow for more straightforward prescription processing.

Review excerpts from small business users who have used BestRx for point of sale:

"Also, BestPOS is able to connect with Pointy system which helps to bring new customers into this store." (Min Oh, Pharmacist, 2023)

"Customer support is wonderful and always able to answer my questions and help me with any issues that arise." (Zachary Mullin, Pharmacy Manager, 2023)

"Very easy to use and train people on this system, if something need updating or if we are looking for a new feature they are very responsive and will get it in upcoming updates," (Prasanna Bafna, Pharmacist, 2023)

"Workflow, Microsoft base, processing prescriptions is so easy, most used keys are entered key on the keyboard," (Ankit Patel, MANAGER, 2023)

"Simply amazing and best decision ever as I had worked all other competitor some r extremely expensive, poor customer services and hard to reach someone." (Vish Patel, Pharmacist , 2023)

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4.8 out of 5 stars

70 reviews

Highest-rated attribute: Ease-of-use - 4.93

Commonly used by*: Professionals in pharmaceuticals, retail, and health, wellness, and fitness, according to Software Advice’s user reviews 

Starting price: Available upon request from vendor

2. Loyverse POS

Loyverse POS runs on iOS and Android devices and helps businesses such as retail stores, restaurants, and cafes manage their sales and inventory. Users can add multiple variants of products and include item pictures on the POS to simplify the checkout process. They can also add discounts and taxes at the time of payment. This free POS software also helps businesses track their sales by generating daily, weekly, and monthly reports.

Commonly discussed topics by Loyverse POS reviewers

Based on our analysis of Loyverse POS reviews on Software Advice, the most commonly discussed topics are:

  • Quick access to sales data: 85.7% of users benefit from quick access to sales data, which helps with decision-making. They particularly appreciate the mobile accessibility via mobile POS, which ensures sales data is safe and readily available.

  • Facilitates business growth: 83.3% of users benefited from access to business metrics that give insights into business growth. 

  • Efficient inventory management: 75% of users benefit from the inventory management feature of the tool that allows them to track individual products, monitor real-time sales, and manage stock demand. 

Review excerpts from small business users who have used Loyverse POS for point of sale:

"Keeping track of inventory is a big plus. As we operate a licensed premises, it enables us to keep track of individual lines which is key to managing stock demand and also stock losses/ wastage." (Jeff Fuge, Treasurer, 2023)

"i am using the system in my small shop and the fact that it's online has given me a lot of peace knowing that my sales will reflect and cannot get lost along the way." (Caroline Mutindi, Business, 2023)

"The free version is very helpful for starting up small businesses in managing daily poi t of slaes (point of sale) transactions." (Julie Estocapio, Senior Manager, 2023)

"Have had great experince so far with LOYVERSE POS, cause it does almost everything concerning the finances and helps greatly with the product and service decision making basing on sales and times those products are needed.stock tracking helps with ensuring that we never run out of a product without our knowledge." (Balayo Samson, Head of IT, 2023)

"It's been great to use and has allowed me to keep track of the numbers for my small business" (Frank Munongwa, Manager, 2023)

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Loyverse POS

Loyverse POS

4.82 out of 5 stars

452 reviews

Highest-rated attribute: Ease-of-use - 4.95

Commonly used by*: Professionals in food and beverages, restaurants, and retail, according to Software Advice’s user reviews 

Starting price: Free

3. RetailEdge

RetailEdge is a point of sale and inventory management software solution that integrates with multiple ecommerce platforms, supporting real-time quantity and price updates and order processing. It also includes features such as built-in gift card support and helps track customer interactions and purchase histories to improve customer experience. Its RECON Synchronization Engine feature synchronizes data, supporting multi-location businesses.

Commonly discussed topics by RetailEdge reviewers

Based on our analysis of RetailEdge reviews on Software Advice, the most commonly discussed topics are:

  • Effective customer service: 94.4% of users praised the tool’s customer service quality which helped them swiftly resolve hardware issues. 

  • Ease of use in inventory tracking: 70% of users appreciate the efficiency and ease of use of the inventory management functionality. They highlight that they can effortlessly track inventory, process transactions, create new inventory inputs, and print tags for merchandise. 

Review excerpts from small business users who have used RetailEdge for point of sale:

"It enabled our team to effortlessly manage inventory, process transactions, and generate sales reports in real-time, resulting in a streamlined operation and improved efficiency." (Munkee Jack, Store Manager, 2023)

"Customer service was awesome and helped us quickly troubleshoot some hardware issues that made daily operations cumbersome." (Cindy Patten, President, 2023)

"While this isn't software related, it may be just as important; customer service hands down. If there is anything I need, or have messed up, they are more than willing to help me fix it (without making me feel totally dumb  :) )." (Amy Brenengen, Owner, 2022)

"I like creating input for new inventory and then printing tags for the merchandise." (Dian Deutsch, Volunteer, 2024)

"I like that RE is all we need for inventory management, POS, reports, etc." (Jennifer Krom, Manager, 2022)

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4.77 out of 5 stars

175 reviews

Highest-rated attribute: Customer support - 4.9

Commonly used by*: Professionals in retail, non-profit organization management, and arts and crafts, according to Software Advice’s user reviews 

Starting price: $495 (one-time license)

4. Square Point of Sale

Square Point of Sale is a free POS software that facilitates quick and efficient payment processing by accepting various payment options, including credit and debit cards, contactless payments, and gift cards. It also offers tools to manage transactions, track inventory, and generate detailed sales reports. Square Point of Sale integrates with other Square products and third-party apps that help enhance its functionality.

Commonly discussed topics by Square Point of Sale reviewers

Based on our analysis of Square Point of Sale reviews on Software Advice, the most commonly discussed topics are:

  • User-friendly system: 88.5% of the users appreciate the system’s integrations, responsive customer support, and transparent pricing. Some users noted occasional challenges while customizing sale prices. 

  • Versatile payment processing: 84.3% of the users appreciate the quick turnaround time for payments, the ability to accept various forms of payment, and the convenience of processing payments on mobile devices.

  • Convenient card payments: 70.8% of the users like the tool’s ability to accept credit and debit card payments on the go, even at events such as craft shows which led to increased sales and customer satisfaction.

Review excerpts from small business users who have used Square Point of Sale for point of sale:

"My favorite feature of Square app above other ones I've used is the turnaround time it takes to process payments which are super quick. And also I was able to integrate it with my Instagram for my business, I will be trying with Facebook as well soon." (ShaQuila Broxie, Salon Owner, 2022)

"I use Square periodically to process payment for pieces of wall art I create with a family member, and the system is very reliable and adds a level of convenience that no other service can match." (Richard Schultz, Remote Assistant, 2022)

"This product makes it possible for me to reach a wider consumer base when setting up for seasonal antique market shows, by accepting various forms of payment." (Grace Dietrich, Antique sales associate, 2022)

"Square is a must have especially if you do craft shows, vendor shows, popups ect, even if you do a yard or garage sale easily take debit and credit card payments, that send to your bank account.." (Tina Brown, owner, 2022)

"Along with stats of average sales per hour, per day, and more, which is super helpful and helps you with forecasting best sellers and busiest times of the year." (Ronnie Nery, Fashion Designer, 2022)

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Square Point of Sale

Square Point of Sale

4.65 out of 5 stars

2896 reviews

Highest-rated attribute: Ease-of-use - 4.65

Commonly used by*: Professionals in retail, health, wellness and fitness, and food and beverages, according to Software Advice’s user reviews 

Starting price: Free

5. Toast POS

Toast POS is a restaurant point of sale system that supports tableside ordering via handheld devices to take orders directly at the table, speeding up the ordering process and allowing more interaction time with the customers. It also supports online ordering wherein customers can browse the menu on a website, place orders, and pay online, with all the transactions integrated into the POS system. Additionally, Toast POS allows users to monitor their restaurant’s performance with detailed analytics that provide insights into sales.

Commonly discussed topics by Toast POS reviewers

Based on our analysis of Toast POS reviews on Software Advice, the most commonly discussed topics are:

  • User-friendly system: 83.3% of the users claim the tool has a user-friendly interface and appreciate its developers for making continuous improvements.

  • Efficient staff training: 75% of the users say the tool enhances workflows and promotes better communication between departments which makes training new staff easier. 

  • Comprehensive system: 72.7% of the users appreciate that the tool is comprehensive and particularly like its search bar which simplifies finding the required information. However, some users express a need for improved table management and waitlist systems.

Review excerpts from small business users who have used Toast POS for point of sale:

"This is one of the best systems to train new staff on it's very user friendly it has the test mode and it's also easy for inputting and creating a new menu" (Brandon Cirks, Manager/server/bartender/cook, 2023)

"They are constantly striving to improve and be best in class and as a POS system they are the best we have ever used......and we have used 3 before this one" ((Kathi Turner, CFO, 2022))

"The search bar feature at the top makes it easy to find what you are looking for in a platform that is really encompassing of any of our retail and restaurant POS needs." (Shayna Ferullo, Owner, 2023)

"Toast is easy to edit, easy to organize, and the app works much better than other mobile apps we've used for our coffee shop." (Sarah Fleming, General Manager, 2022)

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Toast POS

Toast POS

4.19 out of 5 stars

515 reviews

Highest-rated attribute: Ease-of-use - 4.38

Commonly used by*: Professionals in restaurants, food and beverages, and hospitality, according to Software Advice’s user reviews 

Starting price: $69 per month (billed monthly)

What features does point of sale software offer?

Point of sale software includes the core features: 

  • Payment processing: Accept transactions via various payment methods, such as credit cards, debit cards, cash, and digital wallets, ensuring flexibility for the customers. The tool automatically updates the financial records in real time, simplifying the financial management process.

  • Sales reports: Get detailed reports on revenue, product performance, and customer transactions to identify trends, track inventory levels, and gauge consumer preferences. With these reports, you can make informed decisions about stock replenishment, promotional strategies, and pricing adjustments.

All products listed in this report include the key features mentioned above. Besides these core features, POS software commonly tends to offer:

  • Accounting integration

  • Barcode and ticket scanning

  • Customer accounts

  • Discount management

  • Electronic signature

  • Employee management

  • Inventory management

  • Returns management

  • Customer management

  • Payment processor

How to choose the right point of sale software for small business

Here are some factors to consider while you look for the best POS software for small business: 

  • Assess employee support options. Employee support options, such as training modules, user manuals, and responsive customer service, empower employees to use the software proficiently, leading to fewer errors and improved customer service. Adequate support minimizes downtime by providing quick solutions to technical issues, ultimately enhancing productivity. Therefore, evaluating these support features helps you choose the best POS system that fits your operational needs but also supports your team's success and growth.

  • Look for tax management functionality. The tax management functionality in POS software automates the calculation and application of sales taxes based on current regulations, ensuring accuracy and compliance with local, state, and federal tax laws. It simplifies the often complex process of tax recording, reducing the likelihood of errors and the risk of penalties during tax audits. Additionally, it saves significant time during transactions and end-of-period reporting. 

  • Consider multi-location support. The multi-location feature helps businesses that operate on multiple sites. It enables centralized management of inventory, sales, and employee data across all locations, ensuring consistency and efficiency. It also facilitates the sharing of product information and pricing strategies between locations, enhancing operational coherence. Additionally, multi-location functionality allows for aggregated reporting, giving business owners a comprehensive view of performance across all sites, which aids in strategic decision-making.

Common questions to ask software vendors before purchasing point of sale software for small business

Consider asking POS provider the following questions so that you find the best POS software for small business:

  • What are the data security features of the tool?

Data security features ensure the protection of sensitive information such as customer payment details and business financial records. They prevent data breaches, which can lead to financial loss and damage to a business’s reputation. Therefore, look for features such as encryption, secure user authentication, and regular security updates that help safeguard against potential cyber threats.

  • Does the tool help visualize the data?

Visual representations such as charts, graphs, and heat maps allow business owners and managers to quickly grasp sales trends, inventory levels, and customer behaviors. This immediate insight facilitates proactive decision-making and strategy adjustments, optimizing performance and profitability. Therefore, check for data visualization ability before investing in a POS solution to effectively communicate business and financial findings to the team members and stakeholders.

  • Can the tool handle high-volume transactions?

If your business experiences peak sales periods or operates in high-traffic environments, it’s essential to check whether the tool can handle high-volume transactions. Software capable of processing a large number of transactions efficiently prevents system slowdowns and crashes, which can lead to customer dissatisfaction and lost sales. The right POS system for you ensures fast, seamless transactions, maintaining operational continuity even under heavy load.


To be considered for this list, products had to:

  • Have at least 40 unique product reviews, for use cases related to point of sale, published on Software Advice between January 2022 - January 2024.

  • Have at least 20 unique product reviews from software users in small businesses, during the same time period.

  • Offer the following core point of sale features: payment processing and sales reports.

For products that met the first three criteria, we selected five products with the highest ratings to feature in this article.

*To determine which industries each product is “commonly used by,” we check if at least 2% of reviewers come from a particular industry, and only then classify the product as having customers from that industry. Small businesses are defined as those with fewer than 200 employees.

We use proprietary data science algorithms to identify common topics discussed in user reviews, along with user sentiment. Some text summarizing those proprietary insights was generated with assistance from artificial intelligence tools.

Review excerpts are passages extracted from longer reviews written by verified reviewers that pertain to the most commonly identified topics. We obtain these excerpts by applying an algorithm that considers factors including, but not limited to, length, sentiment, topic coverage, and thematic relevance. Excerpts represent user opinion and do not represent the views of, nor constitute, an endorsement by Software Advice or its affiliates. Excerpts are not edited for clarity or grammar.

Editorial independence: We select and rank products based on an objective methodology developed by our research team. While some vendors may pay us when they receive web traffic or leads, this has no influence on our methodology.