Unioncrate Demand Planning AI Software

Unioncrate Demand Planning AI Software

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About Unioncrate Demand Planning AI

Unioncrate Demand Planning AI is a sales and inventory forecasting software that helps consumer packaged goods (CPG) businesses generate predictions based on multiple categories, including customers, brands, segments and products. Data analysts can define specific sales scenarios, budgets or plans to generate custom manual reports. Unioncrate Demand Planning AI enables employees to automatically receive weekly inventory recommendations for finished goods, components and raw materials, optimizing storage cost and stock replenishment operations. It lets staff members analyze customer demand to predict inventory requirements across multiple locations, including warehouses and individual shipping locations. Additionally, supervisors can generate stock-keeping unit (SK...

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Fishin' Co

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Company size: 11-50 employees

Industry: Retail

Time used: Less than 12 months

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Reviewed September 2020

Great Service From A Great Team

UC is great for teams who want to "set and forget" forecasting. Once UC is connected to your data and they understand how you operate your business, they can provide reliable forecasting with very minimal input required from your team. Only details that could not be found in the data (planned pricing changes, promotions, distribution changes, etc.) are required to be sent to them. Pair that with consistently accurate forecasts and a great customer service team and you have yourself a great product.


I loved that we could rely on UC for all of the forecasting analytics. There was no need for our account managers to update and manage item forecasts in a system. They simply communicated info updates like promotions and distribution change to the UC team and they took it from there. UC's customer service is very capable and responsive. Once set up correctly, the process is mostly automatic. They were very flexible and allowed us to digest the forecasts in whatever format we needed. UC was also very proactive in finding errors and areas of improvement. They brought those to us instead of us having to bring questions to them.


Due to the third-party, hands-off nature of utilizing UC, we sometimes felt like the product was less flexible than we wanted it to be. UC was always willing and able to integrate our needs into their model, but it took time and detailed descriptions of needs to achieve correctly. This was not necessarily unfair, but still could be a longer process than we wanted for certain modifications to be implemented.

Reasons for choosing Unioncrate Demand Planning AI

The other products required too much user input. Our account management team is not the strongest with learning new technical skills and we did not want to need to hire an additional person to manage the forecasting system.