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Recommended by: Recommended by:

68% of users

90% of users

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Mobile compatibility: Mobile compatibility:

Deployment: Deployment:

Target customer size: Target customer size:

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Most positive review: Most positive review:

“There are many features of Shopify's platform that I enjoy, including user, product and order management. Having a basic blog is also fantastic.”

- Corey Capetillo, StreetVirus

“We like the ease of use, the fact that it’s a large stable company that is responsive and that it uses off the shelf iPads that make us look cool. Our staff makes more money (through additional tips) and it’s common enough that our retail customers know how to use it.”

- Ace Bhattacharjya, Toscanini’s Ice Cream

Most negative review: Most negative review:

“Some more advanced functionalities are missing, but you get what you pay for.”

- Grace Ortelere, AHAVA

“I think that there are not enough features and options available. For example we would like to add the cost of each product but we can’t.”

- Fouzi Ould Bouamama, La Fromagerie Cheese Shop


How it's priced: How it's priced:

Shopify is a cloud-based solution. You pay a monthly subscription fee.

Square is a cloud-based solution. You pay a percentage of each transaction amount.

Contract term: Contract term:

Shopify requires a monthly contract for cloud-based deployment.

Square requires no contract for cloud-based deployment.

Upfront costs: Upfront costs:

Upfront costs include hardware purchases (barcode scanner, cash drawer, receipt printer etc.)

Upfront costs include hardware purchases.

Recurring costs: Recurring costs:

Shopify may charge a credit card rate and/or transaction fees depending on the pricing plan you choose.

None, beyond regular transaction fees.

What does it cost?: What does it cost?:


Point-of-sale: Point-of-sale:

Inventory management: Inventory management:

Customer management: Customer management:

Retail accounting: Retail accounting:

e-Commerce: e-Commerce:

Warehouse management system: Warehouse management system:

Merchandise planning: Merchandise planning:

Ease of Use:

Overall customer rating: Customer rating:



Most positive review: Most positive review:

“One of the biggest challenges in deploying an e-commerce site is to make the users understand and enjoy handling the operations. Shopify does this perfectly.”

- Michael Sunarlim, Bluelounge

“The Square Register POS is really easy to use, convenient and fast! I liked that there was not much time spent implementing the new system. I was able to quickly login, setup and start using it!”

- Jaqueline Keating, Style House PR

Most negative review: Most negative review:

“Formatting options for additional pages are poor. You pretty much have to code it all yourself if you want it to look good.”

- Conrad Cranfield, Kaizen Web

“Their POS isn't as customizable as some others.”

- Ben Beck, ROI Business Services


Overall customer rating: Customer rating:



Most positive review: Most positive review:

“We love Shopify! It is so easy to use....super user friendly. And when I can't figure something out, their chat support is AMAZING!”

- Cheylyn Carpenter, Little Mae’s Boutique

“They have met my needs each and every time so there is nothing more that I expect from them. Always prompt and courteous.”

- Bruce Morin, BrucePeter Photography

Most negative review: Most negative review:

“Sometimes on busy Monday mornings there are long wait times to get to a support rep, but you always get an answer, so that makes up for it.”

- Marvin Abarca, Touch Dolls

“Answer the phone, reply to emails. I tried to call and ask questions and the only way I could find out answers was to look them up on the help desk. Sometimes it is helpful to have someone available to answer questions rather than make you look up answers as a sales tool.”

- Anne Sewell, Property Mine

Phone support: Phone support:

24/7, toll-free support included in subscription fee.

Phone support available during regular business hours.

Online case submission: Online case submission:

24/7 online case submission included in subscription fee.

24/7 online case submission included in subscription fee.

Online support options: Online support options:

Access to a help website, knowledge base and online community are included in subscription fee.

Help website, knowledge base and online community included in subscription fee.

Training: Training:

Free training guides for users are available online.

“Getting Started” online catalogue included in subscription fee.

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