5 Best LinkedIn Recruiting Tools to Help You Hire Top Talent

By: on December 21, 2015

Other social networks have come and gone—but in 2016, LinkedIn will still be the go-to social network for recruiters.

When it comes to finding prospective job candidates on social media, no other site can touch the treasure trove of publicly available information about LinkedIn’s 396 million members, including work history, skills, career aspirations and more.

That’s the good news.

Here’s the bad news: A whopping 87 percent of recruiters use LinkedIn to find and vet job candidates, making it the most popular social network for this purpose.

Put simply, if you’ve stumbled upon the perfect prospect on LinkedIn, your competitor likely has, too. And with a finite amount of available talent, getting ahead of the game is becoming the biggest challenge in social recruiting.

That’s why Software Advice has profiled five LinkedIn recruiting tools that can give you a leg up. These tools can help you find top talent faster and connect with them more effectively, contributing to a greater number of successful hires.

Entelo Search

Get the jump on candidates who are “More Likely to Move” with Entelo Search

We’ve highlighted Entelo Search before, but there’s a very good reason we’re doing it again.

Entelo Search has unique functionality to help you find and recruit passive candidates on LinkedIn before your competitors do.

As with other sourcing tools, you can input a variety of criteria, such as desired skills, location and job title. Entelo Search will then crawl its database of online candidates and present comprehensive profiles of the best matches.

However, Entelo Search separates itself from the pack with its “More Likely to Move” filter, which is based on everything from a prospect’s social posts to hiring trends and recent corporate mergers.

“More Likely to Move” candidates are touted by Entelo as being six times more likely to leave their current job within the next three months than your average prospect.

Using this information, you can connect with top candidates on LinkedIn before other recruiters even know they’re ready for a change—giving you a huge advantage.



Automatically fill in candidate information gaps with Connectifier

LinkedIn regularly updates its own recruiting platform, LinkedIn Recruiter (a new version is debuting in Q1 2016).

But the company has yet to address users’ biggest complaint: that candidates’ information is only sourced from their LinkedIn profiles, which can be incomplete or outdated. For a more complete picture of a candidate, we recommend using a product like Connectifier.

Connectifier creates comprehensive candidate profiles using information from tens of thousands of sites, of which LinkedIn is just one.

As a result, Connectifier and LinkedIn have a similar number of candidates in their database—but Connectifier has 30 percent more data points per person, and growing. Even email addresses and phone numbers are included when possible.

If keywords don’t do your search justice, Connectifier allows you to input a profile for an ideal candidate (perhaps an existing employee) in order to return similar candidates.

Finally, Connectifier Auto Search offers a Web browser sidebar that pulls up a candidate’s relevant information when you visit their LinkedIn profile, making it a great tool for outreach.


Buy a LinkedIn job ad straight from your ATS with Workable

Taken alone, Workable is an impressive applicant tracking system (ATS). With it, you can create a branded careers site, customize online job application forms, automate resume parsing and keep track of the candidates in your pipeline.

But the platform offers even more when paired with LinkedIn.

You can connect your personal LinkedIn account to easily share job postings from within Workable, and that’s just the beginning.

If you have a LinkedIn Recruiter account, Workable’s Cross-System Awareness capabilities can automatically integrate candidates’ LinkedIn profile data into your ATS, then keep it up to date.

The system’s Mobile Apply tool also allows candidates to apply for jobs directly from the LinkedIn app.

And advertising is integrated, too, allowing you to buy a LinkedIn ad for one of your job postings within Workable. This saves time hopping back and forth between your ATS and LinkedIn.

Finally, even when you’re not in Workable, the system can help your LinkedIn recruiting efforts. The Workable Clipper Google Chrome extension allows you to add a candidate’s LinkedIn profile to your Workable database with one click.

Zoho Recruit

Serve perfectly catered careers pages with Zoho Recruit

When you’re on LinkedIn, you’re contacting different candidates with different priorities in order to fill different openings. However, you’re pointing them all to the same careers site.

With Zoho Recruit, you can create multiple, customized careers pages catered to different candidates on LinkedIn.

Instead of making a page for every opening, you can create smaller careers pages for categories of job listings, such as sales or engineering.

That way, when you’re reaching out to candidates on LinkedIn through messages or posts, you’re only showing them the job listings they care about.

You can even customize themes, fonts and colors using predetermined options or a CSS editor to better engage candidates. And you can advertise these customized pages on other social sites, as well.

What’s more, you don’t have to rely solely on social media outreach to make sure these careers pages are seen. SEO functionality to input meta tags and descriptions is built in, helping your pages show up in important Google search results.


Easily measure the impact and cost of your LinkedIn efforts with SmartRecruiters

After all of your job postings, InMails and advertisements, you need to know: Are your efforts worth it? SmartRecruiters can offer answers.

SmartRecruiters can show you how many candidates, interviews and hires you’ve obtained through various recruiting sources, including LinkedIn.

What’s more, entering hiring budgets and spend can give you a clearer glimpse of your recruiting ROI.

The system offers filtering, so if you need to see how much it’s costing you to find that marketing manager in Houston, you can.

Best of all, built-in assessment tools can help you better measure the quality of hires coming from LinkedIn—a metric 39 percent of recruiters agree is the most valuable one to track. And if you have your own BI (business intelligence) tool, you can integrate it with SmartRecruiters to parse through metrics as you please.

Little details about SmartRecruiters make it great, too. When you hire for a position, the platform will automatically remove the listing from LinkedIn and inform applicants that they didn’t get the job.

And that’s not all. Find additional information about these LinkedIn recruiting tools and others, including pricing details, in our free, downloadable e-book: 28 Tools to Conquer the Social Media Recruiting World.

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