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About Taby Self Checkout

Taby Self Checkout is designed to turn tables in full service restaurants and serve up to 20% more guests in the same amount of time with the same amount of wait staff. Taby Self Checkout is a pay-at-the-table solution that uses a unique QR code that is tied to each table number. This is typically on a sticker or a table tent and the QR code never changes. Your guests don't need an app to scan the code and when they do their check is immediately displayed on their smartphone. With four clicks they can pay for their meal, leave your restaurant a review and opt-in to your email campaign. To clarify, these QR codes are not on a receipt or bill that is brought to the table by the server. The QR codes are set to that specific table and don't change. A similar example of...

Taby Self Checkout Pricing

Monthly Price of $150.00 per month per location + a one time fee of $10 per table which includes a smart QR code.

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$150.00 per month

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Not Available

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