Easy to Use Wunderlist Alternatives for Project Management

By: on March 21, 2018

If you’re already using Wunderlist—or at least considering it—you’re not alone. It’s one of Software Advice’s most reviewed tools that offers users the ability to collaborate, take notes and share and manage files within the platform.

Wunderlist’s streamlined set of features make it a strong choice for small businesses that need a straightforward task management tool. But there are many other products that offer similar functionality, and countless more that offer features beyond what Wunderlist offers.

Project managers that don’t select the right tool will find their projects failing to stay on schedule. These projects often fail because too much valuable time is sunk into trying—and failing—at integrating the tool into a business’s process.

Review the following five Wunderlist alternatives and determine which of the following best suits your business needs.

These solutions were selected because they’ve received the highest ratings for ease of use by Software Advice users, and each comes with unique task management features that could be the functionality your business needs.

Top five alternatives of Wunderlist:

1. Google Keep
2. Checkvist
3. IDoneThis
4. Airtable
5. Karbon

1. Google Keep

Google Keep is a note taking app that can be used to create to-do lists and set task reminders.

It is a task management tool best suited for professionals who are constantly on-the-go.

Google Keep and Wunderlist are similar tools and would both serve you well if your primary requirement is simple task management. With each, you can build to-do lists, tracks tasks and store your ideas in a centralized location.

However, there are many differences.

Google Keep scores big on seamless integration with other popular Google apps, and offers location-based reminders with its Android app for mobile users. Wunderlist, on the other hand, is more about plain task organization, focusing on efficient task sorting and labeling for effective prioritization.

Check out the graphic below to see what users like about Google Keep, and what they feel is missing:

Google Keep as an alternative to Wunderlist

2. Checkvist

Checkvist is a task management tool that helps small teams build checklists and outline their ideas.

Small businesses looking to build task lists as well as outline their ideas will find Checkvist suitable.

Wunderlist and Checkvist offer similar task management features, such as task tagging with unique hashtags for creating a searchable repository of tasks. You can also turn emails into tasks by automatically adding the email subject as the task name and body as the task note.

What differentiates Checkvist is its interface that is primarily designed for the desktop or laptop experience. As a result, you can execute many functions—such as building lists or adding due dates—using keyboard shortcuts. On the other hand, Wunderlist offers native Android/iOS apps and is accessible from a broad array of platforms.

Check out the graphic below to understand what users like about Checkvist, and what they feel is missing:

Checkvist as an alternative to Wunderlist

3. IDoneThis

IDoneThis helps small businesses centrally track tasks and project communication within shared online dashboards.

Small businesses that have remote workers and need a lightweight team collaboration tool will find IDoneThis a suitable solution.

The similarity between IDoneThis and Wunderlist centers around simplicity of task management. Both tools help you create task lists, organize them into hierarchies and track progress via daily status email reports.

The difference is in the interface design—especially with regards to how it affects team communication.

IDoneThis is designed like a social network, where teams can communicate with colleagues using likes and comments. Wunderlist offers a more traditional design, where tasks are organized as lists and team communication is grouped as an ongoing thread of user comments.

Check out the graphic below to understand what users like about IDoneThis, and what they feel is missing:

IDontThis as an alternative to Wunderlist

4. Airtable

Airtable is a cloud-based tool that allows businesses to create and visualize tasks on Kanban boards, grids and calendars.

Airtable is a highly customizable solution that is useful for small teams that have projects dealing with a lot of data.

Airtable and Wunderlist are similar tools in that they both help users manage tasks, share files and communicate with team members.

A clear difference between the two is apparent in how tasks get organized. Airtable offers a spreadsheet view, where tasks can be listed under specific columns, which can be formatted in various ways. Wunderlist is built for simple task management with a list view of tasks and sub-tasks.

Check out the graphic below to understand what users like about Airtable, and what they feel is missing:

Airtable as an alternative to Wunderlist

5. Karbon

Karbon is a cloud-based solution that offers task management capabilities, including Kanban boards for workflow visualization, team to-do-lists and task tracking with reminders.

Karbon is a task management solution for bigger teams that work with clients and need contact management functionality.

As task management tools, both Karbon and Wunderlist offer functionalities such as the ability to create and assign tasks to teams, manage deadlines with task alerts and filter tasks for quick searching.

The differences are in pricing and features. Karbon offers far more functionality, including contact management, but it’s quite expensive for small businesses on a budget. Wunderlist offers simple task management features and is a relatively cheaper solution.

Check out the graphic below to understand what users like about Karbon, and what they feel is missing:

Karbon as an alternative to Wunderlist

Next Steps

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