Best Procore Competitors for Construction Management

By: Pritam Tamang on January 14, 2019

Finding the right construction management software can raise a lot of questions: Do you need a solution that helps only with construction project management, or do you need cost estimation features as well? Should the construction software you buy also integrate with bid management systems and takeoff software?

Small and midsize businesses (SMBs) that choose the wrong construction management software risk limiting their ability to grow, as employees struggle to execute projects using software with inadequate or irrelevant features.

Procore is a popular choice among construction businesses, with a 4.5 out of 5 rating from Software Advice users. This software helps businesses manage many different operations, such as centralizing project documents, developing project budgets and tracking the productivity of field teams.

But Procore might not be right for every SMB, especially those with a limited software budget. For those businesses, this report will look at the five most-recommended Procore alternatives by Software Advice users.

Top 5 Most-Recommended Alternatives to Procore:

Jonas Premier





Jonas Premier: Simplified Accounting for Small to Midsize Contractors

Jonas Premier is a construction management solution that offers functionalities such as job costing, accounting, project management, subcontractor management and document management.

Jonas Premier is suitable for small to midsize general contractors, home builders and real estate developers that need a construction management solution with sophisticated accounting functionality.

Jonas Premier and Procore both offer features essential to managing construction projects such as job costing, document management and subcontractor management.

But Jonas Premier aims for smaller contractors with affordable monthly subscription-based pricing plans. Procore is targeted toward enterprise buyers, offering a robust set of features but requiring a hefty upfront fee.

Here’s what our users have to say about Jonas Premier’s features, customer support and usability:


AccuBuild: Manage Projects of All Types and Sizes

AccuBuild is a construction management system that helps businesses handle RFIs, generate financial reports, track invoices and manage the payroll of employees engaged in fieldwork.

AccuBuild is a tool suitable for both subcontractors and general contractors, with functionalities that support pre/post-contract activities such as cost estimation and field workforce management.

AccuBuild and Procore are both feature-rich tools geared toward contractors managing large projects. As a result, the functionalities range from project management, financial accounting, document management to workforce management.

AccuBuild scores big on report customization allowing users to build detailed financial reports that help to answer questions such as the reasons behind a project’s negative cash flow. Procore is popular for its document management functionality that allows users to upload and share unlimited videos, photos and project documents with their colleagues.

Below is a graphic that lists what our users like about AccuBuild and what they think would make the tool a better construction management system.


eSUB: Helps Subcontractors Manage Fieldwork

eSUB construction software offers functionalities such as daily log monitoring of the field crew, project calendars to track key tasks at a glance, document management and project goal tracking with automated email notifications.

eSUB is specifically designed to help subcontractors manage fieldworkers and site events, once the the actual construction begins.

eSUB is a tool designed for subcontractors while Procore is more for both general contractors and subcontractors. As a result, eSUB focuses on offering excellent construction project tracking features, such as automated mobile timecards for monitoring time spent by employees on-field.

Procore is a tool with something for everyone as it offers a range of features, which include project management, accounting and bid management.

eSUB stands out for its field tracking features that allow employees to track project details and statuses by using their iOS or Android devices. Procore, on the other hand, is popular for its wide-set of features that helps in construction project management as well as construction estimating.

Here’s a graphic that lists the key capabilities of eSUB and what users like and the improvements they would like to see with the tool:


CoConstruct: Facilities Project Collaboration & Communication

CoConstruct is a cloud-based construction management solution offering features such as Gantt charts for building project schedules, reporting dashboard for tracking project status and time clocks to track employee work hours.

CoConstruct focuses on helping home builders and remodelers manage their day to day tasks, from tracking work schedules to creating project cost estimation reports.

CoConstruct and Procore both offer functionalities that improve project collaboration and communication. For instance, you can click photographs of the construction site, add comments and share the photo with colleagues letting them know about issues and job status. Similarly, you can directly send emails and messages to clients via the system.

In terms of differences, CoConstruct comes with a subscription-based pricing and targets small home builders and remodelers as its primary customers. Procore is designed for larger businesses that need a construction solution with a wide-set of features and multiple third-party integrations.

Check out the graphic below to understand what users like about CoConstruct and the improvements they would like to see.


PlanGrid: Mobile-friendly Tool for Small Business Field Construction

PlanGrid is construction management solution with features such as document management and online workspaces that helpscontractors, supervisors, foremen, technicians, etc collaborate and communicate effectively, while managing projects.

PlanGrid allows field workers to use mobile devices for capturing/sharing site drawings, tracking project status and collaborating with colleagues.

Both PlanGrid and Procore are ideal solutions for contractors that want a construction project tracking and document management tool. These systems can help a team of field construction workers to centralize project communication and reporting.

As a lightweight, mobile friendly solution PlanGrid is designed for small businesses with the need to manage fieldworkers and track project status. Procore offers these functionalities as well, but as an enterprise solution also has additional capabilities such as built-in construction accounting tools.

Check out the graphic below to see what features, users like about PlanGrid and what they feel needs improvement:


Next Steps

This report intends to offer interested construction management software buyers an introduction into the top competitors of Procore. Click on the links below to visit their profile pages:

However, there are many more construction management products out there, which could be a better fit for your business requirements. Check out our buyer’s guide on construction management solutions to compare the features of similar products.

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