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Since 1994, Dr Dispatch has been providing a robust, simple-to-use Transportation Management System for small to mid-sized carriers, trucking companies, shippers, freight brokers, and other transportation businesses. The user-friendly interface provides an easy and intuitive way to create and track orders, while also providing detailed information about all relevant customer information, including the client's name, contact information, and other critical data. Client information can be searched within the system using an advanced set of filters, allowing users to find a particular customer by history, company name, last name, and more.

With Dr Dispatch it's easy to track loads, and adding a new load takes seconds, rather than hours. Loads can be quickly invoiced to the appropriate client, streamlining the invoicing process and minimizing time spent doing tedious data entry. Once a load is in progress, delivery status can be checked at any time, offering visibility at every stage. Drivers can be emailed updates and information directly from the system, simplifying check-ins. Once a check-in call is made, users can note the time, date, and location of the driver, improving driver accountability and the accuracy of company records. We like the multiple formats for the integrated reports; they can be generated and transmitted via email, Excel, and PDF.

Dr Dispatch is a powerful dispatch and TMS solution, while still remaining intuitive to use. Training time is minimal, so that all users can be up and running with almost no downtime. Built utilizing a powerful database, Dr Dispatch ensures dependability, and is capable of supporting unlimited data and multiple users.


Dr Dispatch - Load board
  • Dr Dispatch - Load board
    Load board
  • Dr Dispatch - Load entry
    Load entry
  • Dr Dispatch - Trucking system
    Trucking system
  • Dr Dispatch - Trucking system
    Trucking system
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Windows 8

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Brady from North State Transport LLC

May 2016

May 2016

4 years as customer, would look elsewhere.


Product Quality

Customer Support

Product Quality

First the price, I bought the first system and eventually bought a send for another office. Even though it wasn't necessary.... they didn't tell me the difference .
The fact that I figured this software out on my own was the best feature. You can move around the screens fairly easy and eventually figure it out. The information you enter saves so you can easily access it at anytime. Also you can set this up on a server to allow agents in other office to use the system. However, plan of hiring your own IT to set this up. DRD had no clue when I was asking them questions on how to do this. I got an answer but it was very vague and and he had "others' to attend to. You get no manual or instructions. When I called to ask questions it was like I was bugging them. You had to wait until "they" figured it out and got back to you. Eventually they hired help that had no clue what they were doing. I asked a question I already knew to see what he would say, "I'll have to call you back on this". So, after a year the "service plan" runs out... and when something does go wrong...they want you to send another $800 to answer questions. A question that should be in a manual that you never get. I have had this program for 4 years now and since the last email I got from them asking to buy the service plan, my system has been slowly starting to get glitches. Coincidence? So, I sent a simple email asking why the program is starting to breakdown but no answer what so ever. I have so much more Id like to write but simply don't have the time right now. Simply put, there must be better alternatives out there now since 2012 when I purchased.

Review Source: Capterra