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WinCenter is a cloud-based proposal management solution designed for government contractors and commercial operations. It features asset management, proposal workflows, scheduling and review management functionalities within a suite.

Users can search through a knowledge repository of proposal assets to locate resources for proposal creation. The software also features workflow creation, which allows users to schedule resources and collaborate using comment boxes.

Users can create best-practice standards for proposal creation including collaborative review processes, debriefs and scheduling. Proposal dashboards allows users to track the status of proposals in real time. The customization wizard helps users to add new features based on business requirements. The product integrates with various business systems such as SharePoint, Deltek, Salesforce, Costpoint, SAP and Peoplesoft.

Email and phone support are available.


WinCenter - Gantt charts
  • WinCenter - Gantt charts
    Gantt charts
  • WinCenter - KPI tracking
    KPI tracking
  • WinCenter - Opportunity management
    Opportunity management
  • WinCenter - Pipeline
  • WinCenter - Review console
    Review console
  • WinCenter - Scheduling
Supported Operating System(s):
Mac OS, Web browser (OS agnostic), Windows 10

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