Visual Supplier Analysis & Assessment Modules software

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Visual Supplier Assessment and Analysis Modules (VSAAM) is a cloud-based supply chain management solution that helps organizations across various industries to manage their supply chain procedures, risks and recovery time. Features include disaster assessment, demographic analysis, supplier relationship and more.

VSAAM's 'Supplier Visibility' module provides users with a map of global suppliers. Users can also view the location of different nodes and gain information on a specific supplier that include past and current contract data, capabilities, certifications and more. The solution's 'Disaster Assessment' module overlays disaster and supplier information, helping users to mitigate risks and impacts.

Additionally, VSAAM's offers an 'Economic Resilience' module which identifies and monitors the performance of different suppliers and measures the data against the users' established key performance indicators. Services are offered on a per user per month basis that includes support via phone and email.

Supported Operating System(s):
Windows 7 , Windows Vista , Windows XP , Mac OS , Web browser (OS agnostic)

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