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BuyerView | 2013

Over the years, we've spoken with thousands of retailers considering new point of sale software solutions. Our BuyerView research analyzes our phone consultations and provides an overview of common pain points, as well as reasons why retailers look to purchase new systems.

Key Findings:

  1. Over a third of the buyers we spoke with were current point of sale software users researching new options. Approximately one-fourth were using manual methods to process sales transactions.
  3. When we asked buyers why they were looking to purchase a new system, the most commonly cited reason was to improve accuracy and reduce inefficiency.
  5. While about 60 percent of buyers we spoke with in 2010 preferred an on-premise point of sale system, less than 10 percent held the same preference in 2013.
  • Sales Tools Currently Being Used by POS Buyers

    Over a third of buyers are already using POS software. Eighteen percent marked “nothing” because they are opening a new store.

  • Top 5 POS Market Segments

    The top five segments represent two-fifths of our retail sample. Apparel & fashion is the largest segment, representing 12% of all POS activity.

  • Reasons for Purchasing - High Level Overview

    The majority of buyers mentioned the need to improve accuracy, modernize their systems, or get specific POS features or functionality.

  • Reasons for Replacing Existing POS Software

    Although about a third of current POS users are seeking to improve accuracy/efficiency, many other factors play into replacing an existing POS system.

  • Reasons for Replacing All Other Methods

    For all other methods (spreadsheets, cash register, paper, etc.), improving accuracy is the primary consideration for over three-quarters of buyers.

  • Applications Required by Software Buyers

    Almost all respondents are seeking POS and inventory management capabilities, with almost half seeking customer management, too.

  • Deployment Preferences

    Most industries have moved toward Web-based software, and although there are few web-based POS solutions, there has still been a shift in preferences in that direction.

  • Demographics: Buyer Size

    More than four-fifths of buyers in our sample operated just one store, indicating we are clearly serving the smaller end of the market.

For more details on this report, please contact Michael Koploy (michael@softwareadvice.com).

Michael Koploy

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