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Identity Theft Preventer from ShieldApps is an identity and privacy protection solution that features real-time identity protection, webcam and microphone blocker, document scanner, history management and more. The solution helps users hide their personal information, contact details, credit card information and sensitive data from external threats and abuse.

Identity Theft Preventer controls various parameters on a computer and scans for potential data leaks through web browsers, email services, banking portals and social networks. The webcam and microphone blocker feature prevents cyber criminals from taking control of PC cameras and microphones. The solution scans documents that may contain sensitive information such as medical history, credit card bills, bank statements, etc. and alerts users when sharing such documents externally.

Identity Theft Preventer offers a browser history management tool that deletes browsing activity logs periodically or upon user request. The built-in scan scheduler feature allows users to schedule automatic scans.

The solution is available on an annual subscription basis.

Supported Operating System(s):
Web browser (OS agnostic)

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