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About EmpowerID

EmpowerID is an identity management suite of solutions, which enable businesses in banking, healthcare, manufacturing and other sectors to securely access cloud and on-premise applications. Professionals can automatically create, manage or delete user groups and configure Policy-Based Access Controls (PBAC) for staff members. Key features of EmpowerID include single sign-on (SSO), multi-factor authentication (MFA), role mining and lifecycle management. Its cloud directory supports Remote Authentication Dial-In User Service (RADIUS) and Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) among other authentication options. Additionally, it helps users reset their passwords using a self-service platform. EmpowerID offers mobile applications for iOS and Android devices, enablin...

EmpowerID Pricing

EmpowerID's pricing is based on the module and the number of users, admins and servers. List prices for SaaS (in U$ per month per user, admin, or server) Per user modules: Password Management: $3 Group Management: $4 Dynamic Group Management: $4 Lifecycle Management: $ 3 Advanced Lifecycle Management: $6 Single Sign-On: $3 Multifactor Authentication: $4 Access Recertification: $3 Risk Management (SoD): $3 Advanced Risk Management: $8 Policy-Based Access Control Engine: $4 SharePoint Online Access Management: $4 File Share Access Management: $4 Role Mining: $4 Virtual Directory: $6 Application Gateway: $6 Not per person modules: Password Vault: $10 per admin Privileged Session Management: $10 per admin Computer Identity Management: $10 per server Per licensed Azure AD user object: Azure License Management: $2 Azure RBAC Management $4 Azure Identity Management: $3

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$3.00 per month

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