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The Digital Red Book is a restaurant management solution that operates entirely on mobile devices and is available in the iTunes Store, Google Play Store and Windows Store. It is also offered with an optional ruggedized iPad enclosed in an industrial strength case, built to withstand the tough operating conditions of a restaurant.

The Digital Red Book is a suitable solution for operators of a single location, multi-unit locations and/or franchises that require collaboration between shifts, locations, regions and corporate offices.

Through the Digital Red Book solution, corporate offices have the ability to communicate goals and best practices to every manager on the front line in real-time. Managers can track the progress of daily tasks, flag items as urgent, monitor key performance metrics and document shift and inventory issues while providing immediate communication across multiple locations. 

The Digital Red Book connects important information – staff performance, customer comments and store information – to the daily digital shift log and provides documentation and in-app photo attachment capabilities.


Digital Red Book - Equipment
  • Digital Red Book - Equipment
  • Digital Red Book - Timeline
  • Digital Red Book - Dashboard
  • Digital Red Book - Notes
  • Digital Red Book - Dashboard
  • Digital Red Book - Task progress
    Task progress
Supported Operating System(s):
Mac OS

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