5 Top-Rated Salon Software for Small Business

By: Shephalii Kapoor on May 29, 2024

Juggling appointments and coordinating salon staff schedules by hand can lead to double bookings, miscommunications, and unhappy clients. An online salon solution can be the answer to such common issues faced by salon managers. With features like appointment scheduling, staff management, and client management, this software can help salon owners simplify operations while increasing client satisfaction.

To help you make the right decision, this article highlights, in alphabetical order, the five top-rated salon software for small businesses based on user reviews. For each product, we include overall user ratings along with the highest-rated attribute, product benefits, review excerpts from industry professionals, and product pricing. Read more.

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We selected products for this article based on their average ratings between January 2022 and January 2024, which may differ from their current overall average ratings.

1. Boulevard

Boulevard is a salon management software that facilitates appointment scheduling, client management, and point-of-sale operations. The software enables clients to browse available time slots and book appointments. Boulevard also provides tools for managing and tracking important analytics related to sales and client retention. It includes a messaging center for communicating with clients via text messages, a mobile app to help staff track their schedules, and a cash drawer feature for maintaining an accurate cash drawer.

Commonly discussed topics by Boulevard reviewers 

Based on our analysis of Boulevard reviews on Software Advice, the most commonly discussed topics are:

  • User-friendly online booking system: 83.3% of users appreciate the user-friendly interface of the tool that facilitates self-booking, freeing up front desk resources for other tasks. They also liked the system’s ability to hold a particular time slot for clients and the convenience of an embedded booking widget.

  • Enhanced appointment management: 69.6% of users appreciate that the tool helps them schedule appointments and manage their operations with ease. It provides automated reminders and notifications, ensuring clients do not miss their appointments.

  • Effective client management: 66.7% of users liked the analytics capabilities of the tool that offers critical insights related to sales and client retention. They also highlighted its ease of use, ability to retain and share vital information, and pricing features for clients.

Review excerpts from small business users who have used Boulevard for salon management:

"From appointment scheduling to client management and POS functionality, Boulevard provided an all-in-one solution for running a salon business efficiently." (Piotr Tyczyński, manager, 2023)

"Boulevard is user-friendly, allowing my clients to easily browse available time slots and book their appointment at any time within minutes." (Lauren Paglionico, salon owner, 2023)

"One thing I love with our system is I can place a hold on a time for a client and send them a link to finish booking with all their info." (Shelby Urban, hair stylist, 2022)

"It is convenient that the booking widget stays on your website as opposed to diverting your clients to a totally separate site." (Carly Kesner, licensed esthetician / Owner, 2023)

"Our clients love boulevard and appreciate the intuitive features applied to their profile such as timing and pricing specific to them." (Ken Hughes, manager, 2022)

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4.59 out of 5 stars

292 reviews
  • Highest-rated attribute: Customer support - 4.75

  • Commonly reviewed by*: Professionals in health, wellness and fitness, cosmetics, and consumer services, according to Software Advice’s user reviews

  • Starting price: $175 per month for one location (billed annually)

2. Goldie

Goldie is a scheduling and appointment management software that allows users to record client details, book appointments, maintain schedules, and send appointment reminders. It enables businesses to manage their services by organizing them into categories and subcategories, making it easier for clients to find what they are looking for. Goldie also facilitates mass texting for promotions and rebooking reminders. Users can select a group of clients to message based on their last and upcoming appointments.

Commonly discussed topics by Goldie reviewers 

Based on our analysis of Goldie reviews on Software Advice, the most commonly discussed topics are:

  • Customizable appointment reminders: 92.9% of users appreciate the ability of the tool to schedule appointments and send automatic reminders to clients. The pro version of the service has been highlighted as a significant upgrade, offering enhanced features such as customizable text reminders and confirmations. 

  • Enhanced appointment scheduling: 80% of users appreciate the ease of maintaining client records, booking appointments, and managing schedules. They particularly value the option to schedule repeating appointments and the automatic text notifications that can be sent to clients before and after appointments. 

  • Convenient online booking system: 75% of users liked the straightforward online booking process of the tool. The system's versatility, allowing for category selection and customized reminders, is also highly praised by the users. Additionally, the integrated payment feature is seen as a significant convenience.

Review excerpts from small business users who have used Goldie for salon management:

"Since I started using this app to schedule and manage my appointments, my professional life has become much more organized and efficient." (Juan Bolcan, CEO, 2023)

"Goldie makes it easy to keep record of clients,  book appointments, maintain a schedule, and send appointment reminders." (Lindsey Kadrmas, owner/pet groomer, 2023)

"I also love the option to completely customize your text reminders and confirmations." (Rachel Jorgensen, hair stylist/salon owner, 2023)

"I started with the free version but the pro version is 10x better allowing all my clients to get confirmations and reminders so I don’t have to remember to do it myself." (Karla Diaz, esthetician, 2023)

"I’m grateful to have an easy booking system for my clients that I can also take payments with." (Sarah Marr, hair stylist, 2023)

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4.75 out of 5 stars

933 reviews
  • Highest-rated attribute: Ease-of-use - 4.86

  • Commonly reviewed by*: Professionals who work in health, wellness and fitness, cosmetics, and consumer services, according to Software Advice’s user reviews

  • Starting price: $19.99 per month (billed monthly)

3. Mangomint

Mangomint is a salon software solution that offers features, such as online bookings, waiting lists, mobile access, and check-ins and check-outs to simplify various aspects of salon management. It also provides an express booking option for automatic charging of clients who fail to show up for appointments or cancel within a 24-hour window. The software also offers standard and advanced reports to gauge staff performance, productivity, pre-bookings, and more.

Commonly discussed topics by Mangomint reviewers 

Based on our analysis of Mangomint reviews on Software Advice, the most commonly discussed topics are:

  • Outstanding customer service experience: 100% of users found Mangomint’s customer service to be convenient and unparalleled. The use of checklists and texting further added to the convenience, making the overall experience a pleasure for users. 

  • Enhanced client experience through online booking system: 91.7% of users appreciate the online booking system offered by the tool for its convenience and efficiency. Users appreciate the ability of the software to store comprehensive client data, manage waiting lists, and facilitate easy check-ins and check-outs. 

  • Effective client management through automated features: 84.6% of users liked the express booking option and the ability to check in and out on clients' phones. Reviewers also find the notification system for client arrivals quite convenient.

Review excerpts from small business users who have used Mangomint for salon management:

"Sales, answering questions, setup and onboarding and customer support have all been top notch and a pleasure to work with." (Doug Melvin, owner, 2023)

"The checklists and texting customer service was so convenient and helpful." (Alex Giessler, salon owner, 2023)

"I love that we can store everything about our clients on this app from what they have bought to formulas etc." (Regan Holbert, hair stylist, 2022)

"We love the Express Booking option for clients to ensure no call, no shows or within the 24hr mark, clients are charged automatically 50% of the services." (Carlie Geiser, owner of salon, 2023)

"Notifying clients is so much easier with the notification features." (Greg Hernandez, salon coordinator, 2022)

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4.95 out of 5 stars

133 reviews
  • Highest-rated attribute: Customer support - 5.0

  • Commonly reviewed by*: Professionals who work in health, wellness and fitness, consumer services, and cosmetics, according to Software Advice’s user reviews

  • Starting price: $165 per month (billed monthly)

4. Meevo

Meevo is a software solution designed to manage operations in salons, spas, and medical spas. It offers an online presence management solution that helps brands rank higher on the search results page and drive more traffic to their website. Additionally, it facilitates membership management by automatically charging clients based on their membership dues and enabling clients to book accrued membership services. Meevo also helps businesses reward employees with discounted pricing on products and services via employee memberships.

Commonly discussed topics by Meevo reviewers 

Based on our analysis of Meevo reviews on Software Advice, the most commonly discussed topics are:

  • Remarkable customer service and personalized care: 93.3% of users appreciate the customer service of the software, highlighting the ability of the team to customize services for each guest, which enhances the overall customer experience. 

  • Efficient reporting: 85.7% of users appreciate the reporting capabilities of the tool. The ease of use and extensive reporting capabilities of the software, coupled with its ability to update based on user feedback makes Meevo a valued tool for tasks such as rebooking and report printing. 

  • Effective staff management: 81.8% of users highlighted the effectiveness of the tool in handling staff under various settings. Users appreciate that the software facilitates employee goal setting and offers a user-friendly interface with features, such as sandbox to facilitate the transition from one system to the other.

Review excerpts from small business users who have used Meevo for salon management:

"Meevo has delivered on everything and then some, and has shown me things i didnt even realize I needed but ended up being life saving. while all this was great, nothing compares to the customer service I have received." (Leticia Matthews, owner, 2022)

"However, their customer service is great and can walk you through anything you need help with." (Lindsay McDonald, manager, 2023)

"The reports are great and are so helpful when assisting with goal setting and budgeting." (Molly OBryant, manager, 2023)

"The software is simple to use, easy to train new staff, extensive reporting, well organized, and regularly being updated and improved based upon user feedback." (Kirk Janes, president, 2023)

"The team lets me know the latest and greatest that will build my business without adding more employees that I can't afford." (Petra Clary, owner, 2022)

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4.38 out of 5 stars

255 reviews
  • Highest-rated attribute: Customer support - 4.81

  • Commonly reviewed by*: Professionals who work in health, wellness and fitness, cosmetics, and consumer services, according to Software Advice’s user reviews

  • Starting price: Available upon request from vendor

5. Vagaro

Vagaro is a software tailored for businesses in the salon, spa, and fitness industries. It offers a range of features, including appointment scheduling, payment processing, email marketing, and customer management to help service-based businesses simplify their operations. The software is accessible via a mobile app, allowing both business owners and clients to manage appointments and bookings on the go. Vagaro's point-of-sale (POS) and credit card transaction capabilities enable businesses to accept payments and reduce waiting times.

Commonly discussed topics by Vagaro reviewers 

Based on our analysis of Vagaro reviews on Software Advice, the most commonly discussed topics are:

  • Enhanced appointment management: 83% of users appreciate the software’s ability to schedule appointments, manage client databases, and send automatic reminders. The system's flexibility allows for customization of services, timing, and confirmation messages. Additionally, the availability of a mobile app and integration with personal calendars enhance accessibility.

  • Efficient client management: 73.8% of users express satisfaction with the system's ability to efficiently manage client scheduling and marketing needs. The system's ability to keep client records updated, customize service bundles, and provide insightful reports on services and client retention is highly appreciated. 

  • Improved user experience through customization options: 70.8% of users appreciate the customizable nature of the platform, which allows developers to tailor the software to their needs. They also liked features, such as the points system, product addition, and the ability of the tool to facilitate referral programs.

Review excerpts from small business users who have used Vagaro for salon management:

"I like that Vagaro has everything you need in one space, from payment processing, to email marketing, appointment scheduling, calendar and customer management, and even review management." (Briyana Anderson, master esthetician, 2023)

"Some of my favourite features are taking deposits to book appointments, Forms, branded app, booth rental management, reports, and classes." (Dior Davenport, CEO, 2022)

"Developers can customize the platform to fit their needs and integrate it with other tools and services." (Daniel Francisco Romero Cuenca, client services advisor, 2023)

"I am very happy with the system as it is a one-stop shop for most of my business needs for client scheduling and basically a one-stop shop for all my marketing needs." (Selma Bruce, hair stylist, 2023)

"Very helpful in keeping clients' records are updated, improved no shows and always let me know what services are mostly requested." (LaVonia Gipson, owner, 2022)

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4.7 out of 5 stars

3387 reviews
  • Highest-rated attribute: Ease-of-use - 4.48

  • Commonly reviewed by*: Professionals who work in health, wellness and fitness, cosmetics, and consumer services, according to Software Advice’s user reviews

  • Starting price: $30 per month for one location (billed monthly)

What features do salon tools offer?

Salon software solutions offer core features such as:

  • Appointment scheduling: Organize and manage appointments for clients. Clients can use this feature to schedule appointments through a website or their mobile devices and select preferred services, time slots, and staff members. Appointment scheduling also includes a reminder functionality that allows salon owners to send automated reminders via message, email, or push notifications to reduce no-shows and improve attendance rates. 

  • Client database: Store detailed profiles for individual clients, including their contact information, preferred communication channels, and any other relevant notes. Salon owners or staff members can also use this feature to maintain a record of each client’s past appointments, including the services rendered and the date and time of the appointment. This helps salon staff provide personalized recommendations to clients based on their preferences and past experiences.  

All products listed in this report include the features mentioned above. Besides these core features, a salon tool commonly tends to offer:

  • Activity dashboard

  • Calendar management

  • Confirmation/reminders

  • Employee management

  • Inventory management

  • Multi-location management

  • Online booking

  • Payroll management

  • Point-of-sale

  • Recurring appointments

How to choose the right salon software for small businesses

Here are some factors to consider while you look for the best salon software for small business: 

  • Assess staff management capabilities: While evaluating potential salon software solutions, consider staff management features to monitor and optimize the performance of employees. These features may include work schedule management, appointment assignment, performance tracking, attendance tracking, and commission and incentive tracking capabilities. Salon administrators can use these features to create individual profiles for each staff member, track performance metrics, and ensure adequate staffing levels and accurate payroll processing. 

  • Evaluate calendar management features: Before investing in a salon tool, make sure that the software allows your staff to schedule and reschedule appointments for clients by selecting available time slots and desired services on a calendar. The software should display all appointments, staff schedules, and salon availability in daily, weekly, and monthly views, allowing staff members to assess availability and make scheduling decisions. Several salon tools also allow users to color-code appointments based on different criteria, such as client status and service type to distinguish between different types of appointments within a calendar interface and track their status. 

  • Look for important integrations: Integrations are important for salon software to enhance the functionality of the tool and improve the overall user experience. Before investing in the best salon software, consider integrations with payment processors, online booking platforms, point-of-sale (POS) systems, customer relationship management (CRM) tools, and inventory management solutions. These integrations help salon software cater to the diverse needs of salon owners, staff, and clients.

Common questions to ask software vendors before purchasing salon software for small businesses

Consider asking your vendor the following questions so that you find the best salon software for small business:

  • Does the software facilitate multi-location management?

Multi-location management in salon software allows salon managers to oversee and coordinate operations across multiple branches and locations. It typically includes a centralized dashboard to view and manage all salon locations from a single interface. A salon solution with multi-location management capabilities maintains a unified client database that aggregates client information and appointment histories from all salon locations, ensuring consistency in client management. Moreover, it offers integrated scheduling features to coordinate staff schedules and appointments across multiple locations. 

  • Does the software support recurring appointments?

Consider a tool that allows salon administrators to schedule appointments at regular intervals, such as daily, weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly intervals. Clients can select the specific services they want to receive and their preferred staff member for each recurring appointment, ensuring consistency in service provider if desired. Recurring appointment management in salon software also allows clients to cancel or reschedule individual appointments within the recurring series without affecting the entire series. Some salon tools also provide billing and invoicing features to help owners generate invoices or process payments for recurring appointments.

  • What types of salon reports are offered by the software?

While evaluating potential solutions, make sure that the software offers necessary salon reports, such as sales, appointment, client retention, staff performance, marketing, inventory, client feedback, and appointment booking reports to analyze business performance. These reports also help salon owners identify opportunities for growth, optimize salon operations, and maximize profitability over a period of time.


To be considered for this list, products had to:

  • Have at least 40 unique product reviews, for use cases related to the salon, published on Software Advice between January 2022-2024.

  • Have at least 20 unique product reviews from software users in small businesses during the same time period. We selected the five products with the highest ratings to feature in this article. 

  • Offer the following core salon features: appointment scheduling and client database.

For products that met the first three criteria, we selected five products with the highest ratings to feature in this article.

*To determine which industries each product is “commonly reviewed by,” we check if at least 2% of reviewers come from a particular industry, and only then classify the product as having customers from that industry. Small businesses are defined as those with fewer than 200 employees.

We use proprietary data science algorithms to identify common topics discussed in user reviews, along with user sentiment. Some text summarizing those proprietary insights was generated with assistance from artificial intelligence tools.

Review excerpts are passages extracted from longer reviews written by verified reviewers that pertain to the most commonly identified topics. We obtain these excerpts by applying an algorithm that considers factors including, but not limited to, length, topic coverage, and thematic relevance. 

Excerpts represent user opinion and do not represent the views of, nor constitute, an endorsement by Software Advice or its affiliates. Excerpts are not edited for clarity or grammar.

Editorial independence

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