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Slack is a cloud-based project collaboration and team interaction tool designed to facilitate communication across organizations. The solution caters to various industries, including media, research, technology, education, financi...Read more about Slack


Asana is a comprehensive project management tool that offers a range of technical features to streamline workflows and enhance collaboration within teams. With its user-friendly interface and robust capabilities, Asana provides or...Read more about Asana


Jolt is a comprehensive digital operations platform that is available on smartphones and tablets. Jolt helps restaurants, retail, hospitality, and other businesses create accountability, enhance food safety compliance, and boost ...Read more about Jolt


NuovoTeam is a Push-to-Talk solution that offers instant connectivity to businesses where time is critical. We believe in eliminating geographical and network barriers for frontline employees and first responders with a single com...Read more about NuovoTeam

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Haystack is a modern cloud-based intranet that empowers employees with access to the people, resources, and knowledge they need to do their best work—no matter where that work takes them. Organizations across a diverse range of i...Read more about Haystack

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Staffbase is an internal communications solution for users in large and distributed organizations. It enables businesses to connect with their employees via the mobile app or desktop. Users can check corporate news, social walls, ...Read more about Staffbase


Weave is the all-in-one customer communication and engagement platform for small- and medium-sized businesses. From the first phone call to the final invoice and every touchpoint in between, Weave connects the entire customer jour...Read more about Weave


MangoApps is a unified employee experience platform that combines intranet, training, teamwork, and content management into a single dashboard and workspace. Our user-friendly, infinitely customizable approach fits into the way yo...Read more about MangoApps


MyHub will allow you to quickly create a beautiful intranet that will transform the way employees connect to information, processes, and each other. With MyHub, benefit from modern intranet features such as pre-built templates, ch...Read more about MyHub


Lucidspark is a cloud-based software designed to help businesses of all sizes record and share ideas, discuss projects and organize information on a virtual white-board. The platform enables organizations to capture suggestions an...Read more about Lucidspark


Zenzap is a professional instant messaging software designed to enhance team communication and collaboration. It serves businesses across various sectors, aiming to streamline teamwork. Key features of Zenzap include secure insta...Read more about Zenzap


Ravetree is a cloud-based project management solution with integrated resource planning, customer relationship management and time and expense tracking capabilities. The solution helps users manage project workflows, task assignme...Read more about Ravetree

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DeskAlerts is a cloud-based and on-premise solution designed to help small to large enterprises send critical notifications to employees and clients across all corporate devices. It assists users with delivering predefined message...Read more about DeskAlerts


OneBar is a cloud-based knowledge management platform that allows businesses of all sizes to collect, store and share internal information. The platform gives teams a convenient way to document the most frequently asked questions ...Read more about OneBar

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WorkHub Connect

WorkHub Connect is an internal team communication platform with video conferencing and chat features. It is a 360° corporate collaboration tool that allows one-on-one and group audio and video calling with a single click. Employee...Read more about WorkHub Connect


Reimagine the Intranet Noodle is the all-in-one Intranet platform that removes the stress of working across emails, file servers, task managers, spreadsheets, chats, meetings, etc....Read more about Noodle

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Basecamp is an efficient collaboration tool used by thousands of teams across the globe. Teams use Basecamp to keep track of assignments, work together on documents, plan projects, chat, and more. Basecamp is opinionated. It's b...Read more about Basecamp

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Blink is the world's best employee super-app for frontline workers. A simple platform gives one-click access to everything your team needs – from updates to must-knows, forms to timetables, conversations to stories. Blink turn...Read more about Blink

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When I Work

When I Work is a cloud-based employee scheduling solution that helps organizations track time and attendance, create and edit employee schedules, add new jobs to the calendar, review timesheets and fill shifts. When I Work le...Read more about When I Work

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Orion Voice Platform

Orion Voice Platform is a communication solution that helps businesses of all sizes send emergency alerts, manage workplace inspections/audits and automate standard operating procedures. The push-to-talk module enables businesses ...Read more about Orion Voice Platform


Wire™ protects critical communications for the world’s most security-demanding organizations. Wire™ highest security standards enable users to communicate securely, thanks to the most advanced encryption and its Zero-Trust archite...Read more about Wire

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Nifty is a new-wave project management tool that reduces project development cycles and improves team productivity by combining all of the important features of project management into one software. The end result is milestone-dri...Read more about Nifty

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Flock is a cloud-based tool that facilitates team communication. It is suitable for businesses of all sizes across a variety of industries and offers video and audio calling, screen sharing, text chat, integration with other busin...Read more about Flock

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The Beekeeper mobile platform is the single point of contact for your frontline workforce. With all communications and tools in one place, it enables frontline employes to do great work and feel involved. In turn boosting engageme...Read more about Beekeeper

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ClickUp is a cloud-based collaboration and project management tool suitable for businesses of all sizes and industries. Features include communication and collaboration tools, task assignments and statuses, alerts and a task toolb...Read more about ClickUp

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Twist is messaging for teams burned out by real-time, all-the-time communication. Twist encourages focused work and helps your team escape the 9-to-5 and stop being interrupted by constant meetings, emails, and chat. Conversati...Read more about Twist

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Stack Team App

Create a free app to efficiently manage your organisation. Instant communication, automated scheduling and online payments through your own custom app & website Stack Team App is a cloud-based sports league management solution t...Read more about Stack Team App

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Jostle’s employee success platform is where everyone connects, communicates, and celebrates at work. It’s the heartbeat of our own company and has helped employees in over 1,000 organizations easily belong and contribute, anywhere...Read more about Jostle

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Lifesize is a cloud-based collaboration solution designed to help businesses connect with their workforce and external partners. It offers audio, web and video conferencing capabilities to conduct virtual meetings and make online ...Read more about Lifesize

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Workplace from Meta

Workplace is a communication tool that connects everyone, whether they’re behind a desk, in front of customers, or working from home. Share important updates with teams, regions, or companies in official Groups. Send instant ...Read more about Workplace from Meta

Learn More is an award-winning work and project management platform that helps teams of all sizes plan, prioritize, manage, and execute their work more effectively. The platform offers solutions for a wide range of use-cases such...Read more about

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3CX Phone System is an open standards communications solution, suitable for any sized business that wants all the features of an advanced contact center at a fraction of the cost. 3CX can take your business communications to the n...Read more about 3CX

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Bria is a softphone and Unified Communications solution developed by CounterPath. With Bria, businesses can provide their employees with the means to take business-line calls on the go and work remotely from both desktop and mobil...Read more about Bria

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FunctionFox is a cloud-based time tracking and project management application, offering timesheets and estimates, as well as scheduling, task assignment, and reporting. FunctionFox’s capabilities are suited for the billing a...Read more about FunctionFox

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Productboard is the customer-driven product management system that empowers teams to get the right products to market, faster. It provides a complete solution for product teams to understand user needs, prioritize what to build ne...Read more about Productboard

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Conceptboard is a cloud-based project management solution that caters to remote and distributed teams in businesses of all sizes across various industries. Features include document management, task management, version control, sy...Read more about Conceptboard

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Brosix is an integrated collaboration platform that helps small to large enterprises streamline communication between internal departments via messaging. It enables users to text multiple team members using chat rooms and deliver ...Read more about Brosix

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Axero is the leading intranet software that unifies teams, accelerates growth, increases productivity and unites employees. With easy-to-use features, integrations with the most on demand systems, and a beautiful, modern interface...Read more about Axero

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Speakap is a cloud-based employee engagement solution that assists small to large organizations with employee profile creation and team management. Its key features include custom branding, file sharing, private messaging and docu...Read more about Speakap

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Cerri Work

Cerri Work is a cloud and on-premise based feature-rich collaborative work management software that’s easy to use and adopt. Plan projects via Gantt, Kanban or calendars and monitor all project related factors like resources, expe...Read more about Cerri Work

5.0 (2 reviews)


Talkspirit is a cloud-based collaboration tool suitable for organizations of all sizes. Key features include user groups, a project newsfeed, a chat tool, file sharing and search functions. Talkspirit allows users to create g...Read more about Talkspirit

Learn More is Australian-owned and -developed software that combines task and project management with time tracking and billing to provide an all-in-one productivity tool for freelancers, consultants and teams. Managing any number o...Read more about

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Homebase is a cloud-based time tracking and scheduling solution that helps human resources personnel organize and manage employee schedules, timesheets and payroll. It caters to businesses in industries such as food service, retai...Read more about Homebase

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Telegram is an open-source desktop and mobile messaging app that provides businesses with reliable messaging by utilizing end-to-end encryption and self-destruct message capabilities. Telegram allows businesses to customize their ...Read more about Telegram

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Loom is a video recording and screen sharing solution that allows teams to communicate with ease, without wasting hours of productivity from non-productive meetings. Loom includes fast recording, screen sharing, link sharing, vide...Read more about Loom

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Whether at home or work, Range helps businesses build and connect successful teams using comprehensive team management tools. Range alleviates the problems of team building by helping teams build team trust through expert-designed...Read more about Range

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Crew is a comprehensive team management solution that connects team members on the frontline, creates meaningful employee interactions, and drive real-time business results. Crew helps organizations align and manage front-line tea...Read more about Crew

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As an all-in-one communication platform, Pronto connects teams across organizations via chat and video to streamline communication across different work environments. Designed as a mobile-first solution, Pronto lets users communic...Read more about Pronto

5.0 (7 reviews)


As a business and HIPAA-compliant clinical instant messaging solution, Trillian streamlines and centralizes employee communication across organizations without losing track of a single conversation. With disk-level, file-level, an...Read more about Trillian

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Rocket.Chat is a collaboration solution that helps businesses work remotely through audio/video conferencing, screen sharing, live chat and more. It comes with a real-time message translation tool, which allows users to communicat...Read more about Rocket.Chat

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Swit is a collaboration management platform designed to help businesses create, assign and manage tasks and communicate with teams in real-time. The platform enables managers to set goals, track progress and organize the project d...Read more about Swit

4.3 (7 reviews)


OurPeople is a platform designed to improve communication within teams. It allows management to engage with each executive through messaging. Users can create custom tags to reach out to any specific employee or the entire team. E...Read more about OurPeople


As an open-source messaging platform, Mattermost provides enterprises with secure team communication and collaboration by utilizing custom workflows, centralizing communication, and providing enterprise-grade security. With hundre...Read more about Mattermost

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Task Board

With personalized workflows and task communication, Task Board (formerly Doddle) allows businesses to streamline communication and collaboration across the board for simple project management. Task Board aligns conversations and c...Read more about Task Board

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Fugu is a mobile team communication app that empowers real-time collaboration and promotes engagement between team members. Features include secure messaging, voice and video calling, screen sharing, attendance tracking, channel m...Read more about Fugu

4.8 (4 reviews)


Brief is a team communication solution that helps businesses in marketing, advertising, hospitality, healthcare and other industries manage projects, tasks and teams on a centralized platform. Professionals can utilize the kanban ...Read more about Brief

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Gmelius is a cloud-based collaboration platform designed to help sales and marketing teams automate workflows related to clients and projects within Gmail. Supervisors can utilize shared inboxes to centralize emails and other comm...Read more about Gmelius

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Bluepulse is an employee and student engagement solution designed to connect everyone across an organization. Bluepulse can monitor feedback and meaningful information to provide organizations with the opportunity to improve and r...Read more about Bluepulse

4.8 (6 reviews)


With unlimited file-sharing, messaging, calls, and more, Ryver organizes all team communication and collaboration within one app. Teams can collaborate on any tasks with 1-1 and group messaging and voice/video calling. Features in...Read more about Ryver

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Switchboard is an intelligent voice chat app that allows users to communicate with ease without experiencing any interruptions. With voice over IP, users are able to connect with other team members instantly, creating a virtual of...Read more about Switchboard

4.0 (1 reviews)


Circuit is an online collaboration solution designed to bring teams together and enhance team collaboration with virtual meeting spaces and integrated communication tools. Circuit helps teams build online communities to promote id...Read more about Circuit

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Bitrix24 is an online workspace for small, medium, and large businesses. It features over 35 cross-integrated tools, including CRM, tasks, Kanban board, Gantt chart, messenger, video calls, file storage, workflow automation, and m...Read more about Bitrix24

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Front is a customer operations platform that enables support, sales, and account management teams to deliver exceptional service at scale. Front streamlines customer communication by combining the efficiency of a help desk and the...Read more about Front

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Zello is a comprehensive live-voice-centered communications solution, including an integrated, enterprise-grade dispatch hub and an industry-leading voice messaging app for frontline teams and businesses. With Zello, turn iOS, And...Read more about Zello

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Travitor makes it easy to create, deliver, and track training. Plus get hundreds of top-rated courses in Compliance, Business, Safety, and Personal Development included. Help your teams do great work with featured courses like H...Read more about Travitor

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From idea to execution, Fleep helps teams collaborate and coordinate on projects using built-in messaging, file-sharing, and task management tools. With Fleep, teams can stay connected and discuss ideas on any specific topic, proj...Read more about Fleep

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Zinc is a cloud-based solution that helps field employees establish two-way communication through text messages, audio clips and voice or video calling. It allows business leaders to send targeted broadcast messages to specific em...Read more about Zinc

4.5 (4 reviews)


Thirdspace is a web-based collaboration and engagement solution that assist businesses in bringing people together in a digital environment using collaborative and journey mapping tools. Thirdspace deploys virtual collaborative ch...Read more about ThirdSpace

4.0 (7 reviews)


Flujo is a team communication platform designed to help small businesses with remote workforces improve collaboration through messaging, AV calling, group conferencing tools. Teams can set up meetings, capture notes, minutes of me...Read more about FLUJO

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Nrby's location intelligence software allows you and your team to digitize existing manual processes to improve the efficiency and accuracy of your data. Easily capture, share and take action on your data, all in one place. Create...Read more about Nrby

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Messaging + tasks combined at last. Rock allows you to work together with anyone with messages, tasks, notes, file storage and meetings in one place. All-in-one communication built for remote and hybrid teams. allows you t...Read more about Rock

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Wikipro is an all-in-one texting platform for small to midsize businesses in various industries. It enables businesses to request online reviews, payments, e-signatures, and more via text. It is designed to streamline customer com...Read more about WikiPro

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Qnnect is a cloud-based employee collaboration solution suitable for a variety of industries. Key features include a chat platform, quiz functionalities, group creation, feedback management, video coaching tools and reporting. ...Read more about Connect


Avaza is a business management solution which includes features for project management, resource scheduling, online timesheets, expense management, online invoicing, recurring invoicing, quotes and invoices and more. Avaza also in...Read more about Avaza

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WEDO is a cloud-based project management solution designed to help businesses manage projects, handle tasks and collaboratively create agendas for team meetings. Professionals can view upcoming board, executive or management meeti...Read more about WEDO


Omnidek is a web-based digital workspace platform that allows businesses to build collaborative environments that empower employees, vendors, and customers to communicate in one place. Best suited for medium or enterprise-siz...Read more about Omnidek

SAP Ruum

SAP Ruum is a cloud-based work management solution, which helps businesses organize, store and maintain project tasks and files. Features include collaborative workspace, time tracking, single sign-on, custom labels, reporting and...Read more about SAP Ruum

5.0 (2 reviews)


Projecis is a cloud-based project management solution designed for businesses of all sizes across various industries. It helps project owners and stakeholders manage projects, create knowledge bases and handle communication amongs...Read more about Projecis


Wrike is a cloud-based project management platform for teams of 20+ that is suitable for both large enterprises and SMBs. It supports remote work for various teams. This solution comes with Gantt charts, calendars, workload view f...Read more about Wrike

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Connecteam was designed and built as a true all-in-one solution. Easily engage and manage non-desk employees with a true all-in-one mobile app. Connecteam offers a powerful, mobile-first platform that helps improve communication, ...Read more about Connecteam

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As an AI-powered team messaging app, Chanty helps teams communicate, collaborate, and connect with other teams using unlimited group messaging and integrated video technology. Chanty brings all apps such as GitLab, Google Drive, M...Read more about Chanty

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Miro is a visual workspace for innovation that enables distributed teams of any size to dream, design, and build the future together. Miro enables distributed teams to come together to synthesize information, clarify complex idea...Read more about Miro

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Spike is a modern email and messaging solution designed to help people and businesses communicate across multiple departments and locations via email, chat and notes on a unified inbox. The platform enables organizations to create...Read more about Spike

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Xoxoday Empuls is a cloud-based collaboration solution designed to help organizations of all sizes manage processes related to workforce motivation, employee empowerment and engagement. Empuls facilitates collaboration amongst emp...Read more about Empuls

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DoTimely is a cloud-based appointment scheduling application designed to help pet grooming, dog walking, plumbing, HVAC and roofing professionals manage online bookings, payment processing, customer details and more on a unified p...Read more about DoTimely

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Trainual is a cloud-based learning management system. The solution serves various industry verticals and allows organizations to automate training and onboarding process. It helps in organizing training modules in a centralized sy...Read more about Trainual

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Adeya is a collaboration and communication platform designed to help businesses in telecom, defense, government, finance and healthcare sectors engage through encrypted calls, messages, video conferences in a digital workplace. Te...Read more about Adeya

4.0 (1 reviews) is a cloud-based employee communications and business process automation platform that helps organizations connect their entire workforce, from HQ to the frontline, over a single platform. The all-in-one platform brings ...Read more about


Fellow is a cloud-based remote work solution designed to help businesses conduct meetings and facilitate collaboration among team members. Professionals can build meeting agendas using customizable templates and organize, assign o...Read more about Fellow

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VidyoConnect is an enterprise communication solution for hosting secure meetings online. It is designed to streamline brainstorming, problem-solving, and collaboration among teams of all sizes. Several deployment options are avail...Read more about VidyoConnect

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Berrycast is a screen recorder application, which helps users record and capture video and audio simultaneously. Users can hover the widget and start screen recording by using the record button and complete the recording through t...Read more about Berrycast

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Google Meet

Google Meet is a video conferencing app. It is the business-oriented version of Google's Hangouts platform and is suitable for businesses of all sizes. The solution enables users to make video calls with up to 30 users per high-de...Read more about Google Meet

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Workvivo is an employee experience platform (EXP) that simplifies internal communication and drives engagement. Built for the digital-first workplace, our purpose is to engage and emotionally connect people by giving everyone a vo...Read more about Workvivo

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Pumble is a communication management solution that helps businesses interact with members across multiple departments and locations via a unified portal. The platform includes built-in search functionality, which allows users to s...Read more about Pumble

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Google Chat

Google Chat is a messaging platform that helps businesses of all sizes establish individual and team communication across the organization. It enables team members to upload, share and collaborate on Google Docs, Sheets, Slides an...Read more about Google Chat

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PeerBoard is a plug-and-play community solution, which helps groups, clubs, startups, marketplaces and businesses create discussion forums to facilitate communication across members, customers and peers. Managers can segment conte...Read more about PeerBoard

Dooth Vault

Dooth Vault is a cloud-based collaboration suite designed to help businesses streamline processes related to file sharing, team communication, training, online meetings, video conferencing and more. Professionals can create presen...Read more about Dooth Vault

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The Hub is a Google Cloud hosted intranet platform and client portal, providing a cost-effective solution for both SME and large enterprise organisations looking to streamline their internal processes and resources, and improve in...Read more about Hub

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GoTo Meeting

An industry leader in online video conferencing for companies around the world, GoTo Meeting now comes as part of GoTo Connect, the all-in-one communications software built for SMBs. The Meeting solution, available to buy standalo...Read more about GoTo Meeting

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Echofin is a cloud-based and on-premise communication management solution that helps trading groups, financial educators, traders and brokerage firms engage with financial experts through digital workspaces, chatrooms and communit...Read more about Echofin

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Workdeck is a project management software designed to help businesses manage back-office operations including financial management and task execution. Administrators can track the status or progress of work across remote, field-ba...Read more about Workdeck


Skello is a SaaS HR management solution built to optimise and automate the organisation of shift workers, from scheduling to payroll preparation. It helps over 10,000 customers make the best decisions by freeing them from the ment...Read more about Skello


Productivise is an A.I based business application that helps enhance the consumption of company’s product/services by having a structured engagement program for the channel. It is also used for motivation, self-development, compli...Read more about Productivise

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DailyBot is an automation engine that takes chat and collaboration to the next level: daily standups, team check-ins, surveys, kudos, virtual watercooler, 1:1 intros, motivation tracking and more, and it's present in a variety of ...Read more about DailyBot

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Minerva empowers you to effortlessly create clickable instructions for anything online. Any time you have to communicate a set of steps, without physically standing next to someone, you can use Minerva! The tool is free. For addi...Read more about Minerva

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Mallcomm helps businesses create loyalty by connecting people to places whilst streamlining operations, budget savings and valuable insights. Their clientele include Unibail-Rodamco-Westfield, Savills, Brookfield Retail Properties...Read more about Mallcomm

5.0 (2 reviews)


urLive enables your customers to instantly reach your teams through live video calls. Customer-initiated video calls open new channels of engagement from product awareness and acquisition to monetization and loyalty. urLive co...Read more about urLive

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As a single interconnected platform, Lark facilitates collaboration and internal communication between teams using an integrated messenger, a connected calendar, and an in-app document creation tool. Built for enterprises, Lark pr...Read more about Lark

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CINNOX is a total experience SaaS platform that elevates customer and staff experiences with innovative omnichannel engagement and analytics solutions. CINNOX helps businesses to connect, orchestrate, and securely evaluate all of ...Read more about CINNOX

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Airtable is a cloud-based project management solution targeting small to midsize businesses as well as departments within larger companies. This system focuses primarily on data organization and collaboration. The system uses...Read more about Airtable

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ELO ECM Suite is an enterprise content management solution, which helps digitize the workplace with features such as content, billing and invoicing, document, contract, email management, workflow creation, analysis and searches. W...Read more about ELO ECM Suite

5.0 (2 reviews)

Cerkl Broadcast

Cerkl Broadcast is a forward-thinking, cross-channel employee communications suite. Built with internal communicators in mind, this suite provides unified content distribution in one click. From one centralized location, users can...Read more about Cerkl Broadcast

5.0 (3 reviews)


Lively is an intranet that facilitates the circulation of information, encourages engagement within the company, and optimizes the use of Microsoft Teams in daily operations. It facilitates the circulation of information and encou...Read more about Lively

5.0 (1 reviews)


YOOBIC is a digital workplace solution that helps businesses manage frontline employees and streamline administrative processes through task management, communication, and training administration. The application can be used by bu...Read more about YOOBIC

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The Humanstarsapp is a market leader in collaboration tools that supports existing technologies and people to connect. The Humanstarsapp solution is a toolkit in digital employee communication and information, quality and knowledg...Read more about HUMANSTARSapp

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Polymail is an email management solution, which helps businesses track conversations using follow-up reminders, insights, contact profiles, activity feed and more. Professionals can schedule messages and automatically send them la...Read more about Polymail

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Uepaa Safety-App

Uepaa Safety-App is a mobile app that helps protect employees from workplace hazards. It includes an alarm app, a call-for-help app, and other tools that let you summon assistance when needed. The employee can request that a sign ...Read more about Uepaa Safety-App

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netDocShare Teams App

netDocShare Teams app Live View, Edit, Add, Attach, Sync, Search & Provision NetDocuments content in Microsoft Teams. Users can pin the netDocShare Teams app as a personal app for quick access anytime on Teams on their Favorite d...Read more about netDocShare Teams App

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idgard is an all-in-one secure data transfer platform designed for enterprises, governments and organizations that need to transfer sensitive data effectively and securely. The platform is GDPR compliant and safe for processing se...Read more about idgard

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Starmind is a knowledge management and employee communication solution that helps businesses streamline processes related to collaboration, knowledge exchange, information management, and more from within a unified platform. It al...Read more about Starmind

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Twake is the Open Digital Workplace, a secure opensource collaboration platform that boosts team productivity and efficiency. Twake offers team messaging, group channels, task management, calendar, drive to share and store files,...Read more about Twake

4.1 (7 reviews)


7shifts is an all-in-one restaurant team management platform that helps operators: 1) Make more profitable decisions. You'll get the insights you need to make the best team and operating decisions every day. Hit your labor targe...Read more about 7shifts

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BlueNote Communicator

BlueNote Communicator Lights has its origin as a virtual Light Panel call system for medical practices, but it has evolved into a comprehensive communicator that is not only HIPAA-secure, but also low cost since its hosted on a lo...Read more about BlueNote Communicator

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iluminr is an all-in-one platform that connects preparedness and engagement with response, helping teams build resilience against any threat all year round. Through media and gamification, iluminr is building capability through ...Read more about iluminr

4.0 (2 reviews)


HumHub is a team communication software that helps businesses manage social media accounts across multiple platforms and collaborate with teams. The platform enables managers to set up custom themes, permissions and notification a...Read more about HumHub

4.0 (1 reviews)


Yac is a quick and easy way to communicate asynchronously with your team. No more wasteful back to back meetings, just yac voice or context rich screenshares on your own time and reclaim your day. Features include: Voice messa...Read more about Yac


Engage4 is a new leading edge employee engagement platform built around four key pillars: CONNECT, ONBOARD, UNITE and RETAIN your people with one single app. Your business has an increasingly dispersed workforce, so how do you cr...Read more about Engage4

5.0 (3 reviews)


Jamespot is a cloud-based collaboration tool that lets users manage communication processes, access calendars, and create projects from a unified platform. It lets users create, share, add comments, and manage posts. The enterpris...Read more about Jamespot

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Sedna is a data-driven communication platform built to drive profitability in Maritime, by lightening the manual work of managing email and presenting data so teams can make better decisions. Sedna provides businesses with a comp...Read more about Sedna


Teamogy is a cloud-based system for companies who want to have full control over their projects, finances, time management, teams, and communication. Teamogy helps companies to maximize their profit. It also supports cooperation...Read more about Teamogy


RapidCast is your all-around business communication solution. RapidCast offers mass, targeted and automated text messaging, phone calls and emails to employees and stakeholders - quickly and easily. ChurchCast, CampusCast, MallCas...Read more about RapidCast

5.0 (1 reviews)


About us We are Saysimple. We are experts when it comes to enhancing customer conversations. Providing our clients with the ability to focus on providing their customers with the level of service they deserve. Through our Custom...Read more about Saysimple

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Talk on Task

Talk on Task is a cloud-based solution that allows businesses to manage teams, tasks, projects, and time. Talk on Task's comprehensive management solution allows teams to collaborate using internal chat tools and also effectively ...Read more about Talk on Task

4.2 (5 reviews)

PanTerra Networks

PanTerra Streams provides UCaaS communications and collaboration for mid-market to enterprise level businesses. It's the only all-in-one call, text, conference, fax, web meeting, and file sharing cloud communications solution. I...Read more about PanTerra Networks

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Hibox is a complete team collaboration platform that supports the workflows of business teams with a private, online communication platform. Get secured, internal instant chat capabilities where streams can be created for specific...Read more about Hibox

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Acefone is a VoIP solution designed to help businesses in construction, retail, real estate, healthcare, finance, education and other sectors manage missed client calls, define ring strategies for different phone numbers and contr...Read more about Acefone

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Yeastar Cloud PBX

Yeastar Cloud PBX is a unified communications solution that helps businesses in healthcare, hospitality, retail and other industries manage VoIP PBX systems and VoIP gateways. It allows employees to communicate with team members a...Read more about Yeastar Cloud PBX

5.0 (5 reviews)


Bluescape is a collaboration platform, which helps teams manage projects, edit files and add comments or annotations in customizable virtual workspaces. The platform enables organizations to store files, images, videos, blueprints...Read more about Bluescape

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HubEngage is an employee communication tool that helps businesses engage employees across multiple channels with communication hub, recognition and rewards platform. Administrators can access insights and sentiment surveys that tr...Read more about HubEngage

4.6 (8 reviews)


Omnistrat is a SaaS-enabled marketplace for integrated strategic collaboration, helping organizations reach new highs and consultants and freelancers make more money. ...Read more about Omnistrat

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Streamline internal communication with cross-platform messaging interoperability. Mio bridges collaboration between Microsoft Teams, Slack, Zoom Team Chat, and Webex. - Prevent communication silos - Chat from one place - Finish p...Read more about Mio

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Lineup is a volunteer management software designed to help businesses organize volunteer data in a searchable database, which can be filtered based on the KSA needs of committees and meetings. Key features include team survey temp...Read more about Lineup

5.0 (4 reviews)


Coast is mobile-first and one of the highest-rated maintenance management tools today. Create and assign work orders, manage assets, track parts inventory, schedule preventive maintenance, & more with this all-in-one maintenance m...Read more about Coast

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Space offers a centralized workplace solution for collaborative reporting, online meetings, and planning. The interface shows details about meetings, favorite projects, members, code reviews, and teams. Users can chat with other t...Read more about Space

5.0 (3 reviews)


Jalios Workplace is a complete digital work environment designed to meet these needs. It's a Digital Workplace for everyone, whether you're in the office, remotely working or in the field. Jalios does not replace existing tools th...Read more about Jalios

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eHabilis is a cloud-based training and learning management software that helps companies manage their knowledge assets, foster collaboration among employees, increase productivity and improve decision-making processes. It has be...Read more about eHabilis

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Temis is an iOS and Android app developed for the Mexican corporate sector. A cloud-based project management and collaboration tool, it comes with features that enable professionals from any industry to create and manage their wor...Read more about Temis


Rake is a universal messaging platform designed to help businesses handle internal communication, live chat and sales engagement operations via a unified platform. The application allows sales teams to monitor websites, gain insig...Read more about Rake


With its background in psychology, Echometer provides software that combines team health check surveys and team retrospectives to develop agile teams measurably and sustainably. Team retrospectives are a format that agile teams u...Read more about Echometer

4.5 (2 reviews)


TeamSense is an attendance management and employee communication tool built for an hourly workforce. It is a mobile-ready platform that engages hourly teams through text messages. TeamSense enhances the hourly worker's experience...Read more about TeamSense

Enreach Meeting

Enreach meetings is a web conferencing solution from a users browser. It includes capabilities such as screen-sharing, conferencing with up to 25 participants, attaching of documents, sharing files, taking notes, and more. ...Read more about Enreach Meeting

4.0 (1 reviews)


SQUEAKS is a Smart Factory digital communication and collaboration platform that helps teams better understand "what's important now" while at the same time more effectively solve problems that are creating line stoppages, quality...Read more about SQUEAKS

4.5 (6 reviews)


Admins can leverage third-party integration tools on the platform to improve insight into process flows and streamline data sharing. Netpresenter allows tech experts to integrate the system with in-house software tools, such as ER...Read more about Netpresenter

Virtual Office

Virtual Office is suitable for SMEs, startups, innovation programs, local social groups, and marketing teams. It provides users with automation tools that digitize repetitive tasks, enabling ventures to focus on core tasks. The fe...Read more about Virtual Office

5.0 (1 reviews)


projectfacts is an all-in-one business software for service providers. It offers companies an integrated solution for the digitization of their business processes. projectfacts advise and support service providers of all sizes a...Read more about projectfacts

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MoSIP C5 is a next-generation softphone designed to manage all business communications (like audio and video conferencing, messaging, voicemail, etc.) from anywhere, using a single app. Key features include: 1) Audio & video cal...Read more about MoSIP C5

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Aster is an appointment scheduling software designed to help businesses plan, schedule and conduct collaborative meetings. The platform enables administrators to categorize subjects based on topics, tasks, decisions and other info...Read more about Aster

RingCentral Video

RingCentral Video is a cloud-based video conferencing solution designed to help businesses conduct meetings and enable team members to share documents, collaborate, edit files and manage multiple users in a centralized platform. F...Read more about RingCentral Video

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Threads is a forum for work designed to help teams inform, discuss, and make decisions at scale. Threads best delivers on decision making by tapping into the collective wisdom of an entire team, providing everyone with a voice to ...Read more about Threads

4.6 (9 reviews)

One Chat

One Chat is an all-in-one messaging service that provides individuals and businesses with a centralized interface to communicate with users across different social accounts. It allows Mac users to communicate across WhatsApp, Slac...Read more about One Chat

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Jumpshare is designed to help organizations manage, video recording, screen capturing, and editing operations via a unified portal. The software is available for Mac, Windows and iOS devices and enables businesses to create video ...Read more about Jumpshare

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Mission Control

Mission Control is a leading Project Management and PSA Solution that allows you to connect all your work in one place and bring teams together, anywhere. From lists to boards, to calendars and Gantt charts, organize work your way...Read more about Mission Control

4.8 (8 reviews)


Teamaimed is a business and project management platform specifically designed to support teams with their daily responsibilities and tasks. The software provides companies a user-friendly and intuitive platform that helps them org...Read more about Teamaimed

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Kodalia is a cloud-based team communication software that helps businesses schedule posts, send notifications, automate onboarding processes, and more. Key features include real-time alerts and team collaboration. The tool allows...Read more about Kodalia

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Merinio is an advanced staff scheduling and workforce management software that helps medium and large businesses in the security, healthcare, staffing agencies, and shift worker industries to control operational costs and ensure c...Read more about Merinio

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Hiddy is a team communication solution that helps businesses streamline processes related to video calling, group chats, file sharing, data security, and more from within a unified platform. It lets staff members create public or ...Read more about Hiddy

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Rivers IM

Rivers IM is a cloud-based collaboration solution that helps businesses of all sizes connect with team members and external clients through private and group chats. It enables teams to share important documents, audio and video fi...Read more about Rivers IM

5.0 (1 reviews)


Zangi provides a full-scale interactive modern messenger platform on top of which you can build your business solution in a short period. Various features can be added to Zangi platform to build any type of communication and coll...Read more about Zangi

4.0 (2 reviews)


CA Flowdock is a team communication software designed to help businesses assess various communication patterns and improve team’s productivity. The platform enables employees to organize and color-code conversations based on threa...Read more about Flowdock

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Relola is a cloud-based collaboration solution that provides businesses with an internal map to view and share real-time updates with colleagues or web visitors. Professionals can post and track donations or contributions of commu...Read more about Relola

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Zulip is the only modern team chat app that is designed for both live and asynchronous conversations. Zulip topics create a separate space for each discussion, so different conversations will never get in each other's way. Teams o...Read more about Zulip

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CloudMeet empowers your internal and external communication of enterprise, it helps you to take the team communication to the next level with security impound. CloudMeet Empowering remote work and securing business continuity. Cl...Read more about CloudMeet

4.9 (8 reviews)

Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is a cloud-based group chat solution that helps teams collaborate on documents. Its key features include messaging, conferencing and file sharing. Microsoft Teams has replaced Skype for Business as Microsoft's onli...Read more about Microsoft Teams

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IntraHub is a secure, easy-to-use cloud solution for internal collaboration. IntraHub allows users to set up their own 'hub' that is customized for their company's business purpose and provides all the collaboration tools needed ...Read more about IntraHub

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Edzo allows users to automate briefings, reminders and instructions delivery activities. It is an interactive application that helps manage communication with your frontline teams and improve their productivity. Your frontline tea...Read more about Edzo

4.5 (8 reviews)


Voxer is a cloud-based and on-premise push-to-talk software designed to help businesses across a variety of industry verticals including hospitality, transportation, field services, construction, education, NGOs, delivery and logi...Read more about Voxer

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Push to Talk Plus

The Push to Talk Plus app allows users to make text, voice and location-based push-to-talk (PTT) communications. It allows dispersed teams to communicate, share photos and locations with contacts, and connect one on one or broadca...Read more about Push to Talk Plus

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Scoot is a team communication software designed to help businesses connect with colleagues in hybrid spaces. The platform enables participants to move across the screen, add custom backgrounds and play music playlists during meeti...Read more about Scoot


Founded in 2002 and acquired by ProActive Software Ltd in 2003, ProWorkflow is a cloud-based project management and time tracking software that caters to companies of all sizes. ProWorkflow includes all the features of a trad...Read more about ProWorkflow

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TextExpander boosts your business productivity by allowing your team to communicate smarter, faster, and more consistently across all your channels. Built with collaboration in mind, your team will: - Save time and be more prod...Read more about TextExpander

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WhatsApp enables businesses to connect with customers using real-time chat. The app can be used to answer customer questions in real-time while highlighting products and services. Users can create business profiles on WhatsApp wit...Read more about WhatsApp

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Smartsheet is a work execution platform and collaboration tool with a familiar spreadsheet-like interface that helps teams plan, track, and manage projects in real-time. Smartsheet features include a range of project management to...Read more about Smartsheet

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SweetHive is the first cloud platform based on the matrix collaboration. It is designed to manage all the people, from colleagues, clients and suppliers through both a single channel and selective communication. Thanks to its hier...Read more about SweetHive

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Ledger revolutionizes team collaboration, providing a unified workspace that seamlessly integrates discussions, tasks, files, and more. This innovative platform boasts a modern and user-friendly design, creating an expansive and v...Read more about Ledger


MakeShift is a web and mobile employee scheduling solution for people-first businesses in fast-paced industries such as healthcare, hospitality, retail, construction, and recreation. It lets you build schedules faster, track time ...Read more about MakeShift

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Jamio openwork

Jamio openwork is a no-code Platform as a Service. Jamio enables citizen developers to build software applications quickly, without coding. Jamio is a business process management platform to automate workflows, manage documents, ...Read more about Jamio openwork


LUCKiwi Software is an application based on the web. The solution has many objectives such as : 1. facilitate project management to project managers and to their teams. 2. help teams collaborate efficiently together. 3. facilita...Read more about LUCKiwi


HighQ is a cloud-based solution for law firms streamlining collaboration, legal operations and client management. HighQ connects your teams and improves your ability to serve clients in a meaningful way. On a unified, secure, and ...Read more about HighQ

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JioChat is a free messaging and video-calling app that caters to both personal and business users looking for an easy way to connect with others. JioChat offers high-definition video and audio calling. Users can make group video...Read more about JioChat


Sling is an employee scheduling software designed to help businesses manage employee shifts, work hours, payroll, costs and more. The platform enables organizations to design custom shift templates to schedule tasks, view employee...Read more about Sling

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Unison is a group communication software that helps leaders reach and organize teams through emailing and texting. With Unison, users can amplify the ability to lead and streamline communication processes. One of the key features...Read more about Unison

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Sameroom is a cloud-based integration solution that seamlessly connects multiple chatrooms across various chat services and platforms. Users and teams can integrate chats within the same platform, such as Slack channels, or bridge...Read more about Sameroom

3.0 (1 reviews)


LumApps is a cloud-based Employee Experience Platform built to enhance both Google Workspace and Microsoft 365. LumApps offers tools for managing and sharing employee information, social feeds, and collaborative environments. Lum...Read more about LumApps

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LIVVE is a cloud-based software tool for organizing and conducting virtual events. It enables event managers, agencies, producers, and speakers to create events with low latency that support real-time audience interactions. User...Read more about LIVVE

5.0 (3 reviews)


AnswerHub is an online developer community solution available for deployment either in the cloud or on-premise. It is suitable for midsize businesses to large enterprises across various industries. AnswerHub enables team coll...Read more about AnswerHub

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Designed for companies that need end-to-end operational tools, helps businesses control tasks, projects, and processes with its complete work management platform. In one place, businesses can gain an overview of all task...Read more about

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TIMEKO helps you reclaim valuable time through its essential features: bulk messaging with automated response categorization, convenient coordination of in-person or virtual interviews, SMS surveys, and a secure digital repository...Read more about Timeko

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Google Workspace

Google Workspace (formerly G Suite) is a cloud-based suite of collaboration and document management tools designed to help businesses manage video meetings, presentations, multi-person video calls and live streaming. Key features ...Read more about Google Workspace

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Butterfly is an employee feedback platform that helps frontline managers understand and improve the level of engagement and happiness of their teams. Our intuitive software provides a data-driven approach for managers to get feedb...Read more about Butterfly

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nooa is a powerful platform for centralized and streamlined communication across home health care and home care centers. Teams can share direct messages and files with colleagues on pinboards while keeping track of conversations t...Read more about nooa

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Designed for corporate virtual events, Confetti is a web-based platform that helps businesses plan, customize, and schedule online events and experiences. The web-based platform provides options for team building events, birthday ...Read more about Confetti

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Virola Messenger is a corporate solution for teams collaboration. Key features include private and group chat rooms, file transfer and storage, voice and video conferencing, issue tracking with task board, screen sharing, and meet...Read more about Virola

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AirManual aims to make it easy for companies of all sizes to help their teams work together more efficiently and effectively by turning complex procedures and expert knowledge into simple, easy-to-follow checklists. The applicatio...Read more about AirManual

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Poppulo enables organizations to achieve more by effortlessly connecting their employees, customers and workplaces through omnichannel employee communications, digital signage and workplace management....Read more about Poppulo

4.5 (2 reviews)