This Predictive Maintenance Data Analytics Plan Simplifies Your Implementation

By: on May 10, 2019

Imagine standing in front of the Hoover Dam as the water breaks free. Now imagine each drop of water is a potentially valuable piece of data: Plucking the right information from the deluge is overwhelming.

So when maintenance teams stream real-time data from equipment, building systems and other assets, the volume and velocity creates a major challenge.

“Data from the Internet of Things—which can be highly numerous, highly unfamiliar and highly distributed—poses demands for scale and distribution well beyond the experience of existing information management programs. Data is continuously generated in remote locations that you can’t always see, control or trust.”

(Full content available to Gartner clients)

Predictive maintenance data analytics requires structured, trustworthy information. So we created this infographic to serve as a guide when implementing IoT technology for the purpose of boosting maintenance value, with a focus on the capture, storage, quality, scale, privacy, and distribution of data.

Predictive Maintenance Data Analytics Plan Infographic

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