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ManageEngine OpManager

ManageEngine OpManager is a network management solution that includes network and server monitoring, bandwidth analysis, configuration management and fault management. The solution is suitable for businesses of all sizes. OpManag...Read more about ManageEngine OpManager

Netwrix Auditor

Netwrix Auditor is a security solution that helps organizations overcome compliance and operational challenges. Netwrix solutions empower you with total control over what's going on in your hybrid IT environment by delivering acti...Read more about Netwrix Auditor


NinjaOne is a leading unified IT management software company that simplifies how IT teams work. MSPs and IT departments can automate, manage, and remediate all their device management tasks within one fast, modern, intuitive platf...Read more about NinjaOne

ManageEngine Applications Manager

ManageEngine Applications Manager is an application performance monitoring and observability solution that is designed to empower businesses with deep insights into the performance, health, and availability of their critical appli...Read more about ManageEngine Applications Manager


N-able N-sight™ RMM combines remote monitoring and management, remote access, ticketing, and billing capabilities, into one powerful yet easy to use platform that streamlines day-to-operations, combats threats and drives operation...Read more about N-sight

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ipMonitor is an on-premise solution designed to help businesses monitor performance and uptime/downtime across servers, networks and applications. It uses a centralized console to communicate and alert IT staff about application f...Read more about ipMonitor

SolarWinds SQL Sentry

SQL Sentry is a cloud-based database monitoring solution designed to help small to large businesses track and identify performance issues across SQL servers. Key features include troubleshooting, workflow creation, index analysis,...Read more about SolarWinds SQL Sentry


Naverisk is a remote monitoring and management solution for businesses of all sizes. The solution is used by managed service providers and IT professionals. Key features include technology monitoring, management patching, alerting...Read more about Naverisk

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LogicMonitor’s SaaS-based observability and IT operations data collaboration platform helps ITOps, developers, MSPs and business leaders gain visibility into and predictability across the technologies that modern organizations dep...Read more about LogicMonitor

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Datadog is the monitoring, security and analytics platform for developers, IT operations teams, security engineers and business users in the cloud age. Datadog's SaaS platform integrates and automates infrastructure monitoring, ...Read more about Datadog

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Pulseway is an integrated IT assets and network monitoring solution designed for IT administrators to remotely monitor and control their business IT resources. The solution supports multi-deployment architecture, allowing the user...Read more about Pulseway

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Site24x7 is a cloud-based website and server monitoring platform that helps small to large size businesses monitor websites, servers, clouds, networks, applications and real-time users. The platform enables users to derive insight...Read more about Site24x7

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DymaxIO is an application performance management tool designed to help businesses maximize I/O throughput by identifying and deploying performance enhancement technologies across individual systems and applications. The artificial...Read more about DymaxIO

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RunCloud is a web-based server management solution designed to help businesses configure cloud servers and create and manage PHP websites or applications. Features include atomic deployment, IP whitelisting, site authentication, d...Read more about RunCloud

4.0 (4 reviews)

cPanel & WHM

cPanel & WHM is a server management software that helps small and medium enterprises, developers, business leaders and partners manage websites and web servers. It enables teams to create domains, launch email networks and backup ...Read more about cPanel & WHM

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Foxpass is a cloud-based and on-premise platform that helps small to large enterprises automate threat detection and access control process across servers and networks. It provides local cache, which enables users to keep systems ...Read more about Foxpass


VirtualMetric is an all-in-one infrastructure monitoring and reporting solution that combines advanced IT management tools with agentless monitoring to track the performance and reliability of all aspects within any IT infrastruct...Read more about VirtualMetric

5.0 (1 reviews)

SoftActivity Monitor

SoftActivity Monitor is a cloud-based employee monitoring solution that helps businesses track staff activities to protect enterprise systems from internal threats. Key features include internet usage monitoring, screen activity r...Read more about SoftActivity Monitor

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Airbrake is a cloud-based error and bug reporting solution that caters to development teams in small and midsize organizations. The features of this solution include backlog management, filtering, ticket management, issue tracking...Read more about Airbrake

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Atera’s all-in-one platform enables IT professionals to gain access, visibility, and control over their networks and devices from anywhere, so they can work smarter and faster. With Atera, you can manage your entire IT operation ...Read more about Atera

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BlazeMeter, a comprehensive continuous testing platform that boosts your software delivery speed and quality, specializes in performance testing, functional UI testing, API testing and monitoring, along with AI-driven test data ge...Read more about BlazeMeter


Simplify your tech stack and save on cost with the Content Cloud: a secure, easy-to-use platform built for the entire content lifecycle, from file creation and sharing, to co-editing, e-signature, classification, and retention. An...Read more about Box

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Bright Pattern

Bright Pattern is a cloud-based contact center software solution which helps businesses manage multichannel service including inbound and outbound voice, email, chat, and social media. Bright Pattern scales from 5 to 10,000 concur...Read more about Bright Pattern

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Dotcom-Monitor is a cloud-based website monitoring solution that helps users improve the performance, functionality and uptime of their web services, web pages, web applications and IT infrastructure. Key features include a...Read more about Dotcom-Monitor

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Effortlessly create and display real-time TV dashboards with Geckoboard. Tailored for busy team leads and managers, Geckoboard simplifies sharing up-to-date data and KPIs throughout your organization. Connect to over 90 business...Read more about Geckoboard

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Incapsula is a cloud-based application delivery controller (ADC) platform, which uses a global content delivery network (CDN) to manage website performance, compliance and application security against distributed denial of service...Read more about Incapsula

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iCloud is a file storage solution that helps businesses backup and share photos, notes, documents and other data with stakeholders. It lets users create multiple folders, rename them and add color-coded tags to organize files as p...Read more about iCloud

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Indeni is a cloud-based network monitoring solution which assists medium to large-sized firms with collecting and analyzing performance and configuration data. Its key features include issue tracking, troubleshooting, ticket manag...Read more about Indeni

LogMeIn Rescue

LogMeIn Rescue by GoTo is a cloud-based remote support tool that helps organizations provide technical support to their customers. The product caters to businesses of all sizes. Key features include remote support, mobile support,...Read more about LogMeIn Rescue

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Loggly is a cloud-based solution designed to help businesses with the analysis and monitoring of log data. Key features include issue management, data visualization, peak overage protection, root cause analysis and anomaly detecti...Read more about Loggly

New Relic

New Relic is a cloud-based network monitoring and observability platform designed to help businesses analyze, optimize and troubleshoot software stack. Features include real-time alerts, serverless monitoring, incident management,...Read more about New Relic

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Loadster is a cloud-hybrid load testing tool for performance testing websites, web applications, and APIs. Record scripts in your browser with the Chrome or Firefox within various browsers like Chrome or Firefox using extensions,...Read more about Loadster

5.0 (5 reviews)

Nagios XI

Nagios XI is a server monitoring solution designed to help businesses track IT operations and infrastructure components such as operating systems, services, network protocols and more. Staff members, stakeholders and end-users can...Read more about Nagios XI

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PagerDuty is an incident management solution for monitoring systems and triggering alerts. Key features include monitoring aggregation, event grouping, real-time collaboration, mobile incident management, user reporting and live-c...Read more about PagerDuty

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Network Performance Monitor

SolarWinds Network Performance Monitor (NPM) is a cloud-based network monitoring solution that enables users to detect, diagnose, and resolve network performance issues. The solution allows users to design a customizable topology ...Read more about Network Performance Monitor

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Checkmk is an open-source IT monitoring solution that helps businesses track and manage servers, applications, cloud infrastructure, databases and more on a unified portal. It includes a customizable dashboard, which enables organ...Read more about Checkmk

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Sensu is a cloud-based network monitoring solution that assists businesses of all sizes with performance data collection and diagnostics. Its key features include server performance, bandwidth monitoring, uptime monitoring, networ...Read more about Sensu


Say hello to PRTG Network Monitor, our award-winning and all-inclusive monitoring solution. Let us start by telling you what PRTG is and can do. First and foremost, it is an on-premise and cloud-based network monitoring solution. ...Read more about PRTG

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Raygun is a cloud-based networking monitoring and bug tracking application. It is suitable for large and midsize organizations across a variety of industries and offers crash reporting, user monitoring, user tracking, deployment t...Read more about Raygun

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Puppet Enterprise

Puppet Enterprise is an IT management solution that helps businesses handle IT infrastructure configuration and regulate compliance processes. It enables IT professionals to streamline security management operations in compliance ...Read more about Puppet Enterprise

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Remedyforce is a service management software built on a Salesforce app cloud and provides reporting, knowledge management, incident and problem management features. The software provides a service desk system so that users can man...Read more about Remedyforce

RG System

RG System is a network monitoring solution designed for managed service providers (MSPs), independent software vendors (ISVs) and office automation companies to monitor, secure and manage IT infrastructures. RG System is a modul...Read more about RG System

Retrace by Netreo

Retrace is a cloud-based application performance management solution. It is designed for developers at organizations of all sizes and provides bug tracking, data aggregation and automatic alerts. The solution provides an acti...Read more about Retrace by Netreo

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Splunk Enterprise

The Splunk Enterprise platform allows users to process and index most forms of data in their native format. It includes data indexing tools, which enable users to locate specific data across large data sets. The software is desi...Read more about Splunk Enterprise

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Uptime Cloud Monitoring provides peace of mind to thousands of customers like Apple, Microsoft, IBM, Palo Alto Networks, Kraft, and BNP Paribas who trust us to monitor the performance, health, and downtime of their websites, applications, and ...Read more about Uptime Cloud Monitoring

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ThisData is a cloud-based security solution suitable for small to midsize businesses in a variety of industries. Key features of the solution include real-time detection and notification of security breaches and preemptive measure...Read more about ThisData

5.0 (4 reviews)

Splunk On-Call

Splunk On-Call (formerly VictorOps) is a cloud-based help desk solution that enables businesses to manage on-call schedules and rotation of roles for resolving incidents. Key features include alerts/notifications, chat, activity d...Read more about Splunk On-Call

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Zabbix is a cloud-based and on-premise network monitoring solution designed to help enterprises across various industries such as healthcare, banking, education, or IT track, record and visualize the performance of servers, virtua...Read more about Zabbix

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WhatsUp Gold

Progress WhatsUp Gold is the Network Monitoring Software that allows you to track performance information for network devices, servers, storage, and wireless - whether in the cloud or on-premises. Expand your management tool kit b...Read more about WhatsUp Gold

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WhiteSource is the leading solution for agile open source security and license compliance management. It integrates with your development environments and DevOps pipeline to detect open source libraries with security or comp...Read more about WhiteSource

4.3 (7 reviews)


Galileo Performance Explorer is an IT capacity management suite of software solutions designed to help businesses in financial markets, energy, utilities, health care and retail, government and service providers receive actionable...Read more about Galileo

Learn More is a cloud-based log management and log analysis solution with alerts and machine-learning algorithms. It based on open-source log analysis platform the ELK Stack (Elasticsearch, Logstash, Kibana). Key features include ale...Read more about

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Sematext Cloud

Sematext gives businesses full-stack visibility by exposing performance issues, quickly and easily, through a single cloud or on-premise solution. Sematext Cloud is a cloud monitoring solution that helps businesses of all sizes tr...Read more about Sematext Cloud

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ConnectWise Automate

ConnectWise Automate (Formerly LabTech) is a cloud-based and on-premise IT automation solution that helps companies track and manage IT assets from a single location. Content management features allow users to share documents an...Read more about ConnectWise Automate

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baramundi Management Suite

baramundi Management Suite is an IT management solution that helps businesses of all sizes streamline processes related to IT asset installation, distribution, protection and backup. The license management module allows employees ...Read more about baramundi Management Suite

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AVG Internet Security Business Edition

AVG Internet Security Business Edition is a corporate endpoint security solution aimed towards small and midsize business units. Along with full-time antivirus protection, AVG Internet Security Business Edition also offers it...Read more about AVG Internet Security Business Edition

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JumpCloud Directory Platform

JumpCloud Directory-as-a-Service is an IT Management software, which helps businesses of all sizes manage devices or workstations including Windows, MacOS, and Linux, access to IT resources, and user identities. The solution provi...Read more about JumpCloud Directory Platform

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Epsagon is a SaaS log management solution designed to help businesses of all sizes create, analyze and store event logs. It enables development and operation teams to automatically trace application-level performance issues and re...Read more about Epsagon


ownCloud is an open-source file synchronization and collaboration solution that helps businesses organize and share data across the organization. It lets team members share data with external collaborators by sending password-prot...Read more about ownCloud

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Kamatera is an international cloud service provider delivering best-in-class of virtual private server (VPS) hosting solutions to a variety of business around the world. The global network of 17 data centers across 4 continents ...Read more about Kamatera

5.0 (3 reviews)

Better Uptime

Better Stack - Uptime is a website monitoring solution designed to help businesses track errors or issues, manage incidents and share system status via branded pages with customers. Supervisors can configure notifications based on...Read more about Better Uptime

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Corner Bowl Server Manager

Corner Bowl Server Manager is a SIEM, compliance software, an Uptime Monitor and a Server Monitor software tool for IT professionals. Server Manager includes the following components: Event Log Manager - an on-premise log manage...Read more about Corner Bowl Server Manager

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Overmonitor is a cloud-based infrastructure and endpoint monitoring solution. It is suitable for businesses of any size in various industries. With an easy-to-use dashboard, users can access and connect to a network of monitoring ...Read more about Overmonitor

5.0 (1 reviews)


OpenNMS is an application performance management software designed to help businesses in the healthcare, retail, IT, energy, finance, education, government and other sectors monitor the performance of remote and local networks. Th...Read more about OpenNMS

4.9 (9 reviews)


Sentry is an application monitoring platform that helps developers monitor and fix crashes in real time. Sentry caters to engineering teams across various industries, including e-commerce, gaming, and mobile applications. Sentry ...Read more about Sentry

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SendQuick Cloud

Omnichannel Notifications for your IT issues When your IP-addressable systems, applications and infrastructure fail, it affects you. It is important that you are equipped with all the information necessary to mitigate potential d...Read more about SendQuick Cloud

4.5 (2 reviews)

Server & Application Monitor

Server & Application Monitor by SolarWinds allows organizations to monitor and manage servers, applications and related infrastructure across on-premise, cloud and hybrid environment. Its web server capacity planning functionality...Read more about Server & Application Monitor


N-able N-central® is an IT management solution that enables organizations to manage and track IT devices. The solution comes with key features that include patch management, antivirus protection, backup and disaster recovery. The...Read more about N-central

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BigPanda is an AIOps solution that helps businesses streamline processes related to event correlation, outage resolution, incident response and more on a centralized platform. It allows staff members to use artificial intelligence...Read more about BigPanda

4.5 (2 reviews)

Scout APM

Scout APM makes it easy to quickly identify, prioritize, and resolve performance issues in production code. With real-time alerts and a powerful UI that lets you drill down into source code for a faster MTTR. Spend less time debug...Read more about Scout APM

4.8 (4 reviews)


NMIS manages a vast array of devices on simple to complex networks. It allows users to extend its functionality with advanced modules to gain access to additional capabilities. Deploy wherever you need and only pay for the devices...Read more about NMIS


SolarWinds ® Pingdom® is a powerful and affordable SaaS-based web app performance monitoring solution, combining synthetic and real user monitoring (RUM) for ultimate visibility and enhanced troubleshooting in a single pane of gla...Read more about Pingdom

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MPA Tools

MPA Tools streamlines and improves the execution of IT administration duties and resolves computer issues for helpdesk, IT professionals, and system administrators. Key features include remote workstation management, multi-compute...Read more about MPA Tools


Dynatrace is an AIOps solution designed to help businesses automate multi-cloud processes and streamline collaboration across multiple teams through purpose-built use cases. Its filtering capabilities enable supervisors to search ...Read more about Dynatrace

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Loom Systems' Sophie is an AIOps platform designed to help businesses improve IT operations and prevent incidents using log analytics, zero-configuration parsing, cross-applicative events correlation, and problem prediction measur...Read more about Sophie

4.7 (7 reviews)


ScienceLogic is an AIOps and IT monitoring platform, which helps businesses of all sizes monitor service health across cloud and on-premise infrastructure. Features include prioritization, real-time data, workflow automation, beha...Read more about ScienceLogic

4.5 (2 reviews)


Entuity is an enterprise network management software designed to help businesses discover, analyze and manage networks across multiple devices. The platform enables administrators to view device-related information including name,...Read more about Entuity

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ServicePilot is a high-performance IT monitoring system supporting highly detailed observability of critical applications, surveillance of thousands of devices, and analysis of millions of events. Combining real-time and historica...Read more about ServicePilot

4.5 (6 reviews)


AlertBot provides advanced website monitoring for businesses of every kind. It uses real web browsers when testing pages and critical applications from locations throughout the world including login areas, sign-up forms, shopping ...Read more about AlertBot

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O&O Defrag

Tidy up and speed up your IT world with O&O Defrag - analyze drive's health state using S.M.A.R.T, use SOLID method to customize choices adapted to user needs, search and remove files which take up memory and increase fragmentatio...Read more about O&O Defrag

5.0 (1 reviews)

Happy Apps

Happy Apps is a database monitoring solution that helps businesses streamline server monitoring and application performance tracking operations. It enables IT professionals to capture and store incidents’ details in a centralized ...Read more about Happy Apps

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sendQuick Alert Plus

sendQuick Alert Plus is an all-in-one web portal that helps you automatically receive instant alerts on your mobile phone whenever critical system errors occur on your computers, servers, and applications. It supports SMS messages...Read more about sendQuick Alert Plus

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Action1 reinvents patch management with an infinitely scalable and highly secure platform configurable in 5 minutes that just works. With integrated real-time vulnerability discovery and automated remediation for both third-party ...Read more about Action1

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CloudRadar is a server monitoring solution designed to help businesses manage servers, networks and websites. The application allows users to monitor servers including CPU, hard disk fill levels, attached hardware, network bandwid...Read more about CloudRadar

5.0 (5 reviews)

Acronis Cyber Backup

Acronis Cyber Backup Cloud is a cloud-based and on-premise data backup and MSP solution that provides data protection for businesses of all sizes. Acronis Cyber Backup offers complete business protection and fast data recovery to ...Read more about Acronis Cyber Backup

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PA Server Monitor

With PA Server Monitor helps businesses leverage algorithms to predict the number of required servers. Teams can access server monitoring tools including detection of new cloud and utility-based environments as well as server conf...Read more about PA Server Monitor

4.7 (6 reviews)


CloudFabrix Composable Analytics is an analytics platform that provides data observability, AI-powered insights, and cloud cost management. The platform is designed for data, analytics, and cloud leaders in enterprise companies. T...Read more about CloudFabrix

4.5 (2 reviews)


Cloudron is a server management panel for installing and maintaining web apps like WordPress, Rocket.Chat, NextCloud, GitLab, OpenVPN & Discourse (Over 100+ supported apps). Unlike 1-click solutions that require you to setup data...Read more about Cloudron

4.0 (1 reviews)


ShadowProtect is a software solution that provides backup and disaster recovery for physical or virtual servers, laptops and desktops. The software allows users to recover their Windows IT environment anywhere and anytime, and fro...Read more about ShadowProtect

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SymfonyInsight by SensioLabs is an advanced project analysis solution for development teams. It monitors risks and provides detailed reports regarding project and application quality, security, and performance. SymfonyInsight can ...Read more about SymfonyInsight

5.0 (2 reviews)

SQL Monitor

SQL Monitor is a software specifically designed to monitor SQL server estates. The software allows users to bulk add servers as their estates grow and provides them with API access and monitoring tools. This software solution prov...Read more about SQL Monitor


Cloudways is a cloud hosting solution that helps businesses manage and assess the performance of cloud servers on a centralized platform. Professionals can protect servers using OS-level firewalls and secure confidential data thro...Read more about Cloudways

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Plesk is a WebOps and hosting platform with tools to build and manage multiple sites from one centralized dashboard. It can be used by developers, infrastructure providers, IT admins, content managers, and digital agencies. The pl...Read more about Plesk

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Symantec Server Management Suite

Symantec Server Management Suite is a comprehensive solution designed to help IT administrators manage physical and virtual servers across a wide range of platforms. The suite provides a range of tools to provision, control, autom...Read more about Symantec Server Management Suite

4.0 (3 reviews)


Cohesity is a leader in AI-powered data security and management. Cohesity makes it easy to secure, protect, manage, and get value from data—across the data center, edge, and cloud. Cohesity helps organizations defend against cyber...Read more about Cohesity

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RamSoft Gateway DICOM Router

Retrieve, store, and archive with Gateway™ DICOM router, a data management and connectivity platform. Designed for quick and easy installation the system can be up and running within 30 min and is HIPPA-compliant. ...Read more about RamSoft Gateway DICOM Router

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Rapid Recovery

Rapid Recovery is a backup and recovery management solution that enables businesses to backup and manage data across physical, virtual or cloud-based systems and applications via a unified portal. The platform enables organization...Read more about Rapid Recovery

4.7 (6 reviews)


Forge is a server management application that can deploy and install up-to-date PHP applications on DigitalOcean, Linode, Vultr, AWS, Hetzner, and more. With Forge, users can easily deploy updated code to PHP applications by push...Read more about Forge

5.0 (7 reviews)


Panopta is an infrastructure monitoring solution that helps businesses track server, application and network performance across cloud, on-premise and hybrid environments. The built-in incident hub allows team members to identify i...Read more about Panopta

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Citrix Hypervisor

Citrix Hypervisor is a virtualization platform that allows businesses to run multiple operating systems on one server. It offers the ability for businesses to consolidate and transform virtual machines from any server and access r...Read more about Citrix Hypervisor

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Circonus is a unified monitoring platform that provides infrastructure monitoring, log monitoring and analytics, network monitoring, and distributed tracing. Circonus caters to technology operations teams across various industries...Read more about Circonus

4.0 (1 reviews)

ALog Series

ALog Series is a cloud-based and on-premise log management solution that assists enterprises with log extraction, context analysis and summary. It offers a search engine which helps users search, report, and manage time-series dat...Read more about ALog Series

SQL Planner

SQL Planner is a browser-based SQL server total monitoring solution. It provides server health monitoring and over 100s of analytics reports with live and historical data, helps Organization to save millions of $ on Database admin...Read more about SQL Planner

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Qumulo File Data Platform

The breakthrough leader in enterprise data management. Qumulo is the only file-based, scale-out management platform designed to offer robust capabilities on-premises and in the cloud. We built a unified file data platform to supp...Read more about Qumulo File Data Platform

XIA Configuration

XIA Configuration is an automated network documentation tool designed for IT professionals to save time and remove the burden of manual auditing and documentation work. It includes built-in reports to speed up the process of audit...Read more about XIA Configuration

Spotlight Cloud

Spotlight Cloud is a cloud-based solution that enables enterprises to monitor SQL servers and conduct performance diagnostics. Key features include alarm management, system health checks, root cause analysis and heatmaps. Spotli...Read more about Spotlight Cloud

Pandora FMS

Pandora FMS is an application suite, with which you will be able to collect information about every single critical element in your business. Pandora FMS features a control panel for users to have everything under control inc...Read more about Pandora FMS

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Flaneer is a virtual desktop provider. With Flaneer, your staff can access their work environment in 1 click, and in any situation (WFH, mobility, etc), and from any device (tablet, PC, laptop). With Flaneer you can configure a...Read more about Flaneer

5.0 (4 reviews)


BeInContact is an intuitive cloud contact center omnichannel platform. Many features are included out-of-the-box such as ACD, IVR, AI, call recording, predictive dialer, and complete reports. Users can add ready-made integrations ...Read more about BeInContact

Rakuten SixthSense Observability

Rakuten SixthSense Observability is a single, unified observability solution that allows businesses to comprehensively monitor their architecture, data, and performance. Rakuten provides full-stack observability across Java, Node....Read more about Rakuten SixthSense Observability

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Elastic Security

Unify SIEM, endpoint security, and cloud security Elastic Security modernizes security operations — enabling analytics across years of data, automating key processes, and bringing native endpoint security to every host. Elastic S...Read more about Elastic Security


Tableau is an integrated business intelligence (BI) and analytics solution that helps to analyze key business data and generate meaningful insights. The solution helps businesses to collect data from multiple source points such as...Read more about Tableau

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IR Collaborate

IR Collaborate is a unified communications monitoring platform designed to help businesses predict disruptions and optimize performance across on-premise, cloud, or hybrid audio, voice, and other collaboration systems. Managers ca...Read more about IR Collaborate

ManageEngine EventLog Analyzer

ManageEngine EventLog Analyzer is an on-premise log management solution designed for businesses of all sizes across various industries such as information technology, health, retail, finance, education and more. The solution prov...Read more about ManageEngine EventLog Analyzer

4.8 (4 reviews)

ManageEngine ADSelfService Plus

ADSelfService Plus is an identity security solution that ensures secure and seamless access to enterprise resources and establishes a Zero Trust environment. With adaptive multi-factor authentication (MFA), single sign-on (SSO), s...Read more about ManageEngine ADSelfService Plus

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ManageEngine Remote Access Plus

Remote Access Plus is an enterprise remote support and desktop software that enables IT technicians to troubleshoot their managed computers, situated anywhere around the world, from a central location in a coherent manner. Adva...Read more about ManageEngine Remote Access Plus

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Ispmanager – websites and web environment Linux control panel that makes life easier for web developers and hosting professionals. Ispmanager creates and manages websites, users, databases, DNS, backups, mail servers, and securit...Read more about ispmanager

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ManageEngine ADManager Plus

ManageEngine ADManager Plus is an enterprise identity governance and administration (IGA) solution that helps administrators handle day-to-day AD management and reporting tasks with ease. The all-inclusive reports that can be obta...Read more about ManageEngine ADManager Plus

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ManageEngine Exchange Reporter Plus

Exchange Reporter Plus is a one-stop solution for all Exchange reporting, change auditing, monitoring, and mailbox content search needs. The solution supports Exchange Servers 2003, 2007, 2010, 2013, 2016 and 2019; Exchange Onlin...Read more about ManageEngine Exchange Reporter Plus

4.5 (4 reviews)

ManageEngine PAM360

PAM360 is a web-based privileged access management (PAM) solution that defends enterprises against privilege misuse by regulating access to sensitive company information. Through powerful privileged access governance, smoother wor...Read more about ManageEngine PAM360

5.0 (1 reviews)


Isi-APP is an IT service management (ITSM) software that provides comprehensive IT asset management and data analytics for organizations. The software allows companies to inventory and manage all IT assets including hardware, soft...Read more about Isi-APP

5.0 (2 reviews)


KACE® by Quest supports your unified endpoint management (UEM) strategy by helping you discover and track every device in your environment, automate administrative tasks, keep compliance requirements up-to-date and secure your net...Read more about KACE

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Spiceworks Cloud Help Desk

Spiceworks is a free cloud-based help desk and network monitoring solution designed specifically for systems administrators and IT professionals. The solution helps in managing tickets raised by clients, providing customer support...Read more about Spiceworks Cloud Help Desk

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Livedrive is a cloud storage and backup solution that helps businesses capture, edit and share documents, photos, videos and other files with internal and external stakeholders. It offers bank-level security, which allows organiza...Read more about Livedrive

ManageEngine AD360

ManageEngine AD360 is an integrated identity and access management solution that assists organizations to manage and secure user identities, facilitate identity governance, and ensure compliance. It provides in-depth access manag...Read more about ManageEngine AD360

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ManageEngine Key Manager Plus

Today's complicated IT infrastructure encompasses a lot of machine to machine interactions, using digital identities like SSH keys, SSL/TLS certificates, and PGP keys. Compromised or stolen digital identities pose a huge security ...Read more about ManageEngine Key Manager Plus

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ServerSuit is a cloud-based server management and monitoring application designed to control Linux servers. The solution offers a centralized control panel for server management, network configuration, system performance monitorin...Read more about ServerSuit

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ManageEngine Password Manager Pro

ManageEngine Password Manager Pro is an enterprise-grade privileged password management solution. It securely stores and manages sensitive information such as shared passwords, documents, and digital identities. Password Manager P...Read more about ManageEngine Password Manager Pro

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dbForge Monitor

DbForge Monitor is a free add-in for Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS) that aims to track and analyze SQL Server performance. It provides detailed statistics about the servers and databases and detects all performance ...Read more about dbForge Monitor

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Testing Automation Compliance Observability (TACO) is a continuous compliance auditing tool that provides visibility on a compliance and infrastructure dashboard. This software provides a real-time view of infrastructure complianc...Read more about TACO

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dbForge Index Manager for SQL Server

DbForge Index Manager for SQL Server is a highly functional software solution that assists database administrators and developers in managing SQL Server indexes. With this tool, DBAs can monitor and analyze the usage of database i...Read more about dbForge Index Manager for SQL Server

3.0 (1 reviews)


SPanel is ideal for website owners who want ultimate loading speeds and performance. It's a cPanel/WHM alternative, but since it comes with 24/7 live support, you can focus on growing your business instead of solving complicated s...Read more about SPanel

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Middleware is a powerful cloud observability platform that helps businesses of all sizes un-silo data, metrics, logs, and traces in one unified timeline. This way, teams can quickly identify and debug the root causes of issues in ...Read more about Middleware

4.6 (7 reviews)


theGuard is a cloud-based solution that helps manage IT service management and network monitoring. It provides a range of solutions, such as SmartCMDB, SmartITSM, SmartChange, and Interface Manager. With theGuard, organizations c...Read more about theGuard

5.0 (2 reviews)

Database Insights for SQL Server

Database Insights for SQL Server is a server management software designed to help businesses with centralized monitoring and management of Microsoft SQL databases. The platform provides index and query-tuning advisors, enabling te...Read more about Database Insights for SQL Server

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V2 Cloud WorkSpaces

V2 Cloud is a fully integrated Desktop-as-a-Service solution that enables small to large businesses to securely host and access applications in the cloud. Key features include multi-factor authentication, screen sharing, while-lab...Read more about V2 Cloud WorkSpaces

Database Performance Analyzer

Database Performance Analyzer is an application-performance monitoring solution that helps users monitor and analyze database performance. The software is suitable for database administrators (DBAs), developers, system admins and ...Read more about Database Performance Analyzer

4.9 (9 reviews)

Netwrix Change Tracker

Netwrix Change Tracker enables organizations of all sizes to enhance their security posture by hardening configurations, monitoring changes and delivering superior forensic capabilities that minimize the time and effort needed to ...Read more about Netwrix Change Tracker

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SpinupWP is a cloud-based server management software that helps businesses host WordPress sites. It bridges the gap between self-hosting and managed hosting. It acts as a control panel for web servers, but modern with helpful guid...Read more about SpinupWP

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HPE GreenLake

HPE GreenLake is a cloud management platform that allows businesses to create, manage and deploy applications in the cloud. It is used for building and managing hybrid clouds. It allows users to manage their data in multiple locat...Read more about HPE GreenLake

4.7 (3 reviews)


Backupify is a backup solution designed to help businesses recover, store, secure and maintain data across Google Workspace and Microsoft 365 applications. It allows administrators to archive documents or emails for inactive users...Read more about Backupify

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Kaseya VSA

Kaseya VSA is a cloud-based IT management and remote monitoring solution for businesses of all sizes across various industries. It provides a central console for managing IT operations including handling complaints, ticketing, aud...Read more about Kaseya VSA

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Organizations now need increased visibility into their computers and networks to ensure that emerging threats, careless behavior by employees or unwanted applications do not put their profits or reputations at risk. The answer is ...Read more about ESET PROTECT MDR


Traverse is a cloud-based network monitoring solution that offers tools to monitor hybrid cloud and network infrastructure. The solution is designed to help service providers and enterprises manage their data flow across multiple ...Read more about Traverse

5.0 (2 reviews)

Electric AI

Electric is revolutionizing business IT management. Electric offers businesses a 50% decrease in IT cost and uniform security across devices, apps, and networks, whether you're on-site or remote. Electric provides real-time IT hel...Read more about Electric AI


AppDynamics is an AI-powered application performance management (APM) platform that provides businesses with complete observability over the performance of their IT infrastructure. Unifying full-stack performance monitoring, AppDy...Read more about AppDynamics

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KACE Systems Management Appliance

KACE SMA is an IT asset management software that helps businesses manage and safeguard all endpoint devices on a network. The solution provides automated endpoint-related administrative tasks, an inventory of all hardware and soft...Read more about KACE Systems Management Appliance

4.0 (1 reviews)

ManageEngine RMM Central

With RMM Central, Managed Service Providers can discover, manage, secure and monitor all their clients' devices from a single console. The system offers 8000+ pre-defined application templates for simplified software management wi...Read more about ManageEngine RMM Central

5.0 (1 reviews)

ManageEngine OpManager MSP

ManageEngine OpManager MSP can be a service provider's backbone for managing and keeping track of multi-client networks granularly. One can easily manage any device down to its smallest details with the aid of its strong capabilit...Read more about ManageEngine OpManager MSP

3.0 (1 reviews)

ManageEngine OpManager Plus

ManageEngine OpManager Plus is an integrated IT operations management solution that offers comprehensive monitoring capabilities for the entire IT infrastructure. It enables IT administrators to monitor and manage networks, server...Read more about ManageEngine OpManager Plus

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vCenter Server

vCenter Server is a server management solution that helps businesses automate and build hybrid cloud infrastructures. Administrators can configure infrastructure-wide roles, permissions and licenses to allow specific users to log ...Read more about vCenter Server

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AI-DBA, or Artificial Intelligence-Database Administration, is a technology that combines the power of Artificial Intelligence with traditional database management practices. It is designed to help businesses efficiently manage th...Read more about AI-DBA

4.7 (7 reviews)


Opsgenie is a cloud-based ITSM and issue tracking solution that helps development and operational teams make strategies for service disruptions and remain in control at the time of incidents. It comes with native applications for ...Read more about OpsGenie

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Iperius Console

Iperius Console is a comprehensive solution tailored for centralized security management, especially for resellers and Managed Service Providers (MSPs). It seamlessly integrates with other Iperius suite products, streamlining IT i...Read more about Iperius Console


xCloud is a complete server management and control panel created to simplify the setup, deployment, and management of WordPress websites. This solution simplifies the steps required to set up and host WordPress sites with only a f...Read more about xCloud

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Abacus Private Cloud

Abacus Private Cloud is a cloud management solution designed to help businesses store data in a secure and customizable environment. The platform comes with a virtual workspace, which enables professionals to upload business data,...Read more about Abacus Private Cloud

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