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AskoziaPBX is an on-premise business VoIP solution that can be deployed either on vendor Askozia’s proprietary telephony servers or on virtual machines. Key features include multiple provider support, SIP trunk support, auto phone detection, fax archiving and voicemail greetings.

AskoziaPBX features 'Caller ID Customization' that allows users to adjust the outgoing presentation of their phone numbers and modify incoming numbers. Users can also download call detail records for specific phone or call groups in PDF or CSV format and edit them in Excel.

Additionally, AskoziaPBX supports a number of standard PBX features, such as call forwarding to mobile, conferencing and calls recording. It also features a Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) module for contact centers.

Perpetual license is offered for a one-time fee that includes support via phone, email and online FAQs.


AskoziaPBX - Call flow editor
  • AskoziaPBX - Call flow editor
    Call flow editor
  • AskoziaPBX - System information
    System information
  • AskoziaPBX - Call detail records
    Call detail records
  • AskoziaPBX - Softphone
  • AskoziaPBX - Recording
  • AskoziaPBX - Device interfaces
    Device interfaces
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