7 VoIP Mobile Apps Users Love

By: Saumya Srivastava on May 31, 2024

Are you stuck at your desk for important client or customer calls? VoIP apps for mobile devices are key for customer service businesses, offering all the functionality (call routing, recording, monitoring, and voicemails) of desktop VoIP with the flexibility to make and receive calls wherever you are.

To help you select the right VoIP app for mobile, we looked at 2M+ unique user reviews to see what real users had to say. We then highlighted the top seven mobile VoIP apps based on sentiment analysis of reviews, arranged in order of percentage of positive reviews.

We have grouped these mobile apps into AI-enabled and non-AI VoIP software. Each product includes all the core scheduling features: call conferencing and online voice transmission.

1. RingEX



4.24 out of 5 stars

1195 reviews

The RingEX mobile application leverages artificial intelligence (AI) to convert voice calls or voicemails into text with real-time call transcriptions or summarize them to highlight key points. Its AI background noise reduction feature minimizes unwanted noises, such as traffic and other outside noises, to focus on the speaker. Additionally, the application integrates with RinseSense AI to act as an assistant for automatic note taking and speaker sentiment analysis during calls. 

  • Customer support: Help center, email, chat, webinars, and knowledge base

  • Mobile app price: Available with the paid plan, starts at $20 per user per month

  • Billing cycle: Annual

Who should consider RingEX’s mobile app?

Customer service businesses handling a high volume of calls and seeking efficient ways to capture and manage call notes can benefit from RingCentral’s mobile app. The ability to automatically transcribe live calls or voicemails and summarize them into keynotes helps better assess customer queries and provide accurate resolution. Team managers can instantly access this information, even when on the go, to take care of critical or ongoing issues that require intervention. 

Review excerpt from a user of RingEX’s mobile app:

“RingCentral helps my business connect with customers and internal team members in a seamless, professional way.  It's a great product and I highly recommend it. There are so many great features in this product. Call quality is excellent.  I can easily communicate with my team in real-time and I can share files easily. I can track inbound and outbound calls very easily. It's easy to deploy.  Both the desktop version and the mobile version are easy to use and work great. There really aren't any negative aspects to this product.”

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2. Skype



4.24 out of 5 stars

449 reviews

Skype’s mobile application offers mobile and landline numbers for users to make local or international calls. These calls can be recorded to prepare keynotes and have live subtitles to better understand the spoken words. The application allows sharing the screen during calls with its integrated screen-sharing feature. For automated calls, the application integrates Siri to make calls on the users’ behalf using voice commands (‘Call John’ or ‘Call 555-666-7777’). Siri recognizes the command and looks for the name in the synced device contacts or attempts to understand the provided number. 

  • Customer support: Help center, email, user community, and knowledge base

  • Mobile app price: Available with the paid plan, starts at $3.07 per month

  • Billing cycle: Monthly

Who should consider Skype’s mobile app?

Customer service businesses operating globally can acquire Skype numbers in different countries, making them more accessible to local customers or clients without expensive international phone lines. They can leverage the app's screen-sharing capabilities to better explain technical processes to customers or give product or service demos. Additionally, the automated calling feature with Siri saves time from manually searching for or dialing a number, especially when on the move.

Review excerpt from a user of Skype’s mobile app:

“I find it easy to use, and I like that I can open Skype when I'm out of the office or home, when I'm In travel, for example, it is possible to use a mobile phone and meetings take place through Skype easily and without obstruction. You feel that Skype is a quiet and serious place to conduct meetings, especially official ones, it is old, ancient and irreplaceable, I like that it can be downloaded to all kinds of devices such as computers, laptops, etc. ”

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Pro tip

Consider the amount of calls you will be making. Some apps offer free international or local calling with a limit on the number of calls in a day or month. Others might charge users for international calls while local calling is free. Checking this beforehand will help avoid any extra costs.

3. Webex

Webex Suite

Webex Suite

4.39 out of 5 stars

6913 reviews

VoIP in the Webex calling mobile application offers voice queues for callers to join and wait for their turn until an agent attends to them. Callers are provided with an estimated wait time and an option to request a callback. Agents can set their status as signed in, available, or unavailable to receive calls. The application allows setting personalized greeting messages that can be customized with holiday and night schedules, call forwarding rules, or announcements. 

  • Customer support: Help center, email, chat, and knowledge base

  • Mobile app price: Available with free and paid plans, paid plans start at $14.50 per license per month

  • Billing cycle: Monthly

Who should consider Webex’s mobile app?

Customer service businesses that manage inbound calls with dedicated agents can benefit from the Webex mobile application. Agents can manage call queue status and answer calls from anywhere with an internet connection. They can use app features, such as wait time, call routing, and callback, to enhance the callers’ experience with reduced wait times. Additionally, the ability to set custom greetings with schedules and announcements allows updating callers of specific events or peak calling hours.

Review excerpt from a user of Webex’s mobile app:

“Overall, I am pleased with using Webex and would recommend to colleagues and friends. Ease on use via the app or website. The main reason is to stay connected with customers, partners (vendors/distributors), and colleagues. If you don't have good internet, Wi-Fi, or a hotspot you can experience delays or lag with the video or audio.”

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4. Zoom

Zoom Workplace

Zoom Workplace

4.64 out of 5 stars

13843 reviews

Zoom Workplace offers a Zoom Phone mobile application that allows initiating or receiving a phone call using the Zoom number or a traditional phone number. During the call, users can click on the ‘Meet’ button to convert the phone call into a meeting (video or group call with screen-sharing features). The app will prompt a confirmation message to convert the call and then transition upon approval. The attendees on the phone call will automatically join the meeting without needing a separate meeting link or invitation. Zoom mobile application also enables users to silently listen to and monitor a call without letting the attendee know their presence. 

  • Customer support: Chat, call, email, help center, and knowledge base

  • Mobile app price: Available with the paid plan, starts at $10 per user per month

  • Billing cycle: Monthly

Who should consider Zoom’s mobile app?

Customer service businesses frequently handling critical customer queries and requiring team leaders’ or managers’ intervention can benefit from the Zoom mobile application. They can easily convert the phone call into a group meeting to foster better communication and query understanding. Seniors can also silently monitor phone calls between customers and agents to assess their behavior during calls or use it for training purposes. 

Review excerpt from a user of Zoom’s mobile app:

“I have enjoyed using zoom. It was extremely useful during Covid isolation. I like how easy it is to use zoom. I like how I can use it anywhere. I find this app very easy to use. The only con that I can think of, is that some of my coworkers have issues trying to connect to meetings.”

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Pro tip

Opt for a VoIP calling app for mobile that offers high-definition calling. Crystal clear calling is essential to ensure accurate interpretation of the conversations and speedy query resolution.

5. Google Voice

Google Voice

Google Voice

4.54 out of 5 stars

694 reviews

The Google Voice mobile application, similar to Skype, gives you a phone number for calling and voicemail. The app syncs activities across devices so users can access information on the go. Leveraging AI, the application automatically blocks numbers that appear spammy due to computerized voices. Calls and voicemails are stored and backed up in the integrated cloud storage for quick search.

  • Customer support: Email, chat, FAQs, help center, and knowledge base

  • Mobile app price: Available with the paid plan, starts at $10 per user per month

  • Billing cycle: Monthly

Who should consider Google Voice’s mobile app?

Customer service businesses looking for a cost-effective communication solution, when on a budget, can benefit from Google Voice’s free phone numbers for calling and voicemails. The integrated cloud storage for call recordings and voicemails further simplifies searching for previous customer calls to identify ongoing issues. Additionally, automatic spam filtering reduces unwanted calls for agents to focus on critical customer calls and resolve their queries on time.

Review excerpt from a user of Google Voice’s mobile app:

“Google Voice is the BEST way to have a second phone number on your cell phone. It's been our primary work phone number for many years. Being mobile and working perfectly on my cell phone is by far the best feature. I wish I could more easily have more phone numbers connected to my Google account.”

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6. Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams

4.47 out of 5 stars

9471 reviews

The Microsoft Teams Phone mobile application leverages AI-enabled Copilot to offer additional insights into the summarized call notes. Users can give text-based prompts to the Copilot and ask additional questions or planning suggestions related to the ongoing conversation. Copilot can also create a list of questions that come up during the call, requiring input from team leaders or subject matter experts within the organization. Using the consultant transfer feature, users can chat with experts or other team members to check if they can help with the questions. When the call is transferred to another team member, they get a summary of all questions and conversations to catch up and resolve issues.

  • Customer support: Knowledge base, video guides, courses, chat, call, and email

  • Mobile app price: Available with the paid plan, starts at $8 per user per month

  • Billing cycle: Annual

Who should consider Microsoft Teams’ mobile app?

Customer service businesses looking to save time on manually catching up with customer issues during or after call transfers can benefit from the Microsoft Teams Phone mobile app. The conversations are automatically summarized along with the questions and shared with the team members during call transfer. This assists in instantly connecting with specialists for on-the-spot technical support during calls to ensure all aspects of the customer query is addressed and resolved.

Review excerpt from a user of Microsoft Teams’ mobile app:

“I had at least 1 daily call with this tool. IT is as useful as Excel or Word and being a Microsoft Tool it has an excellent performance. It is a reliable tool for communication and coworking.  Easy to use, fast and powerful. This app allows you to have a conversation with 1 person and a meeting with a serious amount of people and the tool will respond as well as you need and with the same quality.  I dont have a tool of this App that I prefer least. All of them add a service and elevates the performance of my team.”

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Pro tip

Look for an app that uses end-to-end encryption to project calls. This creates a secure virtual tunnel between the caller and the receiver that cannot be breached without a passcode. This encryption is beneficial especially when discussing critical information on the call, such as bank account details, business resource access, and other important information.

7. Nextiva



4.63 out of 5 stars

888 reviews

Nextiva's VoIP mobile application displays enhanced caller information (account number, purchases, and help desk tickets) to agents during calls. Users can also access call data, such as talk time, abandoned calls, call volumes, and agent availability, to make better decisions about optimizing the callers’ experience. The application allows playing music and promotional messages when keeping calls on hold through the VoIP phone system. Additionally, users can scan physical documents using the phone camera and send them to the customer for further communication.

  • Customer support: Chat, call, email, webinars, and help center

  • Mobile app price: Available with the paid plan, starts at 18.95 per user per month

  • Billing cycle: Annual

Who should consider Nextiva’s mobile app?

Customer service businesses looking to improve first-call resolution rates can utilize the mobile app for caller information. It gives them a clear understanding of any ongoing customer issues and past resolutions to identify the best solution. They can also scan and send documents to customers using the VoIP faxing feature for further explanation or guidance. Access to call data enables team managers to identify any areas of improvement and optimize call routing for better customer handling. Additionally, businesses can leverage on-hold messaging to promote special offers or educate callers while on hold, reducing perceived wait times and boosting sales.

Review excerpt from a user of Nextiva’s mobile app:

“My organization uses Nextiva to communicate with our clients and staff while working remotely.  I have had a wonderful experience with Nextiva. I can track my calls and any voicemail messages I receive are automatically emailed to my company email address as well as saved in the app.  I have also downloaded the app to my cell phone, and it has been a lifesaver.  I would highly recommend Nextiva to any individual or business entity of any size.”

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Features of interest*

Here are some common features you can expect in mobile VoIP apps.



Call conferencing

Facilitate virtual conferences that connect multiple people remotely. Users can initiate a conference call by inviting participants using a call link or dial-in number. Once everyone joins the call, they can talk and listen to each other simultaneously.

Call routing

Send voice calls to a specific queue based on predetermined criteria. The feature automatically directs incoming calls to the most appropriate agent based on their skills, availability, and location.

Call monitoring

Listen to live phone conversations between agents and customers without being heard by either the caller of the agent. The feature enables intervening into the conversation in critical situations and directly speaking to the customer.

Call recording

Record the audio of phone conversations for quality assurance and training purposes. The feature records both live calls and voicemails to create a searchable repository.

What are the benefits of mobile VoIP apps over desktop versions?

Mobile VoIP apps have become increasingly popular because of their on-the-go communication and collaboration capabilities. Here are reasons to consider a mobile app for your team’s needs.



Always connected

Unlike traditional phone lines that restrict communication to a physical location, VoIP apps enable making and receiving calls using existing mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets. This provides anytime and anywhere accessibility for customer service agents to attend to critical caller issues regardless of their location or working hours. The process ensures that customers are heard and provided with on-time resolution.

Unified communication

Traditional communication often involves juggling separate apps or programs for calls, emails, and messages. Mobile VoIP apps integrate all these functionalities into a single system. This eliminates the need to switch between different apps, saving time and simplifying communication workflows. Mobile VoIP apps often allow screen sharing during calls, streamlining collaboration between customers and agents as they can remotely exchange information and resolve issues.

Cost saving

VoIP calls are made over the existing mobile data plan, unlike traditional phone calls that incur extra fees for long distances. Bypassing cellular network charges can help cut costs, especially for frequent international calls. The application either allows using the existing phone number or provides a free number for calls. This further saves the cost of acquiring and maintaining multiple business lines.

Frequently asked questions when selecting mobile VoIP apps

Here are some common questions you can ask your vendors while looking for the best VoIP software for mobile.

  • What VoIP features are offered by the mobile app?

Mobile VoIP apps come with a variety of features, but they may differ depending on the specific application selected. However, some common features to look for in such apps include, incoming and outgoing calling, call routing, call recording, call monitoring, voicemails, and call history. These features enable VoIP app users to make or receive calls, transfer calls to agents based on urgency or availability, record calls, or access history for training and agent performance assessment. Additionally, the call monitoring feature allows team leaders or managers to silently monitor calls and intervene in the case of unresolved issues. 

  • Does the app integrate with other business tools?

Customer service businesses might use customer relationship management (CRM) or emailing tools. Integrating VoIP apps with these and other existing business applications allows for smooth customer contact accessibility and transfer. Some app integration even allows sending and receiving emails or messages directly from VoIP applications instead of switching between systems. Check the selected VoIP app's integration capabilities and whether it can easily connect with the required applications. 

  • How does the app handle weak internet connections?

With a weak signal, the voice might cut in and out, making the conversation difficult. In severe cases, the call may drop entirely. Check if the VoIP app offers high-definition call quality and prioritizes voice data during calls to maintain even with a weak connection. This might close all applications running in the background. Some apps might attempt to adjust call quality automatically to cope with a weakening connection by reducing audio quality or bandwidth usage.


To be considered for this list, products had to:

  1. Have at least 20 unique product reviews published within the past two years that mention mobile-specific capabilities (based on text analysis), with an average rating of 4.0 or higher as of May 22, 2024.

  2. Meet our definition for VoIP software: “VoIP software enables voice and data transmission over the internet, which allows for enhanced employee mobility. This type of software provides extensive call reporting capabilities and often supports other functions, such as instant messaging and group conferencing, in addition to standard telephony features.”

  3. Have the highest percentage of positive sentiment (versus neutral or negative sentiment). We calculated the sentiment score by identifying the positive and negative user sentiment specifically around mobile app usage.

Review excerpts are passages extracted from longer reviews written by verified reviewers. We obtain these excerpts by applying an algorithm that considers factors including, but not limited to, length, topic coverage, and thematic relevance. Excerpts are evaluated for positive or negative sentiment and receive a sentiment score.

Excerpts represent user opinion and do not represent the views of, nor constitute, an endorsement by Software Advice’s or its affiliates. Excerpts are not edited for clarity or grammar.

*Mobile features of interest were identified from vendor websites. Our research team selected the features considering what we know users expect or find important in a mobile experience.

Editorial independence: We select and rank products based on an objective methodology developed by our research team. While some vendors may pay us when they receive web traffic or leads, this has no influence on our methodology.