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Blackbaud Award Management

Blackbaud Award Management is an award management software designed to help higher education institutions manage their entire scholarship process. Teams can collect and record donors’ contact information, funding details, scho...Read more about Blackbaud Award Management

Good Grants

Good Grants is an internationalised grantmaking platform that helps small to medium-sized grantmakers around the world affordably accept, manage and fund good grant applications, their way. Good Grants empowers grantmakers to man...Read more about Good Grants

Electronic Form Solutions

Electronic Form Solutions is a cloud-based scholarship management solution that helps organizations handle application processes for various scholarships and grants. The platform allows administrators to create custom forms and fi...Read more about Electronic Form Solutions

RQ Awards

RQ Awards is an All-in-One Application and Review Software used by associations, non-profits, foundations, government organizations, foundations and educational institutions around the world to simplify and manage their unique for...Read more about RQ Awards

Scholarship Lifecycle Manager

Foundant Scholarship Lifecycle Manager is a cloud-based solution for scholarship providers that provides online eligibility quizzes, renewal and application management, notification systems and more. Financial aid professionals ca...Read more about Scholarship Lifecycle Manager

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WizeHive is a flexible, cloud-based platform designed improve the collection, review, and management of applications for grants, scholarships and other mission-driven programs. The system offers tailored workflows, reporting dashb...Read more about WizeHive


OpenWater is a cloud-based solution that helps users manage the entire lifecycle of grant programs from registration to submission of various types of grants by reaching out to potential grantees. Key features include outcomes mea...Read more about OpenWater


STARS is a cloud-based campus management solution that helps schools and colleges manage operational data. It is suitable for the needs of small and midsize institutions. Key features include lead management and reporting, email t...Read more about STARS

AI for Academia

AI for Academia is a product built by XOPA. This platform helps with hiring for scholarships, graduates, admissions and alumni. The platform uses a proprietary matching algorithm that looks at each candidates compatibility and int...Read more about AI for Academia

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Embark Campus

The Embark Campus is an easy-to-use online admissions management system that allows you to create a custom application process that looks like an extension of your website. Users can apply to internships, fellowships, scholarships...Read more about Embark Campus

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SurveyMonkey Apply

SurveyMonkey Apply is an online application management solution that helps non-profits and foundations, education and private sector organizations select candidates for grants, scholarships, sponsorships and other programs. A...Read more about SurveyMonkey Apply

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Untap Compete

Untap is a contest management platform that enables organizations to tap into the power of open innovation. An all-in-one platform with best-in-class support that helps you plan, launch, manage, promote & assess online contests. O...Read more about Untap Compete

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Award More. Work Less. Smarter Select is an online application management system designed to help businesses build and share application forms with their respondents. It offers tools to create and share online forms and collect, ...Read more about SmarterSelect

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CommunityForce Scholarship Management Solution

CommunityForce, Inc. is a global technology company that offers a full range of service modules, including scholarship management and grants management, to manage every aspect of business operation for philanthropic organizations,...Read more about CommunityForce Scholarship Management Solution

Full Fabric

Universities have among the most demanding customers in the world: students. As digital natives, their expectations are set by the digital experiences they get every day. To meet those expectations, universities need to ensure tha...Read more about Full Fabric

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InfoReady is submission and award management software for higher education that centralizes and consolidates form building, application and document collection, routing, review, notification and reporting into a single web-based p...Read more about InfoReady

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Blackbaud Grantmaking

Blackbaud Grantmaking is a cloud-based solution designed to help organizations streamline the entire grant management lifecycle, from accepting and reviewing applications to processing payments after the final selection. Organizer...Read more about Blackbaud Grantmaking


Reviewr is a cloud-based scholarship management solution, which helps businesses, associations and educational institutions review and collect submissions for grants, awards, contests and fellowships. The platform supports media ...Read more about Reviewr


Evalato helps you run effective awards programs and grow your community. It’s the go-to solution for award managers, grant makers and any professional who organizes awards, competitions, and other programs. With Evalato you: - Co...Read more about Evalato

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We are a software engineering company specialized in the development of advanced management solutions for all types of educational centers (academies, colleges, universities or any company or entity that needs to provide training ...Read more about SOFTAULA

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