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About SOOP

Increase your online ordering revenue by 15%-20% over other traditional online ordering systems. NO COMMISSIONS, NO CONTRACTS. SOOP's cutting-edge, AI-driven text-to-order technology not only increases average order size, but it further reduces phone times as texting is a well-known alternative to phone calls. Save on labor at the register! Allow your customers to skip the line. Skip the apps too as no app necessary to use SOOP. Customizable menus that can go onto your website and maintain the same look and feel. No more sending YOUR customers to 3rd Party online ordering sites where you can potentially lose them. We build YOU a customer list and allow you to market to them! Save money with our low costs and get the return you are looking for!

SOOP Pricing

Pricing is $99 per month. Payments transaction are 3.2% + $.20 per transaction.

Starting price: 

$99.00 per month

Free trial: 

Not Available

Free version: 

Not Available

Texting an order is so easy!  Just tell us the restaurant, the items and how you want to get it!

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