WMS Feature Guide: A Comparison of Major Vendors’ Systems

By: on September 15, 2015

Choosing the right warehouse management software (WMS) for your business model means hours, if not days, of scouring vendor websites for information about features.

This research can be quite tedious, since vendors describe the same features using different terms.

Moreover, vendors document their systems in numerous places, ranging from product brochures, overview websites and data sheets to support sites and implementation guides.

We’ve done part of your homework for you:

This WMS feature guide compiles information about leading WMS solutions that is informed by Software Advice’s hundreds of yearly interactions with WMS software buyers.

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In this e-book, you’ll learn:


✔ Which WMS vendors offer what

✦ While some WMS features are included in nearly every system, modules such as slotting, parcel carrier shipping and yard management are only found in certain WMS solutions. Our matrix tables compare the features of different WMS vendors’ solutions.

✔ The 6 vendors that offer the greatest feature coverage in crucial areas

✦ Even if a WMS vendor offers a module such as slotting, the features of the module may still be less extensive than those of comparable vendors. Thus, our feature guide drills down to details such as locations used in slotting modules, item attributes used in system-directed putaway, support for specific picking methods etc.

✔ Explanations of advanced features and the business contexts in which you’ll need them

✦ Businesses in certain industries have highly specific needs that their WMS software needs to meet—for instance, manufacturers and distributors of apparel need to be able to define inventory by size, color and style. We highlight these features and identify the vendors that offer them.

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