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Cleopatra Enterprise is a cloud-based cost estimating and management solution for construction organizations of all sizes. It serves a variety of industries (including oil and gas, pharmaceutical, chemical, food, agriculture, FMCG and automotive) and is available as a cloud-based or on-premise solution.

Integrating cost estimating, cost management and project analytics in one tool, Cleopatra Enterprise helps cost engineers measure cost and productivity over the course of enterprise-level project life cycles.

Cleopatra draws on historical data to make predictions and helps in breaking projects into distinct phases while offering a range of capabilities, such as breakdown structures and cost models. Users can track and manage changes via a dedicated change register, set project benchmarks and monitor project performance via a configurable dashboard and reports.

Cleopatra offers support via email, phone and product tutorials. Global and Remote support is also provided by the solution.


Cleopatra Enterprise - Metrics dashboard
  • Cleopatra Enterprise - Metrics dashboard
    Metrics dashboard
  • Cleopatra Enterprise - Commitment profiles
    Commitment profiles
  • Cleopatra Enterprise - Report dashboard
    Report dashboard
  • Cleopatra Enterprise - Forecast plots
    Forecast plots
  • Cleopatra Enterprise - Totals dashboard
    Totals dashboard
  • Cleopatra Enterprise - Cashflow trending
    Cashflow trending
Supported Operating System(s):
Windows Vista, Windows XP, Web browser (OS agnostic), Windows 8

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Nick from Eos Group Inc

August 2015

August 2015

World-class Total Cost Management solution for the process market sector


Product Quality

Customer Support

Product Quality

Cleopatra Enterprise represents one of the most comprehensive, rich and flexible solutions I've run across in 30+ years in this business. Cost Engineering Consultancy is a unique software vendor who also delivers cost estimating and management services that utilizes their own Cleopatra Enterprise software to deliver these services. They're in the position to have to use what they build unlike most vendors who've never had to use their own software.

It's an amazing platform with amazing people behind it. I highly recommend you take a look for yourself.

Review Source: Capterra