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Developed in 1999, the Lean Execution Suite by Ultriva is a full-featured Supply Chain Management system designed to maximize visibility and improve team collaboration. By improving the management of your supply chain, Ultriva can both streamline the supply chain process and improve inventory velocity. Ultriva’s Software as a Service includes closed-loop eKanban functionality, so a card is never lost and a parts do not stock out. The Lean Execution Suite can support the needs of a variety of industries, including 3PLs, industrial manufacturing, healthcare, automotive, oil and gas, aerospace, and more.

With traditional SCM systems, order processing and MRP planning can lead to one-day orders taking up to a week to complete. Ultriva's Lean Execution Suite simplifies the production schedule and ranks the jobs according to on-time delivery, minimizing change-over costs and boosting client satisfaction. Lean Execution Suite is incredibly flexible and integrates seamlessly with most leading ERP and MRP systems, so that businesses can continue to use these legacy ERP and MRP systems without having to create an expensive workaround to include supply chain processes.

Any problems with an order are automatically routed to a supervisor, so that the issue can be fixed promptly. This way, if essential materials are missing and a job cannot continue, a manager is immediately notified. If necessary, the entire schedule can be resequenced automatically to determine which job schedule would be the most logical. Operators can stop a job for any valid reason, and a manager is automatically notified so that issues can be resolved quickly with minimal impact on the overall time needed to complete a job.

Ultriva is a great fit for mid-sized to enterprise-level businesses looking to maximize the efficiency of their supply chain, while providing an intuitive system with applications for Vendor Managed Inventory, Procurement, Supplier Management, and more.


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