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90% of users

55% of users

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How it's priced: How it's priced:

Square is a cloud-based solution. You pay a percentage of each transaction amount.

QuickBooks POS is offered as either a cloud-based solution, where you pay a monthly or annual subscription fee for each user login, or as an on-premise solution, where you pay an upfront, perpetual license fee.

Contract term: Contract term:

Square requires no contract for cloud-based deployment.

QuickBooks POS can be purchased under a perpetual license agreement for on-premise deployment. QuickBooks POS requires a monthly or annual contract for cloud-based deployment.

Upfront costs: Upfront costs:

Upfront costs include hardware purchases.

Upfront costs include hardware purchases.

Recurring costs: Recurring costs:

None, beyond regular transaction fees.

Fees apply per transaction. Fees may apply for support and upgrades.

What does it cost?: What does it cost?:


Point-of-sale: Point-of-sale:

Inventory management: Inventory management:

Customer management: Customer management:

Retail accounting: Retail accounting:

e-Commerce: e-Commerce:

Warehouse management system: Warehouse management system:

Merchandise planning: Merchandise planning:


Phone support: Phone support:

Phone support available during regular business hours.

Phone support is available, but fees may apply.

Online case submission: Online case submission:

24/7 online case submission included in subscription fee.

Online case submission is available, but fees may apply.

Online support options: Online support options:

Help website, knowledge base and online community included in subscription fee.

Online support chat services are available, but fees may apply.

Training: Training:

“Getting Started” online catalogue included in subscription fee.

“Quick Start Guide” included with software purchase. Searchable FAQs and online forum available. Fees apply for third-party training services.

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