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TrustLayer is a collaborative risk management solution that helps reduce friction between businesses. Companies can automate the verification of insurance, licenses, and compliance documents of their business partners (i.e., vendors, subcontractors, suppliers, borrowers, tenants, ridesharing, and franchisees).

Companies leverage our technology to track vendor compliance documents (COI's, licenses, W9's) and verify insurance coverages in one centralized platform.

Their easy collaboration tool allows all stakeholders to participate in compliance tasks in real-time - accessing a central dashboard with rich analytics that illustrates compliance risks of business partners.

On the innovation front, TrustLayer is working with dozens of the largest broke...

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June 2021

Bri from PayneWest Insurance

Company Size: 501-1,000 employees

Industry: Insurance

Time Used: Less than 2 years

Review Source: Capterra



Value for money


Customer support




June 2021


Overall, I really have nothing but good things to say. The people at TrustLayer are wonderful. It is easy to tell they like their company because they are so ready and willing to help.


The ease of use. Trust Layer is very user friendly. I picked up how to use it in about an hour. Some of the features make it very simple for me to answer questions quickly when a client of mine calls, or see global information easily. For example, I can see quickly who is compliant and who isn’t when I am reviewing a project for a Project Manager when they call. I can easily find who may be available with adequate insurance in their area. I can organize and sort my information in a way that is best for the exact question at hand. Before TrustLayer, I had about 5 clients I was doing certificate tracking for and I could never take a day off without falling behind. Now, I have 25 clients and I can get through their certificates easily and efficiently. The Development Team with TrustLayer is very easy to reach and very quick to take note on what features I would find most helpful. When I speak with TrustLayer, I often have to remind myself that I am not their only client because they treat me as though I am. They always make sure my needs are met and ask for constant feedback.


Organizational compliance. I wish I could turn it off. This is very minor!

Reasons for Choosing TrustLayer

TrustLayer was customizable. I wasn’t stuck with a “one size fits all… take it or leave it” set up. That’s what I disliked the most about CertTrax so I did not want to do it again with the next software. With TrustLayer, The team was so open to ideas of how to make my job easier for me, I knew this was a partnership PayneWest was going to really benefit from.

Reasons for Switching to TrustLayer

Very time consuming and cumbersome. Lots of unnecessary data entry. I needed something that was easier to organize in a way I saw necessary instead of what the system saw necessary. There is very little follow up in CertTrax without recreating the wheel. TrustLayer make that easier for me. I now manage 5 times as many clients in the same amount of time (5 clients with CertTrax and 25 and counting, on my own, with TrustLayer).