Strategies for Crafting Winning Bid Proposals [INFOGRAPHIC]

By: on November 26, 2018

Construction managers focus on a lot of things when crafting a bid, such as how much labor will cost, whether the client’s proposed timeline is realistic and local regulations that may impact the project. But many of them don’t think about one of the simplest ways to gain a huge advantage: Get the bid in early.

When you get your bid in before everyone else, you have the client’s full attention. Chances are, they had some doubts or questions about their project and were curious about what the bids would say, and they’ll use your bid as a way to answer some of those questions they had.

Putting your bids in days ahead of your competitors will give you a significant advantage and ultimately lead to extra projects for your company each year.

Here’s the timeline you should be working off of:

strategies for crafting winning bid proposals infographic

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