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ESM Solutions offers a robust, web-based procurement management system that is optimal for higher education institutions, K-12 school districts, state and local governments, along with some mid-size commercial businesses.

Their suite of solutions include a variety of useful modules that offer powerful functionality to manage procurement, supplier management, contract management, and strategic sourcing. ESM Solutions allows the user to use each of its products individually, or combine them for a more personalized solution. 

ESM Solutions’ eProcurement product is a comprehensive, end-to-end procurement solution – it automates and simplifies the entire procurement process from start to finish. eProcurement can save businesses time and money while simultaneously eliminating human error and optimizing workflow. In addition, it integrates impeccably with existing ERP systems, allowing users to work and manage company requisitions in one consolidated interface. 

Their sourcing product, easySourcing, is a flexible, intelligent solution that helps increase efficiency and speed when it comes to bidding. ESM Solutions also conveniently has an answer for both contract management and supplier management.

ESM Solutions’ products integrate seamlessly with existing ERPs, allowing users to create custom modules for their bidding and purchasing processes, while enhancing the communication between suppliers and staff. Recently named to the 2014 list of Supply & Demand Chain Executive’s 100 Great Supply Chain Projects, ESM Solutions’ feature-rich solutions are a great option for companies seeking to optimize their procurement and sourcing operations.


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Mac OS, Web browser (OS agnostic), Windows 8

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