How Much Does Warehouse Management Software Cost?

By: on September 24, 2015

Finding out what warehouse management systems (WMS) really cost can be a much bigger pain than hunting down misplaced inventory. Don’t get left in the dark about pricing for market-leading systems: Use our guide as a bargaining chip in negotiations with salespeople.

This guide provides a detailed overview of pricing for WMS solutions, including common licensing models, frequently overlooked costs and pricing for top systems.

It’s quite difficult to get WMS software price information without picking up the phone to speak with a salesperson (Google “WMS pricing” if you don’t believe us). So we’ve done extensive research into pricing for these systems to save you the trouble of calling dozens of vendors and spending hours, if not days, scouring the Internet for pricing data.

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What will you learn?


✔ Which pricing model works best for your organization

WMS software can be licensed either on a perpetual basis—when you pay an upfront sum to buy the system outright—or a subscription basis, where you pay a recurring fee to use the system.


✔ Average price ranges for various kinds of licenses

Perpetual licenses can cost substantially more in the short term than subscription licenses. Find out what average price ranges are for different license types to identify the most cost-effective solution for your needs.


✔ Specific pricing for popular systems

See what some of the leading vendors in the WMS market charge for their systems. We’ve calculated what these systems cost for small, midsize and large organizations.


✔ Extra fees to watch out for

Even vendors that publicize license fees frequently neglect to mention hidden costs for implementation, training and support. Find out what you’ll need to budget for beyond the number of licenses.


Starter, midsize and enterprise license fees for 13 major systems, including:

3PL Warehouse Manager    Magaya WMS    Oracle E-Business WMS    WISE WMS

IBS Dynaman    IntelliTrack WMS    Snapfulfil    iTracker    Epicor WMS    Accellos One Warehouse    Footprint WMS    irms    Master Distribution System

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