Tableau Alternatives: Top Recommended Tableau Competitors for BI

By: on May 22, 2019

Tableau is a well-known name in the business intelligence (BI) software space. For seven years in a row, Tableau has retained its “Leader” status in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for analytics and business intelligence platforms. It has also been rated among the best BI tools by publications such as PC Magazine and Database Trends & Applications.

Top 5 recommended alternatives to Tableau:

Alteryx Designer


Dundas BI



Tableau offers content discovery tools to collate data from multiple sources, visual analytics and dashboards features for slicing and dicing data, and data governance capabilities to manage data permissions. The tool also supports collaborative analytics and data modeling features.

Tableau can be customized for different verticals such as marketing, IT, and HR. It supports both cloud and on-premise deployment as well as offers mobile apps for iOS and Android platforms.

Despite its feature offerings and popularity, Tableau isn’t for everyone. Some of its competitors offer more specific features or flexible pricing options that may suit your business better.

To help prospective buyers learn about other options available on the BI market, we’ve put together this guide of top Tableau competitors (in alphabetical order). These alternatives are highly recommended by real users in their reviews on Software Advice.

Tableau alternaives

Alteryx Designer

Alteryx Designer is a self-service data analytics tool that offers drag-and-drop workflows to simplify your data analyses. It lets you connect with data warehouses and clean, prepare, and visualize data using charts and graphs. The tool also supports predictive and statistical modeling, spatial analysis, and allows users to share analytics reports.

Alteryx Designer is available in both on-premise and cloud-based options. While the tool can be accessed on mobile browsers, specific native mobile apps are not available.

Alteryx Designer is suited for SMBs and large businesses.

Some unique features of Alteryx Designer include:

  • Web scraping: Helps you pull and combine data from the internet. Web scraping feature allows you to parse HTML pages and tables to extract data needed for your analyses.
  • Prescriptive analytics: Suggests the best course of action or outcome for a particular situation or set of scenarios. Features offered include optimization analytics, iterative modelling, and simulation.

We analyzed user reviews for Alteryx Designer to understand what users liked and the areas they think need improvements:

What users liked:

  • Smooth integration with multiple data sources to import data
  • Large variety of data visualization options and icons
  • Easy-to-use drag-and-drop interface

Users would like to see:

  • Less steep learning curve
  • Improved speed when working on large data sets
  • Retain formatting when exporting files to Excel and PDF


Cyfe is a business intelligence tool that is designed for marketing, social media, and web analytics. It offers real-time reports, data mashup features, pre-built widgets to pull data from different sources, and customization capabilities. The tool also allows you to share reports and set alerts.

Cyfe is a cloud-based solution and offers a mobile app for iOS devices.

It is suitable for startups and small businesses. It can be used by marketing, finance, social media, sales, project management, and IT teams.

Other key features of Cyfe include:

  • Enhanced TV mode: Project your data analytics results, metrics, visualizations, and widgets on to a big screen using Cyfe’s TV mode feature. The TV mode automatically enlarges your dashboards and allows you to set how large or small widgets must appear.
  • Custom widgets: Create custom widgets from data in your CSV files or Google spreadsheets. The tool’s “Custom Widget Key Merge Tag” allows you to lock down custom widget data with an interchangeable key.

We analyzed user reviews for Cyfe to understand what users liked and the areas they think need improvements:

What users liked:

  • Support for large number of integrations, which makes pulling data from multiple sources easier
  • Customizable dashboards and data visualization
  • Easy-to-use widgets

Users would like to see:

  • More frequent updates
  • Better design and UI to make it more appealing
  • Improved app speed

Dundas BI

Dundas BI is a data visualization and reporting tool with ad-hoc querying features, data integration support, and data drill-down capabilities.

Dundas BI does not offer native mobile apps but is designed using HTML5 and works on all mobile browsers. Dundas BI has both cloud-based and on-premise variants.

Dundas BI is suitable for SMBs and large businesses. The tool is used by organizations in a variety of industries, including banking and finance, construction, education, healthcare, hospitality, insurance, retail, telecom, etc.

Additional features offered by Dundas BI include:

  • Animated data visualization: Animated transition of maps, colors, and location of icons help users easily spot variations when the data changes. Other visualization options help users visualize circular data such as directional data, time, etc.
  • Automated data preparation: Users can simply drop Excel or CSV files in the Dundas BI tool and it’ll automatically detect tables and sub-tables in them. It can also define ragged data hierarchies—data with uneven levels, such as an organizational chart.

We analyzed user reviews for Dundas BI to understand what users liked and the areas they think need some improvements:

What users liked:

  • Responsive and easy-to-use dashboards
  • Large number of data visualization components, including charts, graphs, and sparklines
  • Quick expert support by customer service team

Users would like to see:

  • Advanced features such as 3D charts
  • More intuitive and easy-to-navigate mobile interface
  • More onboarding support in form of tutorials and training materials


Grow is a BI software platform offering dashboards, data visualizations, connectors, and data cleaning and preparation capabilities. The tool offers data filtering and drill down features, snapshots of historical data, and a smart report builder.

Grow is a cloud-based solution and has a mobile app for iOS devices. It’s suitable for startups and small and midsize businesses.

Other key features of Grow include:

  • Dataset library: Grow offers a library of dataset templates that help you practice and learn data analytics. The dataset library has dataset playbooks on sales team performance, ad performance, financial summaries, and sales history. You can also create your own dataset using Grow’s ETL capabilities that let you clean and combine data from different sources.
  • TV mode: You may often need to broadcast your numbers or metrics across the office or at event locations or on marketing billboards. Grow’s TV mode allows you to display metrics and data visualization on TV screens.

We analyzed user reviews for Grow to understand what users liked and the areas they think need improvements:

What users liked:

  • Onboarding support, customer service, and easy set-up process
  • Easy-to-use graphical user interface
  • Dashboard reports and data visualization options

Users would like to see:

  • More integrations with data sources, especially on-premise ones
  • More chart types and custom visualization options
  • Flexibility in pricing options and easier payment refund process


Klipfolio is a self-service BI software that offers data monitoring, visual analytics, dashboards, predictive analytics, and reporting features. Klipfolio also offers data connectors and APIs to allow importing data from third-party sources such as Excel, Basecamp, and Box.

The software is cloud-based, and its mobile app works on both Android and iOS devices.

Klipfolio is suited for analytics firms, business solution providers, marketing agencies, and marketing consultants.

Some of key capabilities of Klipfolio include:

  • Predictive analytics: Uses machine learning to crawl huge data sets and predict metrics such as sales growth or customer acquisition rates.
  • Internet of things (IoT) analytics: Klipfolio offers features that help you connect with IoT devices and collect and analyze their data. Klipfolio provides these analytics capabilities in partnership with IoT companies such as Mnubo.

We analyzed user reviews for Klipfolio to understand what users liked and the areas they think need improvement:

What users liked:

  • Variety of features and integration capabilities
  • Helpful customer support team
  • Data visualization options, including customizable graphics

Users would like to see:

  • Easier set-up process
  • Easier to use functions—many users reported a steep learning curve
  • More functionalities like alerts and data manipulation

Next steps

Do check for more details such as mobile compatibility, customer support, and pricing models when buying your preferred software. Also, take advantage of free demos and trials to know the product better.

For more information, visit each alternative’s profile page:

You can also check out other BI software on Software Advice to compare their features and pricing. This will help you determine the solution best suited to your business.

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