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Lightning Online Point of Sale is supported and developed by Computer Perfect, which has been in business for twenty-five years. This time-tested cloud system includes all of the tools growing retailers need: quick and powerful point of sale features, detailed inventory management, extensive reporting, and a built-in marketing center. Lightning is a single web solution, which works on a number of platforms.

Lightning Online POS is a family of products, which are included in the monthly subscription: Lightning Online Point of Sale, Lightning for the iPad, Lightning Emergency Mode (designed for those situations when the cloud goes down), and Lightning for the iPhone.

The Lightning products are great for retailers of all sizes, from a single store to a large-scale franchise operation. The Computer Perfect installation team can comes on-site to perform a customized installation and training. Computer Perfect has experience installingexperience installing its system with great success across a multitude of different retail operations.

Computer Perfect offers support, on the second ring, seven days a week with zero hold time. When you call, Computer Perfect answers. There are no voice prompts, is no receptionist to go through, just a technician asking how they can help you. Looking for an asterisk? There is none.

We think retailers of many types should keep Lighting Online Point of Sale on their shortlist. After an online demo, Computer Perfect provides temporary access to the system, so that users can understand the true power of the Lightening product suite.


Lightning Online - Ring sales—Windows platform
  • Lightning Online - Ring sales—Windows platform
    Ring sales—Windows platform
  • Lightning Online - Ring sales—iPad platform
    Ring sales—iPad platform
  • Lightning Online - Ring sales—extras menu
    Ring sales—extras menu
  • Lightning Online - Inventory sales history
    Inventory sales history
  • Lightning Online - Easy security setup
    Easy security setup
  • Lightning Online - iPad main menu
    iPad main menu
Supported Operating System(s):
Web browser (OS agnostic)

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