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Vividly is a cloud-based trade promotion management software the provides consumer packaged goods brands the insight they need to effectively run operations. Featuring a web-based platform that integrates seamlessly with existing ...Read more about Vividly

Trade Promotion Master

Trade Promotion Master by Visualfabriq drives revenue growth and optimization through AI-enhanced trade promotion management. Make decisions anytime and anywhere. Unlock insights from all available data, automatically connected a...Read more about Trade Promotion Master

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Promoboxx is a marketing planning solution designed to help retailers create target-based content, run online campaigns and gain real-time data insights on various marketing attributes. It enables businesses to drive sales through...Read more about Promoboxx

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Blacksmith TPO

T-Pro Optimum is a pricing optimization solution that helps CPG manufacturers manage, analyze, and optimize trade promotions. It provides data harmonization tools, which combine data from multiple sources to analyze return-on-inve...Read more about Blacksmith TPO

o9 Software

o9 is a cloud-based supply chain management solution that helps small to large enterprises improve demand planning processes using artificial intelligence (AI) technology. It lets businesses grant controlled account access to spec...Read more about o9 Software

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Flintfox FFA

Flintfox RMx is a pricing and rebate management platform that enables organizations to handle and manage complicated pricing rules, discounting structures, and omnichannel pressures on a centralized location. Businesses can autom...Read more about Flintfox FFA

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GoSpotCheck by FORM

GoSpotCheck by FORM is a mobile task management platform designed to help businesses across retail, healthcare, hospitality and other industries set up corporate goals and directives for frontline employees. The centralized dashbo...Read more about GoSpotCheck by FORM

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Vistex is a cloud solution that helps businesses manage trade, channel and vendor programs, pricing, performance incentives, and rights & royalties. It integrates with various third-party ERP systems and automates B2B rebate progr...Read more about Vistex

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ThumbStopper Brand Manager

ThumbStopper Brand Manager is a software solution that helps users define which online content to use for upcoming posts. The platform offers options to set post schedules at regular intervals or random intervals. Certain topics m...Read more about ThumbStopper Brand Manager

Export Genius

Export Genius is a global trade data and market intelligence platform that delivers import and export data online to help businesses grow. The platform serves companies across industries and geographies seeking strategic insights ...Read more about Export Genius

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CHECKMOB is a mobile workforce management solution. It is designed for businesses that rely on mobile employees, contractors, and field service teams. The solution provides tools for managing distributed workforces. It offers a ...Read more about Checkmob

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Promomash is the only all-in-one promotion management platform for growing CPG brands in retail. Designed for CPG brand founders and executives, Promomash breaks silos between sales, marketing and finance/accounting teams with ...Read more about Promomash


Plex DemandCaster Supply Chain Planning helps companies of all sizes and complexities to accurately forecast demand, optimize inventory, support sales & operations planning, and execute day-to-day operations. It replaces spreadshe...Read more about DemandCaster

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Blacksmith TPM

Blacksmith TPM is a Trade Promotion Management solution. Blacksmith TPM helps companies improve visibility into their trade promotions, increase control over their contract and claims management processes, and improve efficiency t...Read more about Blacksmith TPM

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Trade Promotion Intelligence

Leafio Promotion Management is a data analysis software designed to help businesses plan, prepare and forecast inventory requirements. The platform enables managers to analyze campaign performances based on turnover, availability,...Read more about Trade Promotion Intelligence

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Trademo Intel

Trademo Intel’s import-export transactional data intelligence help businesses maximize revenue, diversify supply chains, build operational resilience, and gain a competitive edge. We source granular trade data of 15+ countries co...Read more about Trademo Intel

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A front-runner in trade promotion management, optimization, and revenue growth management, CPGvision by PSignite is a solution designed for the modern CPG industry. Built on the Salesforce platform, it offers a potent mix of cutti...Read more about CPGvision

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Cherry is a retargeting and marketing automation solution that enables businesses to streamline processes related to customer behavior tracking, personalized offer creation, customer segmentation, and conversion tracking using art...Read more about Cherry

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Manhattan Active Omni

Manhattan Active Omni is a cloud-based solution that helps businesses in the retail industry streamline operations related to order management, customer engagement, point of sale and more. The digital self-service portal enables c...Read more about Manhattan Active Omni

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effie> is a SaaS service for the efficient sales and brand management in stores, where the customer makes a choice, and the product turns into a purchase. The effie> service is for CPG and Pharma companies, distributors, merchand...Read more about effie

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