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DoubleCheck is a cloud-based audit management solution designed for large businesses across multiple industries. It offers tools for audit planning, work paper, evidence management, report generation and issue resolution.

DoubleCheck features document management functions that allow users to search through collected documents during audits. Configurable user interfaces can be designed to suit the roles and responsibilities of auditors, audit managers and upper management. Risk management, policy management, testing modules and various assessment options are also built into the software. Business intelligence module allows users to find, filter, analyze and visualize data.

Issue creation and resolution tools enable users to address audit errors by creating task lists. Tasks can be assigned to specific employees, and follow up messages are automatically generated as part of the issue resolution process. Final audit report templates can be pre-populated with relevant information to expedite report preparation.

DoubleCheck offers phone-based and email support, and three levels of implementation package are available.

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October 2017

John from El Super

Company Size: 5,001-10,000 employees

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October 2017

ease of usage and reliability is the name here

Great to use but do your research, this is best used for a medium to larger size organization.


So working in retail you deal with a lot compliance issues mostly when it comes to safety and risk, you have governmental agencies that require detailed information on your practices. Double check makes it easy to keep that information in a way that anyone can quickly pick up and understand your compliance practices. It's easy to integrate and fairly cost effective.


My only real issue is trying to ramp up to use it effectively in an organization, this isn't a software program so much as just a mechanism of the environment but most people would blame the software