5 Most Recommended Smartsheet Alternatives for Project Management

By: on March 9, 2020

Smartsheet is a popular project management solution that is rated highly (at an average of 4.36 out of 5) by nearly 1,000 users on Software Advice’s website. The tool is appreciated for its range of features, which include dashboards for task tracking, Gantt charts for project planning, and real-time collaborative editing of project information.

Top 5 recommended alternatives to Smartsheet:


My Hours




Having said that, Smartsheet is not perfect. According to users, it comes with a steep learning curve and you’ll have to do some digging into video tutorials and self-help articles to get up to speed. Users, especially those unfamiliar with Microsoft Excel sheets may find Smartsheet’s interface clunky and cumbersome.

To help you get started in your search for Smartsheet alternatives, we’ve identified the five most-recommended Smartsheet competitors (presented alphabetically), that are rated highly on Software Advice’s website. Read more about the methodology here.

Read on to learn what reviewers have to say about these alternatives and how they are similar to or different from Smartsheet.

alternatives to smartsheet


MeisterTask is a project management solution that focuses on task management capabilities such as handling subtasks, color coding tasks for priority, attaching task notes, and tagging tasks.

MeisterTask offers a Kanban dashboard for users to track tasks by moving cards along a linear progression workflow. It also offers Gantt charts that allow users to view relationships between tasks and milestones in a project.

The key difference between MeisterTask and Smartsheet is that MeisterTask offers features that make task organization simple, whereas Smartsheet’s features are geared toward project planning and reporting.

Check out what users like about MeisterTask and what they feel could improve.

 Users liked:   Users would like to see: 
• The tool is visually appealing and has an intuitive interface.
• Its mobile applications (both iOS and Android) syncs well with the desktop version, allowing them to access tasks on the go.
• The fact that the tool allows them to track the amount of time employees spend on tasks.
• More integrations with third-party solutions.
• Better customization options such as more colors for coding tasks and the ability to change the background theme.
• The ability to drag-and-drop files and attachments over tasks instead of having to upload them.

My Hours

My Hours is a project management solution with specialized features for project time tracking and billing, such as dashboards for logging time spent by employees on projects and tasks, setting up budgets or billing rates for projects, and generating invoices for clients.

Both My Hours and Smartsheet allow you to manage projects by assigning tasks to team members and tracking the status of the tasks on online dashboards.

However, My Hours is specifically designed for tracking time and project expenses to bill clients faster. Smartsheet can also be used to track time on a Microsoft Excel-like online form though that might not be as intuitive for some users.

Check out what users like about My Hours and what they feel could improve.

 Users liked:   Users would like to see: 
• Users mention the tool has a short learning curve.
• Its fast and responsive customer support.
• The ease with which they can create invoices for clients.
• Integrations with more productivity and project management solutions.
• Better filtering options for timesheets so they can analyze data more effectively.
• Improvements in the mobile apps with more functionality and faster loading time.


Project.co is a project management solution with functionalities tapered to facilitate collaboration among stakeholders. It offers communications tools such as chat, task commenting, and note taking. It also supports invoice generation and integration with online payment tools such as Stripe and SagePay.

In terms of similarities, Project.co and Smartsheet are task management solutions that help you track tasks using multiple dashboards.

The primary difference is that Project.co offers more communication features, such as team chat and note taking, whereas Smartsheet’s collaboration is centered around shared project sheets and workspaces wherein multiple users can update information in real time.

Check out what users like about Project.co and what they feel could improve.

 Users liked:   Users would like to see: 
• The multiple dashboard views of tasks and projects.
• A responsive support team that quickly resolves issues.
• The ability to store and track all project communication including chat, files, and emails within the tool.
• Mobile apps for the tool.
• Integration with more third-party tools.


Samepage is a project management tool with extensive collaboration features such as team chat channels, real-time document editing, web conferencing, and shared activity feeds.

As project management solutions both Samepage and Smartsheet allow you to track tasks to completion and manage project documents.

The difference lies in the fact that Smartsheet is a full-suite project management solution focusing on project planning, milestone tracking, and resource management. Samepage, on the other hand, is designed to facilitate direct communication in projects with chat and video and voice-calling capabilities.

Check out what users like about Samepage and what they feel could improve.

 Users liked:   Users would like to see: 
• Its intuitive interface for creating tasks and managing files with drag-and-drop capabilities.
• Communication tools for sharing and discussing ideas with team members.
• The permission settings for controlling access rights to tasks, files, and conversations.
• Improvements to the Android app with more intuitive navigation.
• More templates for setting up project workflows.
• The ability to track tasks across different projects on a master calendar.


Workzone is a project management solution with a comprehensive set of features: project planning with Gantt charts, task tracking dashboards, resource utilization reports, and document management.

In this list of Smartsheet alternatives, Workzone is the closest match when it comes to breadth of features. Both solutions offer different kinds of project templates that help users get started quickly.

Additionally, the solutions come with advanced reporting and tracking features making them both suitable for growing or larger businesses.

Check out what users like about Workzone and what they feel could improve.

 Users liked:   Users would like to see: 
• The customer support which they say responds quickly to queries.
• The availability of pre-built project templates for different industries.
• The fact that the software comes with a ton of training resources.
• More intuitive and modern user interface.
• Better in-app notifications, rather than just email alerts, to track information more effectively.

Next steps

While the above five Smartsheet alternatives are highly recommended by Software Advice users, you might want to expand your search beyond and analyze more options.

To that end, you can explore 350+ project management solutions on Software Advice. Check out features, prices, and user reviews. If you need more personalized assistance, you can also schedule a call with our project management software advisors at the time of your choosing for a no-obligation, free consultation. They will help you understand the landscape of the project management software market to find the one that best suits your business needs.


To identify these Smartsheet alternatives, we first identified the top project management software products with the highest average recommendation ratings in our database with at least 20 published reviews. We reviewed their product profiles in Software Advice and the vendor’s websites to identify their target industry and pricing information. Products have been listed in alphabetical order by number of recommendations received as of September 11, 2019.

Note: The content in this piece that provides opinions and points of view expressed by users does not represent the views of Software Advice.

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