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WinPure is on-premise data cleaning software for small, midsize and large enterprises. Primary features include data cleaning, data matching, data matching reports, data profiling and summary reporting.

The Winpure Data Cleansing and Matching suite consists of data matching, address verification and cleanup software. The data cleaning module allows users to clean mailing lists, spreadsheets, databases and customer relationship management systems. The data matching module finds and remove duplicate values from the dataset. The address verification module corrects and validates physical addresses from mailing lists. The cleanup module removes duplicate and unused files and increases the speed of the system.

It is available in a perpetual pricing option. Support is offered via phone and email. Other help options are live webinar trainings, knowledge base and group community. The software is available in English, German, Spanish and Brazilian Portuguese.


WinPure - Address verification suite
  • WinPure - Address verification suite
    Address verification suite
  • WinPure - Data cleaning
    Data cleaning
  • WinPure - Data matching
    Data matching
  • WinPure - Data merging
    Data merging
  • WinPure - Deduplication
  • WinPure - Email verifier
    Email verifier
Supported Operating System(s):
Windows 10

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Ben from Selco

October 2015

October 2015

Excellent Product


Product Quality

Customer Support

Product Quality

I use this software mostly for the matching function, It does what its supposed to do really well and very quickly. It saves lots of time, especially with large data sets. I would recommend highly. Also, any support I've needed has been very quick. The other functions like clean look very useful and I will no doubt use them in future.

Review Source: Capterra