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About Sightseeing Alliance

Sightseeing Alliance is a blockchain-based solution that enables travel and tourism businesses to promote their products and services and connect with the target audience via a unified portal. It aims to streamline travel operations and make it easier for suppliers, distributors, agents and travel management companies to promote products/services. Sightseeing Alliance includes an open API that supports integration with various booking engines, travel search engines and distribution channels. Features include connectivity, content, and bookings management, validation management, invoicing, reviews/feedback management and more. Pricing includes monthly/annual subscriptions and support is provided via phone, email and other online measures.

Sightseeing Alliance Pricing

Explore - Free (one-time Curation Fee £20) Essential - £25 / month or £275 / year (one-time Curation Fee £20) Enhance - £100 / month or £1100 / year (one-time Curation Fee £20) Enterprise - £200 / month or £2200 / year (one-time Curation Fee £20)

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£25.00 per month

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