Reimagining Your Business: Video Interviews With Industry Pros

By: on September 28, 2020

Software Advice Group Vice President Blake Clark interviews leading business and tech experts about their predictions for the future and asks their advice for what your business can do to reinvent itself and find success in the new online world.

Episode 1: Nagesh Rao, Director of Business Technology Solutions at the U.S. Small Business Administration

In the first episode of our Reimagining Your Business series, Nagesh shares his experience overseeing internal technologies at the SBA amid the largest crisis to hit small businesses in American history. We’ll hear about his time served on the COVID-19 Leadership Response Team, his predictions for the future, what tools and technology he recommends for small businesses like yours, and more.

After watching this video, you’ll walk away with actionable tips you can quickly implement, including:

  • How to recover quickly and scale up fast
  • Bringing your business online and finding the right software
  • Future-proofing your business and preparing for the next disruption

What the pandemic did was show the power of IT and what it was going to need to be for small businesses, or for anyone making their living through commerce, to be able to survive and compete in a global market.

—Nagesh Rao

Episode 2: Carol Roth, Small-Biz Expert and TV Host

In this episode, Blake Clark chats with entrepreneur and small-business aficionado Carol Roth. A regular cable news guest and author of the New York Times bestseller The Entrepreneur Equation, Carol is uniquely qualified to offer her perspective on how small businesses can build and retain a customer base in an increasingly digital economy.

Specific points of interest include:

  • How to use technology to find customers
  • How to build brand loyalty
  • How to connect with customers on a personal level

[Small businesses] have a better opportunity to connect and know exactly who your customer is. You have a better ability to listen to their social media, to see their face in the restaurant or the spa, to get that information to actually know who it is you’re dealing with and create that bond in a way that a big company can’t.

—Carol Roth

Episode 3: Achieving ‘virtual closeness’ with #ShiftHappens host Dux Raymond Sy

Blake Clark sits down with #ShiftHappens podcast host Dux Raymond Sy to discuss steps you can take to digitize your business quickly and how you can achieve virtual closeness in a time of social distancing. Plus, Dux dives into some “stories from the trenches” and shares creative tips for how you can connect with customers in new and unexpected ways right now.

In this info-packed session, you’ll learn:

  • How to use tech to pivot your business quickly
  • What to do to achieve “virtual closeness” in a time of social distancing
  • Ways you can use smart storytelling to create brand fans

Today, in my opinion, every company is a technology company,
regardless of what industry your business is in.

—Dux Raymond Sy

How To Seize This Unexpected Golden Moment To Build Your Online Business With Rand Fishkin

Software Advice Group Vice President Blake Clark goes one-on-one with entrepreneur, author, and marketer Rand Fishkin to talk about the challenges of starting a business in 2020. In this exclusive interview, they discuss the difficulties of starting a business (and how to overcome them), how you can reach your audience quickly in today’s online world, and the surprising opportunities that can come from times of uncertainty.

You’ll get the scoop on:

  • The tools and tactics needed to build a successful business
  • Who you should target and how to think about your current audience
  • How to boost your online presence to attract new customers and keep the ones you have
  • + More tips you won’t want to miss

Recognize that a lot of your customers don’t have dollars to spend right now … instead capture interest and attention and use that to execute on pent-up future demand. Prioritize your conversion goals.

—Rand Fishkin

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