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For companies and supply chains of any size looking to improve the overall shipping process, Cirrus TMS has been providing an end-to-end transportation management tool for over a decade. Cirrus TMS provides a host of useful features to manage all parts of the transportation process, from email and text alerts to keep customers in the loop about their shipment status, to technology built to help companies establish the most cost-effective route.

Cirrus TMS features a full contract management system that helps users determine which carrier and mode of transportation will be the best choice for a particular job, based upon the current contract rates, equipment, and schedule. The system provides carriers with their own web-portal, so that they can log in and edit their existing data, keeping all carrier information up-to-date.

With Cirrus TMS, companies can view possible carriers side by side, allowing them to make the best choice for their business based upon the rate, service, equipment, or route. The system also integrates easily with most accounting solutions, including QuickBooks, making it easy to settle and audit freight, as well as track all relevant expenditures.

The system also provides several useful modes for analytics, including pie charts that provide a quick snapshot of detailed company data. We recommend Cirrus TMS to companies of all sizes, as the system can help improve efficiency for smaller companies, as well as larger, well-established enterprises. The system also offers other key Supply Chain Management applications, such as Strategic Sourcing, Supplier Management, and more.


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Supported Operating System(s):
Mac OS, Web browser (OS agnostic), Windows 8

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