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Published Reviewers’ Choice:
Membership Management 2018
Video Conferencing 2018
SMS Marketing 2018
Online Payment Processing 2018
Travel Agency 2018
File Sharing 2018
CMS 2017
VoIP 2017
WMS 2017
Home Health 2017
eCommerce 2017
Fleet Management 2017
App Development 2017
Dental 2017
Purchase Order 2017
Auction 2017
Sports League Management 2017
Event Management 2017
Campaign Management 2017
Idea Management 2017
Fund Accounting 2017
Legal 2017
Business Process Management 2017
Email Marketing 2017
Veterinary 2017
Customer Loyalty 2017
Camp Management 2017
Compliance 2017
Spa 2017

Reviewers’ Choice Methodology

The Basics

The Reviewers’ Choice methodology provides a weighted reviews rating for products in three categories of reviews ratings: Overall, Ease of Use and Customer Support.

Each final product rating, in each reviews category, is composed of:

  1. End-user ratings of one to five stars on overall satisfaction with the product, weighted by average recency of the reviews for the product.

  2. End-user ratings of one to five stars on the product’s ease of use, weighted by average recency of the reviews for the product.

  3. End-user ratings of one to five stars on the product’s customer support, weighted by average recency of the reviews for the product.

  4. A score, relative to other products in the market, representing the total number of user reviews across the three Gartner web properties. This score is used in conjunction with the end-user rating score by category for each category final rating score.

Markets are defined by a core set of functionality, and products considered for, and included in, Reviewers’ Choice must offer that core set of functionality. To qualify for consideration in Reviewers’ Choice for a software category, a product must have at least 10 unique user-submitted product reviews across the three Gartner Digital Markets web properties:, and

More Methodology Details

The Reviewers’ Choice methodology assesses products’ reviews ratings using two main scoring criteria: a rating score and a number score.

The rating score is an average of all of a product’s reviews ratings for either overall, ease of use, or customer support categories, weighted by the freshness, or recency, of the reviews. The more recent the review, the more weight it is given in relation to other, less recent reviews. The average rating scores for a product are then translated into a one to five score.

For the number score, the methodology calculates the percentile ranking for each product with regard to total number of reviews relative to all other products in the software category that have qualified for Reviewers’ Choice consideration. That percentile ranking is then translated into a one to five score.

The average ratings score and number score are then weighted and summed for the final, weighted score. A greater weight is applied to the rating score than the number score.

The top five products are presented in alphabetical order in the infographics rather than by order final score.


The sole data source for Reviewers’ Choice are user reviews and ratings collected from submissions to all three Gartner Digital Markets sites (, and As a quality check, we ensure the reviewer is valid, that the review meets quality standards and that it is not a duplicate.

External Usage Guidelines

Providers must abide by the Reviewers’ Choice External Usage Guidelines when referencing Reviewers' Choice content. Except in digital media with character limitations, the following disclaimer MUST appear with any/all Reviewers' Choice reference(s) and graphic use:

Reviewers’ Choice scores and graphics are derived from individual end-user reviews based on their own experiences; they do not represent the views of Gartner or its affiliates.

Terms and Conditions
Qualifying vendor's corporate logo is used to identify its position in the Reviewers’ Choice graphic. Qualifying vendor grants to Software Advice a non-exclusive, worldwide license to use its corporate logo for this purpose, provided that such use (i) adheres to qualifying vendor’s standard approved format; and (ii) is limited to the Software Advice website and related Reviewers’ Choice materials.

Vendors should submit only publicly available information and should not submit any information that they deem to be confidential.

Please direct any inquiries or questions to and someone will be in touch promptly.