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Smooth Restaurants Software

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About Smooth Restaurants

Smooth Restaurants is a cloud-based restaurant management system, which helps bars, pop-up stores, food trucks and other eateries streamline processes related to deliveries, payroll, purchase orders, attendance, accounting and surveillance, among others. Using Smooth Restaurants, eateries can break down, track, interpret, receive and collaborate on orders from within a centralized platform. The system helps bars manage inventory across zones and filter products according to requirements. Additionally, restaurants of all sizes can display order details on screens for waiter stations and counter-based services. Smooth Restaurants is available on daily, monthly and transaction-based subscriptions and support is extended via email. ...

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$99 p/month or $5 p/day (useful for events) or $9.90 p/month BETA program

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$9.90 per month

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Not Available


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