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Quadrus Concept SRL is the developer of the LOT (Logical Organized Transport) platform. QCLOT is a cloud-based transportation management system that also offers supplier relationship management functionality.

QCLOT’s features cover route optimization, freight rating and parcel management. Users can create routes, manage dock scheduling and run both cost and shipping volume reports.

QCLOT is available in four editions: Starter, Standard, Premium and Corporate. Different editions offer different levels of functionality.

The Starter edition includes route optimization, supplier management, reporting and dock scheduling. The Standard level offers parcel carrier shipping and freight rating, in addition to “green” supply chain features like reporting of CO2 emissions.

The Premium and Corporate editions offer more advanced reporting and route optimization features, in addition to a Request for Quotation (RFQ) module.

The system is priced on a per company per month basis. Organizations with more than 10 users will need the Standard edition, and organizations with more than 50 users will need the Premium or Corporate edition.


QCLOT - Company docks
  • QCLOT - Company docks
    Company docks
  • QCLOT - Inbound jobs
    Inbound jobs
  • QCLOT - CEP requests
    CEP requests
  • QCLOT - Communication matrices
    Communication matrices
  • QCLOT - Company partners
    Company partners
  • QCLOT - Notifications
Supported Operating System(s):
Web browser (OS agnostic)

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