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Equinox Booking is a cloud-based solution for managing appointment and event booking online. It is best suited for small businesses and offers appointment booking and tracking, email reminders for clients and calendar integrations.

Users can integrate Equinox Booking with an existing website, and appointments booked through the platform can be synched with personal calendars such as Google Calendar and Outlook. Users can also schedule employees, allocate resources and store customer information in a searchable database.

Equinox Booking sends automatic booking-confirmation emails to employees and automatic appointment reminders to customers. Users receive alerts for rescheduled bookings and cancellations. Equinox Booking also supports Paypal integration and offers an Android mobile app.

Pricing is per month and support is available via email.


Equinox Booking - Home screen
  • Equinox Booking - Home screen
    Home screen
  • Equinox Booking - Client screen
    Client screen
  • Equinox Booking - Point of sale
    Point of sale
  • Equinox Booking - Schedule
  • Equinox Booking - Services management
    Services management
  • Equinox Booking - Taxes
Supported Operating System(s):
Web browser (OS agnostic)

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