Document360 Software

Document360 is a cloud-based help desk solution that enables users in businesses across various industries to create, collaborate and publish self-service knowledge bases for their products. Features include content management, guided problem solving, discussion boards, product cataloging and more.

Document360's category manager helps users to maintain their product documentation in a hierarchy-based structure. Users can also create sub-categories, edit existing ones and record articles within categories. The solution's built-in editor features markdown keyboard shortcuts and allows users to share code snippets with readers, upload screenshots, create internal links to articles, add tables to documents and get real-time inline previews of content.

Document360's security module enables users to assign role-based access permissions to different readers, map domains, redirect articles and schedule automatic backups. Additionally, Document360 features a self-service portal and text to speech functionality.

Services are offered on a monthly subscription basis that includes support via phone and email.

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