MMS Retail Management Software

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Maplewave is a provider of retail management software solution and professional services for telecommunications, pharmacy and retail industry. Key features include video chat, queue management, appointment manager, digital marketing, in-store pickup, presales, reverse logistics and distribution.

Maplewave’s Retail Platform consists of five integrated modules including Engage, Transact, Paperless, Supply and Insights.

Engage is a tablet-based solution that helps them build their orders anywhere in the store and collect customers’ reasons for visiting, places them into a virtual queue. Transact include point of sale, commissions, quote and order management and more. Supply provides store-level inventory management which enables store staff to locate, order and receive stock.

Paperless enables customers to digitally sign various documents related to a customer transaction on a tablet or workstation. Insights provide real-time data on key performance indicators across the entire organization or multiple regions on a suite of dashboards. 

Supported Operating System(s):
Windows 7 , Windows Vista , Windows XP , Mac OS , Linux

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