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Lightspeed Retail

Lightspeed Retail is a cloud-based point of sale (POS) solution that is suitable for retailers in industries such as apparel, footwear, bike, jewelry, pet, sporting goods and home decor. The solution enables retailers to manage inventory... Read More
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Springboard Retail

Springboard Retail is a web-based retail solution designed for multi-channel and multi-store retailers. Springboard’s point of sale system is fully accessible through any modern web browser on any device. The solution is designed... Read More
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Cegid provides cloud-based retail software to fashion and luxury, beauty, as well as specialty retailers. The system is built on a single, centralized database that is shared across all channels and updated in real time with customer... Read More
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Kounta is a web-based Hospitality platform offering numerous features and integration options for a straightforward monthly fee. In addition to customizable Point of Sale, the system also offers Table Management, Orders, Modifiers,... Read More
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RetailSTAR POS Software by CAM is an on-premise POS solution for specialty retail shops such as clothing stores, shoe stores, sporting goods retailers, gift and hobby shops, and health food stores. RetailSTAR targets small to midsize... Read More
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Sapaad is a cloud-based point of sale (POS) system designed to work for all types of food businesses (cafes, fast food, full-service, etc). Likewise, Sapaad offers functionality to handle various ordering types, such as walk-in, dine-in,... Read More
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eHopper is a cross-platform point-of-sale software designed for small size retail stores and available for Windows, Android, iOS and Poynt Smart terminals. In addition to the POS module, eHopper offers a suite of applications like... Read More
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GiftLogic offers retailers a complete point of sale solution from initial transaction to reporting and analysis. Retailers can choose from basic and pro packages available in GiftLogic in order to build a POS system that meets their... Read More
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Thr!ve is a point of sale (POS) system by Granbury Restaurant Solutions. It is a consolidation of Granbury's legacy systems FireFly Point of Sale, DiamondTouch POS and Vital Link POS. This solution is suited to a wide variety of... Read More
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AIMsi is an end-to-end point of sale management solution that can be used in any retail environment. With multiple integrated features, AIMsi is a complete business management suite that provides POS, accounting, inventory tracking... Read More
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STORIS provides retail software solutions to the home furnishings, bedding and electronics/appliances industry. The complete suite of STORIS includes Point of Sale, customer service, inventory control, merchandising, accounting, finance,... Read More
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iVend Retail

iVend Retail is an end-to-end omnichannel retail management solution that covers everything from point-of-sale (POS) to back office to head office operations. Setup can range from a single outlet to a multi-geography store environment,... Read More
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Created for retailers of all sizes, KORONA provides a point-of-sale, inventory management, and CRM system for many types of stores, including fabric stores, florists, gift shops, and more. The system is offered as a web-based option,... Read More
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The Booker cloud-based platform was designed for service and class-based businesses who want to continue the lines of engagement with clients. It manages the processes for finding new clients, booking appointments, selling services,... Read More
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MicroBiz Cloud

Used by over 25,000 retailers, MicroBiz is an inventory and retail management system designed for retailers with brick-and-mortar stores.  The system syncs in-store and online inventory in one location so retailers always have the... Read More
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COMCASH ERP is a complete retail management system ideally suited for multi-channel and multi-location retailers. The software is cloud-based, allowing access to the administrative functions from anywhere on any device. The Point... Read More
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RQ Retail Management

iQmetrix specializes in retail software, with products focused on retail management and customer experience technology. The RQ Retail Management system is iQmetrix’s flagship POS software product, which allows the user to manage... Read More
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MultiFlex RMS Fashion

MultiFlex RMS Fashion & Apparel Software is both a front-end retail POS Software and a back-end financial and inventory management system that integrates and manages both physical and eCommerce operations and can be used to handle... Read More
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Stratus Retail

Stratus Retail by Celerant Technology provides tools for point of sale (POS), inventory and order management, enterprise resource management (ERP), e-commerce, business intelligence, marketplace integrations (Amazon, eBay, Walmart,... Read More
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NCR Counterpoint

The NCR Counterpoint solution includes an e-mail marketing tool, integrated e-commerce, mobile alerting, built-in gift card and customer loyalty programs and hardware specifically designed for the retail environment. The NCR Counterpoint... Read More
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Cybex Enterprise Retail Suite

Founded in 1986, the retail software suite from Cybex includes point of sale, inventory management, distribution and replenishment, warehouse management, CRM, and e-commerce. The Cybex Enterprise Retail Suite focuses on information... Read More
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S2K Retail Management Software

S2K Enterprise Management Software by VAI is a fully integrated ERP system designed to manage mid-sized and enterprise businesses in the wholesale distribution, manufacturing and speciality retail industries, across many vertical markets... Read More
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Genesis Advantage

Genesis Advantage is a Windows-based, on-premise furniture retail system containing point-of-sale (POS), inventory management, and accounting functionality that is designed to meet the needs of small to medium-sized retailers. Within... Read More
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Business Control OneStep

OneStep by Business Control Systems is an on-premise POS system for brick and mortar retailers. OneStep specializes in the firearms industry but is adaptable to businesses in a variety of industries such as sporting goods, tobacco,... Read More
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Wireless Standard POS

Wireless Standard by B2B Soft is a cloud-based point-of-sale system specifically designed for the wireless industry. Wireless Standard is fully integrated with added-value products like bill payment services, handset insurance providers... Read More
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Aptos is a provider of cloud-based retail management solutions, offering small and midsize retailers tools to manage their business operations and customer engagements. Their solutions are suitable for wide range of retail businesses,... Read More
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RunIt RealTime

RunIt RealTime is a great system for retailers looking to get more out of their point of sale. It offers staff performance and customer relationship management (CRM) integrated within the application to help users run their retail... Read More
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ARMS Signature Series Software

Advanced Retail Management Systems (ARMS) provides business development and software technology for retail jewelers and wholesalers. ARMS features include repair tracker, a tool that tracks items throughout the repair process and measures... Read More
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Jewel Mate

Jewel Mate (formerly Jewels 2000) software is the business management system preferred by more than 2,500 jewelry retailers and wholesalers. We currently recommend this system for all-sized jewelry vendors. 
Jewel Mate’s unique... Read More
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ChainDrive by MultiDev technologies is an Integrated Cross-Channel Retail Management Solution that allows retailers the ability to offer their customers an “Omni-Channel Retail Experience”.  ChainDrive delivers seamless functionality,... Read More
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Pacific Amber’s AmberPOS offers a point of sale software solutions to a variety of retail specialties, ranging from small to midsized, in the United States and Canada. In addition to point of sale functionality, AmberPOS includes... Read More
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PawnMaster by Data Age

Data Age provides point of sale (POS) solutions for pawn shops, and other specialty retailers. The systems offer optical identification scanning, barcode/UPC scanning, biometric validation, and law enforcement reporting. The system... Read More
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Smartwerks_USA is a point of sale and accounting software application. It is best suited to small and midsize specialty retailers like mattress stores, gift shops, patio stores, and jewelry stores. Key features include point of sale... Read More
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NetSuite for Retail is a cloud-based multi-channel retail management solution for retailers that combines e-commerce, POS, and order management functionalities. The software provides a unified retail system with back office management... Read More
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Real Time POS, Inc.

Real Time POS is a scalable (offered as cloud service or on premise), point of sale and retail management system that serves a variety of both hard and soft good retail segments, including apparel, sporting goods, home décor, jewelry... Read More
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mPower Beverage for Liquor Stores

mPower Beverage manages point of sale (POS), inventory, customers and pricing levels for liquor stores with industry-specific features. mPower Beverage is designed specifically for liquor and beverage retailers. It includes features... Read More
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RockSolid MAX

RockSolid MAX is a cloud-based point of sale solution for small to midsize hardware and lumber businesses. RockSolid MAX helps users manage point of sale, inventory management, purchasing and receiving, electronic data interchange,... Read More
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Visual Retail Plus

Visual Retail Plus is an integrated system that gives retailers a single centralized location to manage Point of Sale, Inventory Management and more, all tailored to each retailer's unique needs. With more than 20 years in the industry,... Read More
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SimpleConsign by Traxia offers a web-based single or multi-store solution for consignment stores, resellers, small retailers, antique malls, and art galleries. No download is required, and set up, data conversion and backups are included.... Read More
Visit Website offers a free retail POS system for restaurants and bars that are interested in using a solution with integrated gift and credit card processing services. gives the merchant everything they need, from... Read More
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Teamwork Retail

Teamwork Retail is a point of sale (POS) solution with integrated applications available for inventory management, customer management, e-commerce, warehouse management, memberships, business intelligence and time clock. The solution... Read More
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CORESense is an end-to-end, cloud-based Point of Sale and Retail Management System designed to address the specific needs of small to mid-size retailers. CORESense has been providing robust software solutions for more than 10 years,... Read More
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Snapfulfil by Synergy North America is a full-featured Cloud-based/SaaS Warehouse Management System designed to meet the needs of a variety of businesses in a multitude of industries, including manufacturing, 3PL, retail and wholesale,... Read More
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Bravo Pawn Systems

Bravo Pawn Systems is a point-of-sale platform built specifically for pawnbrokers. The software offers inventory management, advanced reporting, customer management, tight security, integrated e-commerce, and mobile applications. The... Read More
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Tiger POS

Developed by those who have experience in the industry, Tiger POS is a point of sale solution created specifically for liquor and wine retailers. Because of its user-friendly interface, it requires very minimal training. Transaction... Read More
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Rapid Gun Systems

Rapid Gun Systems is a custom POS that can be deployed on-premise or accessed through the cloud. It's designed specifically to meet the needs of firearm retailers, with several features that help to ensure compliance while handling... Read More
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Instore is an iPad-based point of sale (POS) solution supporting small to midsize retailers. It offers features such as sales reporting, gift cards and employee time tracking. In addition, Instore’s real-time business performance... Read More
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Acumen is a software solution designed for small, medium, and growing retailers. The integrated solution includes applications for point of Sale, stock management, customer management, ecommerce, and accounting. Acumen provides a... Read More
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Acme Point of Sale

Acme Point of Sale by Total BusinessWare is a comprehensive Point of Sale solution for companies of any size - it can be used effectively on-premise by a single store with a single user, all the way up to a larger establishment with... Read More
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HighJump Warehouse Advantage

HighJump Warehouse Advantage is an adaptable, process-based warehouse management system (WMS) designed to be tailored to companies’ unique business practices. Due to its modular design, users can pick and choose from a suite of applications... Read More
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Buyer's Guide

Retail Point of Sale (POS) Software Overview

Retail POS software includes tools necessary for completing transactions and streamlining operational processes. Features include inventory management and sales reporting and analytics. This software also helps retailers nurture relationships with customers by providing customer relationship management (CRM) tools.

Benefits of Retail POS Software

Retail POS software brings many benefits to retailers aside from simply completing transactions. These include:

  • Sales reporting and analytics: Provides retailers with insight into their sales, helping users make informed decisions that strengthen the business.

  • Inventory management: Automates stock control and helps retailers determine optimal product counts and when and how to reorder top selling products.

  • Customer management capabilities: Help retailers automatically record and track valuable customer information, enabling stronger relationships and encouraging repeat business.

Competitive Advantages of Using Retail POS Software

Surprisingly, many retailers we work with at Software Advice have survived without software. In fact, 64 percent of single-store retailers we work with are operating without a POS in place.

But Excel spreadsheets can only go so far supporting the operational processes retailers need to accomplish every day. As retailers grow, software can:

  • Scale the business: Key insights provided by retail POS analytics can help retailers identify the strong points of their business. This information can be used to pinpoint top-selling products and the most valuable customers to focus on in order to scale.

  • Operate more efficiently: The operational efficiencies and automations provided by retail POS systems enable shop owners, operators and managers to spend more time training employees and interacting with customers.

Business Sizes Using Retail POS Software

The retail POS market easily accommodates retailer demographics ranging from small single-store operations to large enterprise retailers.

  • Small: If you operate a single store, or even just do pop-up events, you're likely best suited for a basic POS system with limited hardware and advanced features.

  • Medium: If you operate a growing, high-volume single store or up to five stores, you're best suited for a POS solution that enables multiple location management and features advanced reporting and analytics.

  • Large, enterprise: If you operate a chain of five or more retail stores, you're best suited for an enterprise POS system with enterprise resource planning support, including warehousing, shipping logistics and advanced analytics.

Software Related to Retail POS

Many POS systems on the market today offer retailers with all the critical capabilities packaged into one solution. However, if a core capability that retailers need is missing from their POS system, they'll want to look to specialized software to fill the void. Popular specialized software includes:

Aside from software for specialized functionalities, retailers might want to consider software designed specifically for the unique needs of their business. For example:

  • Restaurant and foodservice business owners often require restaurant software to process orders, print tickets, analyze ingredient availability and determine how much to charge for meals.

  • Jewelers might need jewelry POS software to manage repairs and quotes, in addition to processing sales and inventory tracking.

  • Consignment, pawn shop and resale store owners need specialized software since they don't own their inventories. These retailers need software with functionality tailored to their store types.

Features Guide

A List of Common Retail POS Features

Here are four core features that most all POS systems offer:

For greater features detail, check out our "What Is A Point of Sale System?" article.

Feature Details and Examples

Here are examples of what these critical tools look like with some top POS vendors:

Reporting and analytics: Highlights key data. Enables insight into sales data. Supports data filtering options for pinpoint analysis.

Reporting and analysis by Lightspeed Retail

Customer management: Helps retain valuable customers. Create and manage customer profiles. Track valuable contact information and purchase histories. Send personalized marketing and deals.

Customer management by Shopify

Inventory management: Automates the management of supply levels. Deducts inventory as sales are completed and provides alerts when inventory levels reach pre-defined thresholds. Also provides reports on inventory movement trends.

Inventory management by Vend

Employee management: Optimizes scheduling and tracks commissions (when applicable). Provides employee logins to enable clocking in/out for shifts.

Employee management by ShopKeep

  • E-commerce: Many of the top POS players on the market today offer some form of e-commerce integration, either within their system or through a specialized e-commerce platform.

  • Retail accounting: Manages the process of generating customer invoices and receiving payments as well as tracking all payments made to partners and vendors.

  • Purchase orders: Tracks items and amounts ordered, including date of order, shipping information and progress.

  • Rewards points program: Manages and tracks customer rewards programs awarded for purchase frequency or other incentive goals.

  • Targeted marketing: Allows retailers to segment customers and create mailing lists based on custom criteria such as items purchased, total amount spent etc.

  • Loss prevention: Monitors inventory levels and purchase orders and reports discrepancies or missing quantities.

  • Variable pricing: Allows managers to automate the process by which varied prices are assigned to products, typically based on walk-in/phone orders, time of day or season.

Retail POS Buyers' Top Requested Features

Our retail advisors at Software Advice have helped thousands of SMB retailers find the best POS system for their unique business needs. We're able to analyze these consultations to determine trends in POS needs.

According to this analysis, these are the top requested POS software features by your SMB retail peers:

Top Requested POS Software Features

The Retail POS Software Features You Really Need

Depending on the number of stores your business is operating, certain retail management software capabilities take priority over others. Here are some must-have retail POS features for retailers at different stages of business:

Independent retailers not operating an actual store
Payment processing: Just need the barebone ability for retailers to manage transactions and checkout customers.
Single-store retailers
Sales reporting: Identify key performance indicators and pinpoint top selling items to help drive more business.
Multi-store retailers
Multi-store merchandise management: Enables creation of the optimal balance of SKUs. Provides analytical tools to plan merchandise based on sales histories, trends and forecasts.
Enterprise retailers
Shipping and transportation management: Helps organizations efficiently transport inventory from distribution centers to store locations and customers. Enables enterprises to plan shipments via air, land or sea with their own or via third-party fleets.

Pricing Guide

For an accurate snapshot of what retail POS software costs, download our Retail Pricing Guide.


What Are the Key Functions of Retail POS Software?

As discussed in the "Benefits of POS Software" section above, retail POS systems provide several key functions for your business, including:

What Questions Should I Ask Vendors When Evaluating Retail POS Products?

Here are some key questions you need each vendor to answer when evaluating their POS offerings:

Does the functionality of the system suit your specific business needs?

Create a list of must-have functionality that you need your new POS system to do. Walk through each of these with each vendor and record how many each system offers.

How much does the software really cost?

You don't want to be sold on a system based on inaccurate pricing. Figure out how much each system will cost over the next three months, six months and year.

Is your only option to sign a contract?

You don't want to be stuck paying for an inadequate system, so see if there's a monthly subscription you can agree to rather than committing to paying for a system for a year or more.

Are there any hidden fees?

Many POS system costs include payment processing fees. Some even include fees for upgrading or for tech support. Figure out all the potential costs before committing to a system.

Is any hardware proprietary?

Hardware is often just as important for a retailer as the software it supports. Determine if you're required to purchase hardware through POS vendors (which is often marked up).

Do I have options for my merchant service provider?

Merchant service providers (MSP) are a critical partner for SMB retailers. Some POS systems allow you to work with whichever MSP you prefer, while others require you to work with their partner MSPs.

What Hardware Do I Need For My Retail POS System?

These are the critical hardware tools you need to get the most out of your POS system:

Register screen: Displays transaction information and product database. Visual hub of a POS system. iPads and other tablets are replacing bulky, traditional monitors.

Barcode scanner: Automatically pulls product details, and adds price to transaction total. Adjusts inventory level once transaction is complete.

Credit card reader: Processes credit, debit and gift cards. Most new readers accept EMV readers as well as enable mobile payments (Apple Pay, Android Pay).

Receipt printer: Paper receipts provide customers with data on their purchase. Phasing out in exchange for email and text receipts.

Cash drawer: A secure place to house cash from payments.

Tips & Tools

Build a Business Case for Retail POS Software

If you're having trouble justifying the purchase of a new POS system for your business, take a look at this narrative to see how beneficial such a system can be.

Relevant Articles

Here are some recent articles about retail POS software you should check out:

Popular Retail POS System Comparisons

There are many POS systems on the market that might work for your business, so we've included the following pages for you to see detailed comparisons of a few top systems:

Recent Events in the Retail POS Market

  • Lightspeed POS launched an e-commerce solution. The new offering is called Lightspeed eCom and integrates brick-and-mortar retail with an e-commerce presence and syncs the disparate inventories as well. Lightspeed eCom has been integrated with Lightspeed Retail, its cloud-based POS solution. It also integrates and synchronizes online and retail store inventory, sales figures and customer sales data while enabling the retailer to shift stock quickly between channels.

  • Samsung and payment processing provider Total Merchant Services released the Groovv POS Flex. Groovv is designed for SMBs and features a Samsung Galaxy Tab and an EMV-compliant, NFC-enabled payment processing device that is pre-programmed with software for inventory management, reporting and integrated marketing. The technology brings Samsung into the mobile POS space, as store associates can detach the tablet to roam a store with the consumer. The system connects wirelessly to peripherals, including a cash drawer receipt printer, barcode scanner and kitchen printer, so that retailers can customize their setup to match their environment and needs.

  • Fujitsu launched a software solution for wearable devices. It creates a two-way, secure and collaborative digital communication platform between Fujitsu U-Scan Self-Checkout (SCO) or Fujitsu Fresco Point-of-Sale (POS) touch-screen systems and Samsung wearable devices. The software allows employees to handle their core duties, while also having hands-free access to important alerts and messages that ensure the entire store is operating smoothly. It promotes increased staff responsiveness and overall store efficiency in grocery, convenience and retail environments.

Top Products - February 2017 FrontRunners

Our FrontRunners™ Quadrant

Software Advice's FrontRunners for Retail chart lists many of the top POS systems in the field, according to a balance of capability (how much the products can do) and value (whether they're worth their price/cost) based in part on our user reviews.

To create this quadrant, we evaluated over 100 retail POS systems. Only the top 25 to 30 products made the quadrant because they scored highest in capability (x axis) and value (y axis). Those scores are based largely on reviews from real software users, along with other product performance details (e.g., what features they offer, how many customers they have). You can download the full FrontRunners for Retail Management report here.

Small businesses should use FrontRunners to make more informed decisions about which software is right for them. See our About FrontRunners page for more information.