5 Top-Rated EMRs for Customer Support

By: on September 21, 2016

Have you ever contacted a company’s customer support team for help, only to feel like they’re giving you the runaround?

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Nearly one in ten health care professionals say their EMR vendor’s customer support is so bad that they want to get rid of the system altogether, according to a Software Advice survey of medical software buyers.

This statistic may not seem significant, but consider that approximately 83 percent of U.S. doctors are using EMRs, which can cost vast sums of money to implement, license and/or maintain.

That means there are thousands of frustrated physicians out there feeling like they’ve wasted millions of dollars on an unresponsive software company.

Don’t get stuck with an unsupportive health IT partner. A good vendor should provide stellar service during the implementation period and after.

In this article, we’ll look at five widely-used EMR vendors with the best customer support ratings on our website. We started by identifying popular systems, then consulted our proprietary ratings data to calculate which ones rank highest in the “customer support” category (full methodology detailed at the end of this report).

Praxis EMR

Main patient window on Praxis EMR


Customer support rating: 4.96 out of five stars.

System overview: Praxis EMR is available as either a cloud-based or an on-premise system. It does not have any templates for clinical documentation. Instead, users can customize the way they complete patient charts in the system to suit their particular note-taking style.

EMR software support highlight: Praxis EMR’s support team is available through phone or an online chat feature called “LiveSupport” on weekdays from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. EST. They also offer a customer support portal, where you can submit support tickets, ask questions in a community forum, read manuals and get instructions on how to troubleshoot common issues.

EMR implementation support highlight: This vendor provides every medical practice with a personal software trainer, in addition to an implementation manager. Training sessions can take place online, onsite or both.

What users say:

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Medios EHR

Workflow screen on Medios EHR

medios ehr  

Customer support rating: 4.88 out of five stars.

System overview: This cloud-based system supports many different practice sizes, but is particularly suited for solo physicians. Its capabilities include e-prescribing, embedded ICD-10 coding, lab integration, electronic document management with e-faxing and more.

EMR software support highlight: Medios EHR offers 24/7 access to a dedicated phone support line and clients get a phone call from their customer service representative at least once a month to check on how everything is going.

EMR implementation support highlight: Practices are paired with a dedicated project manager who works with them to create an implementation timeline and oversee the process.

What users say:

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Benchmark Systems

Face sheet in Benchmark Systems


Customer support rating: 4.83 out of five stars.

System overview: The vendor’s cloud-based EMR product, Benchmark Clinical, comes with specialty-specific, customizable forms for charting.The solution’s capabilities include e-prescriptions, document management, lab integration, a patient portal and more. Revenue cycle management services and practice management applications can be integrated with the EMR.

EMR software support highlight: Benchmark Systems has a live remote-assistance tool, which allows a member of their support team to view your desktop and share control of your mouse and keyboard. That way, they can see exactly what the issue is and help you resolve it remotely.

EMR implementation support highlight: The vendor works with each provider to create a personalized training plan and schedule. They offer both online or in-person training options, such as videos, webinars and onsite sessions.

What users say:

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Application dashboard on RxNT


Customer support rating: 4.79 out of five stars.

System overview: RxNT has three cloud-based products that can be purchased individually or integrated to form a suite. RxNT EHR the platform’s clinical solution. Its capabilities include a dashboard to review lab results and monitor prescriptions, specialty-specific templates, a patient portal, patient or staff scheduling and electronic prescribing.

EMR software support highlight: The average hold time to speak to an RxNT support representative is less than 45 seconds. Their U.S.-based team takes calls between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. EST, and 24/7 support is available for critical issues.

EMR implementation support highlight: RxNT clients can access online training materials on their site. They can also schedule ongoing or “refresher” training sessions at any time for no extra charge.

What users say:

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Patient access window in InSync Healthcare Solutions EMR


Customer support rating: 4.62 out of five stars.

System overview: The InSync Healthcare Solutions EMR is a CCHIT certified system that serves all practice sizes and specialties. It can generate progress notes, ICD-10 codes, interaction checks and referral letters. A patient portal is also included. The vendor offers billing and practice management applications for clients who want to include these in a software suite.

EMR software support highlight: Users can access a resource center directly within the software to submit support tickets or send emails to the team. This center also has online manuals, troubleshooting guides, help files, how-to’s, training tutorials and more. The support team is available for calls on weekdays from 8 a.m. to 7 p.m EST.

EMR implementation support highlight: Customers are assigned a dedicated implementation support specialist until their go-live date. This process usually takes four to six weeks.

What users say:

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Conclusion: EMR Software Support Checklist

No matter how user-friendly an EMR may be, chances are you’ll still encounter some challenges as you incorporate it into your workflow. When your practice’s waiting room is at capacity, and your next patient’s digital chart suddenly disappears, you want a vendor that’s committed to resolving the issue as quickly as possible.

Does your practice use an EMR today? Rate its customer service by leaving a review here. Your feedback helps vendors improve their offerings.

We hope one of the products featured here will fit your needs. If that’s not the case, we can still help. Email me at gaby@softwareadvice.com or fill out this questionnaire to get matched up with five software vendors that do meet your requirements.

And here’s our parting gift: a downloadable checklist you can refer to when you’re evaluating vendors. The questions here will allow you to decide which companies are serious about their support offerings and which ones are a little lacking.

Download Checklist

To determine the products featured in this article, we first compiled a list of commonly used and highest rated EMRs from four sources, including Software Advice’s ranking of the top 10 most popular EMRs, Capterra’s list of the top 20 most popular EMRs and proprietary Software Advice ratings data on overall top-rated/recommended systems.

From a final list of 39 commonly used EHRs, we determined “customer support” rankings for all products. To do this, we analyzed our proprietary reviews data by ranking products based on their average “customer support” star rating (out of a possible five). Products with fewer than 10 reviews on our website and those that are exclusive to a particular medical specialty were excluded from the “customer support” rating calculations.

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