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logvrp is a cloud-based fleet management solution specializing in short route calculation, fleet planning and scheduling. It is suitable for businesses across a variety of industries.

With logvrp, users can create stations where drivers will stop on their routes, create their fleet and enter orders like customer service visits or deliveries. The system will then use this information to calculate the appropriate route. Users can compare different routes and export routes.

Users can also view estimated arrival and departure times for each station and drivers are able to see job details for each station. Users can see a map view alongside a management panel.

The management panel has station, order, fleet and computation tabs and users can add, remove and edit stations, orders and vehicles at any time.

Pricing is subscription-based depending on the number of stops. Subscription plan includes email help, feedbacks, knowledge base and bug/issue resolution.


logvrp - Route editing
  • logvrp - Route editing
    Route editing
  • logvrp - Fleet planning
    Fleet planning
  • logvrp - Route planning
    Route planning
  • logvrp - Alternative routing
    Alternative routing
  • logvrp - Passenger collection
    Passenger collection
  • logvrp - Orders
Supported Operating System(s):
Web browser (OS agnostic)

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