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RiverSoft is a cloud-based home health care solution that offers scheduling, compliance checking, patient records and payment management, messaging tools, report generation, invoicing and more. RiverSoft is HIPAA compliant and is compatible with Windows, Android and iPad tablets.

Employee and patient scheduling can be viewed on a weekly, monthly or episodic basis, and employees can be offered visits via text message. Schedules can be adjusted via a drag-and-drop interface, while real-time compliance checking helps maintain physician service orders and employee tracking items. Data such as patient status and verbal orders can be entered manually or automatically generated from field notes.

The mobile software enables users...

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Supported Operating System(s):

Mac OS, Web browser (OS agnostic), Windows 10

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February 2018

Austin from Hospital & Health Care

Company Size: 501-1,000 employees

Industry: Hospital & Health Care

Time Used: More than 2 years

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February 2018

Software is good, the support for it great!

This is a great software company, not just a great software. The owner is also a programmer and understands the product thoroughly which allows for amazing turnaround time as there are not layers and layers of bureaucracy to get through in order to make a decision. I don't just recommend this software, I recommend the people who create and support it. They put their money where their mouth is as evidenced by their lack of a contract. They will earn your business every day. I do not know of a single other software company willing to do that. That is important to me as that is how I try to run my business yet it seems to be rare in the software industry. Unless someone has created the perfect home care software, it is the people behind the product that is critical and frequently missing in the industry.


The best aspect about Riversoft are the people that work there. They stand behind their product like few other software vendors do. That is most evident by the fact that they do not require a contractual commitment to them. Many software companies sales team sell a product that may not be a good fit and then you are stuck with them due to a contract and they know that. Riversoft does not require a contact which speaks to their confidence in their product and their support of it. Riversoft earns your business every day, not just during the sales process. The billing aspects of the software are phenomenal and I very much doubt many other products are able to match it. Our company is in MN and there are many Medicare and Medicaid Advantage plans. Our system has over 150 payers set up as our company markets that we accept all payers. That would be very difficult to do efficiently without Riversoft. The clinicians like how intuitive the product is for them. Training a new employee on the product is a breeze and made even easier by the vast library of Riversoft University training videos. The same can be said for office staff and billers. I have worked with another software that took multiple days just to get through the initial training which is very costly. That is not the case with Riversoft. The clinical software includes lots of tools for ensuring correct charting. Today it seems like all the payers are using chart audits as a money saving tool so it is critical as ever to ensure that your charting will pass clinical review by the payers. They also integrate with other products well allowing us to integrate Riversoft's mobile app with a 3rd part telephony system (in case a employee does not have or want to use a smart phone to chart). The product is reliable and new upgrades are released regularly. It is easy to manage and the upgrades basically install themselves.


There are not many cons to speak of. Not that they do not exist but that Riversoft is incredibly willing to listen to their users and make fixes. Thus, any specific cons I list would likely no longer be an issue in just a few months as Riversoft tends to add the feature or fix the issue very promptly. If I had to list some, I would like to see a improved offline charting feature and perhaps an integrated eligibility check. I also think there is a lot of potential for expanding the mobile app to be of use to the nursing and clinical staff as it is mostly focused on the aides but I have not seen any software do this yet. I would bet that Riversoft will address these things soon as well.