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Here at POSTRON, our suite of POS software and devices will help users navigate the new normal, with smart POS solutions that can be tweaked to meet the needs of their dine-in restaurant. Armed with POSTRON, they can learn how to manage their restaurant remotely, tightly control food inventory to meet restaurant food safety standards, and offer diners a safe, touchless dine-in experience. ● Online ordering: No more hopping between third-party apps and systems. Everything comes through POSTRON POS system and is sent directly to the kitchen within seconds. ● Customer loyalty: Users can take the sales data to create targeted reward programs, offers, and discounts based on previous spending patterns. Better still, they can send those promotions directly, as users ...


POSTRON provides POS SaaS service with a monthly subscription from $0 to $99.99. Payment processing fee is as low as 1.69% + $0.15 per transaction Please contact POSTRON directly for more pricing information.

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$0.01 per month

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